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Restored "68 Camaro SS" from the Ground Up

Restoring a Classic-Vehicle / Classic-Ministry


Sprirtual Fathers & Mothers for these Last Days

 A few yearss ago I started restoring a classic 68 Camaro from the ground up. All the new parts for this classic car slowly made their way into the shop. The car was sandblasted; I aligned all the new quarter panels plus restored the doors to their original form. The strangeness of it all is that years ago I had a dream that I restored my older brother's vehicle and here I am doing it! Everything inside me was now telling me that this restoration project was going to be another prophetic adventure.

The restoration of an apostolic vehicle as heaven views it will be similar to the restoration of this classic car. That spiritual insight will unfold through the natural application. The actual restoration of the one will unveil the restoration process of the other. Heaven plans to speak volumes through the process and whatever is spoken will not be by words; another case of the natural speaking of the supernatural. It is important in any restoration project to outline what the look, the handling, and what the power is going to consist of. With that the metamorphosis of a classic vehicle begins.

In the initial tear down I saw what parts I needed to replace and what parts I could reuse, along with understanding the extent of the restoration and the modifications needed to make this vehicle truly into a vehicle for today. I knew that a key part was going to be the alignment from front to back, because without this, the restoration process would end up being an even bigger challenge. What is meant to be an adventure could become a continuous struggle if the misalignment is not addressed.

In this present spiritual season I do feel like I'm going through an alignment myself. As I allowed heaven to align me more and more, it automatically allowed me to enter the apostolic process. In a group setting, I can actually see the apostolic alignment unfold before me. As it's revealed more and more, heaven then aligns me personally into something that is more Christ-like. The two are some- how related. As I allowed the overall alignment process to take its place, I felt a greater stability, which then allowed me to walk away from the frailties and flaws from the past. An important element if I am to move forward. As for the car restoration; the waiting of those parts as they individually show up was a great frustration. Finally when they did arrive, I was able to move deeper into the restoration process.

During the assembly, I realized every part was as important as the others. Big or small they all have equal value; new or used they were all needed to complete the restoration. So it is with the unfolding apostolic process – I need to patiently wait for all the right parts to come in. With the car; one of the biggest challenges was the assembly of the doors along with the alignment of the windows. This part of the process spoke volumes about doors and windows in our lives, not only personally, but also in the apostolic setting. I realized the need to be patient and not to rush the process. Allow wisdom to have its way as it aligns the beauty within.

The vehicle I began with was a vehicle that most people would have walked away from. It needed serious work for it had a history of big hits and the evidence of those hits was very clear as I stripped the vehicle down. The misalignment was very obvious. The restoration of something from yesterday into something for today is going to be a bit of a transition. The vehicle of today needs to perform and handle better than it did in the past, and this adds more to the design modifications. I forced myself to tap into the wisdom of the old along with the wisdom of the new, and amalgamate the two to define the wisdom for today. With that wisdom I was able to press deeper into the vision for the vehicle. Mentally that was a big stretch for me and it forced me to tap into the wisdom of others, which finally directed me to the completion of the restoration.

The primary focus for this restored vehicle was to capture the original pioneering spirit and integrate it with the power and culture of today. It was obvious that the restoration process plans to chart into unfamiliar territory, as the vehicle is being restored and transformed. I have found that entering the unfamiliar is a big part of the creative process. One never knows what great ideas await during the exploration.

Looking at the finished product, I have come to the conclusion that a key part of the apostolic process is that innovative pioneering spirit, combined with a refined spirit that can work with the good, the bad, the ugly and the new. What originally launched me into the restoration adventure was that visual of the finished product and I remember thinking, "Now that is going to be an awesome vehicle." And there she is with all her beauty totally restored. Now I'm only guessing but I have to believe that God probably says the same thing about us while he's visualizing that finished product in our unfinished state.



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