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The Silent Killer  

It's Amazing How Many are Walking in the Extremes of False Humility

False humility is a massive problem in Christendom.   Last season it was the lead-dog that slid many into the 'false prophetic' and into that 'religious spirit'.  It is a destructive force and the damage it has done to unity is massive.  It is time that we expose this false light.

Romans 12:3  -  I say to everyone of you not to think more highly of himself, and of his importance, and ability, than he ought to think.   Colossians 2:18  -  Don't let anyone who delights in false humility disqualify you . . . such a person goes into great detail about what they have seen.   Acts 10:34 - God shows no partiality, He is no respecter of persons.


   A)   False humility, is a self seeking force that attempts to influence any gathering.  It doesn’t matter if you’re fairly new in the Lord, or if you've walked with him for forty years, like the religious spirit, this counterfeit light is creating all kinds of havoc and it’s looking for takers.  It’s searching for places to dwell and it will manipulate on any level that you give it.  

   B)   False humility exists because of not allowing our old identity to be completely surrendered to the Holy Spirit.  That jaded part, that misaligned part, that damaged part of our identity, now has the ability to silently weaponize this thing called false humility.  And for those who walk in it, if they don’t get a handle on it, — will start to engage with that other destructive force called  'the religious spirit'.  False humility is the bait that drags a righteous life into an unrighteous destructive religion, a counterfeit spirituality filled with false pretenses.

   C)   False humility and false identity go hand in hand, and to whatever degree, big or small, most are blinded from it because their focus has been selfishly misplaced.  As a people, as a gathering, as an ekklesia, it’s important that we identify this in our own lives.  Like the many past influences that have restricted us, false humility is no different as it constricts us from what we were always meant to be.  It’s a force that is hard to recognize as it attempts to rearrange and become part of our personality.  Because of not surrendering all to the Holy Spirit, those who have been snared now walk with a double mind, as it expands their double standard.

   D)   False humility, — because our new identity is still dwelling at some level with our old identity, many will walk in some level of the false as the fruit of the false leaves its trail of division and arguments, instead of adding to the levels of unity that Holy Spirit is requiring from us.  Most who blindly walk in it have no real understanding of the destructive levels that this false spirituality carries, nor how deep it can control ones character.  Again it doesn’t matter how young or old you are in the Lord, it doesn't matter if you've been leading or not leading, it's looking for takers, it's looking for those individuals who are willing to compromise, those who are stubborn and entrenched in their ways. 

   E)   False humility, to whatever degree, always has an agenda, — always!   It has a way of gently usurping authority as it piously steers itself into some important position, convincing itself that the authority out there is theirs for the taking, all based on commissioning themselves as they climb up the corporate ladder.  The false spirit of prophecy behind it plays a big part as it pushes itself forward, — camouflaging itself as the strategies of God, the wisdom of God, and illuminating itself as  'righteous conviction'  while adding conditions to  'the fruits of the Spirit'.   This thing is searching for praise, it's searching for position, and it's searching for recognition.

   F)   False humility and the driving force behind it, is an intelligent force.  It understands the playing field and sees it better than most as it manipulates its way around.  It has an agenda, it has a strategy, and it keeps itself well hidden, — a false light, highlighting itself as a messenger of light as it steps forward with its latest revelations.  It constantly attacks the ekklesia process that God desires to release which has everything to do with unity.  Those walking in false humility are blinded from its misdirect as they now steer their personal and corporate ship into that ideal role, preserving what they have built in the hope of fulfilling that position.  And whatever damage is created during the pre-maturing process will not only affect them, but also those around them.


My Personal Encounter With False Humility

For over 30 Years I have Personally Encountered and Stared into the Eyes of False Humility. 

It's amazing how many walk in-and-out of it, — never having the ability to leave it all behind.  What I have discovered is that those who lack 'honesty', including being 'honest with themselves', along with those who walk in that whole 'salesmanship persona' of steering and manipulating the sales, have been the biggest group that have fallen into false humility, false authority, false commissioning without realizing it.  Programmatically entrenched, many, in that group have succumbed to those knee jerk marketing reactions by grabbing the 'Holy Spirit steering wheel' as they subtly market the Lords agenda into their own agenda, — and in most cases, without knowing.  The finishing work of the Holy Spirit, where he is wanting them to be that servant for the body, and where Holy Spirit grooms them for ministry, has been sidelined, along with the refining process of true character.

A Big Part of Walking in False Humility is that the Purifying Fire is not having its Way. 

Holy Spirit has hit a roadblock in the defining process where parts of the old identity is continually migrating with that new identity that God has for them.  The surrender process has hit a wall.  And in many cases that migration has been going on for years.  Another big identifier for those who walk in false humility is that they find it difficult when others speak directly into their lives.  The middle ground for critical dialog where we, as an ekklesia, move as one, only exist if  'what is being spoken'  lines up with their ministry, their teaching, their revelation, their dreams, their vision and their prophetic understanding.  Instead of walking in the full measure of humility, it has prioritized itself to evolve with its ideas and intentions.  Transparency and humility is vital when it comes to unity, but those who continue to walk down this false road will eventually convince themselves that they are special unto the Lord to the point where only a few, if any, are specialized enough to speak into their lives.  They have crowned themselves, they have ordained themselves, they have become the special forces unto the Lord, — and then there is the rest of us!


So What are the Signs of False Humility?

  1)   False humility has a way of deflecting and making it difficult to meet halfway on a healthy level, because its not really about serving, it’s more about being recognized, about being right, having their agendas met, along with their beliefs and their revelations complimented.

  2)   False humility has a way of twisting reality.  And when reality snaps back, — that's when that ugly head pops up as it now defends the distortion for its own purposes. That misalignment comes by way of a distorted lens that releases a presumption that now violates the flow of the Holy Spirit.

  3)   False humility has a way of disconnecting and fragmenting the body in order to realign it for its own intentions, — it’s the whole divide and conquer as it redirects.   For example: If the foot has a hidden agenda, the body will eventually get misplaced only to regroup where false humility now plays a part in the regrouping process as it now repositions itself.

  4)   False humility on a personal level is about the look, the image, — corporately it’s all about position.  It is constantly searching for a title along with a seat that gives them some level of authority or at least giving them that swing vote incase push comes to shove.

  5)   False humility always attaches itself to those who compromise true character.  Purposefully walking out of character, they often struggle while modifying themselves into an image that works for them.  At this point any true dialog is only partial because of not being upfront with themselves.

   6)   False humility, when walking in it long enough, will eventually carve inroads into those personal disorders where those walking in it will constantly struggle when it comes to unity.  Unity, in most cases, will become unattainable as false humility continues to walk in its unaccountable ways, blurring the lines as it redirects and deflects while blame shifting.

  7)   False humility piously comes across as listeners, when in reality, they have a hidden agenda as they await to strike when the timing is right.  Like a sleeper cell, it will strike with the full intention of steering the flow into a whole different direction.  They will hold back some of the facts and misrepresent others with the intent to redirect where they become more inclusive as they now use the distortion to fulfill their agenda.

  8)   False humility has a way of baiting others to compliment them.  When dwelling in that false humble character, the end game is to eventually get admired, have everyone listen to their stories, and get their identity stroked.  In most cases, those walking in false humility are somewhat blinded to it as the personality disorders behind those knee-jerk reactions constantly default them into the false because of not allowing the Holy Spirit to complete the surrendering process in them.  Being honest with the real issues is tough when walking in false humility.  Preserving personal perspective becomes more important than expanding corporate perspective.

  9)   False humility, the driving force behind it has enough intelligence to gather whatever Intel it needs to bring both ends to the middle.  To bring both ends into that compromising playing field as it triangulates the conversation to unleash its perspective.  False humility is a mask that has the ability to camouflage itself as it decisively moves forward to embrace what is important to them.

  10)  False humility always wants to be part of the upper hand in conversation.  It is religious arm-wrestling that leaves a trail of arguments, entanglements and square dances.  Closure and resolve only comes when we all stand on its compromising ground.  The quality of unity that Holy Spirit requires when it comes to honest resolve is once again sugar coated only to give continuance to its trail of arguments, entanglements and square dances.  Compromise has once again taken the place of any true resolve.

  11)  False Humility has a way of distorting integrity for selfish gain or to save face.  When squeezed or when it looks like it is about to be exposed, it will cleverly cover up its motives and cover up its intentions as it regroups to fight another day.  And if you try and make it accountable, — it will charge you for attacking them, attacking their anointing, attacking their calling.  When false humility starres in the face of accountability, that always turns into a bit of a shit-show.

  12)  False humility, when going the distance, will eventually weaponize a false piety with a religious snakebite that can seriously damage those around them.  When it gets to this point, demonic forces are now having a heyday because of not allowing  'The Holy Spirit conviction unto Righteousness'  to have its way.  This thing is now heading towards a religiousness that is fuelled with all kinds of darkness.  It's out of control and it will now leave a trail of unresolved disputes.

For the Season at Hand: False humility needs to be identified, and it needs to be broken off for any gathering to powerfully move forward.  This thing is nasty and I have seen its endless trail.  The spiritual body count it left behind last season was huge and the damage it did to 'unity' was massive. 

If You're Packing it: No matter how big or small, — you need to cut it loose and walk away from it.   Corinthians speaks about how we need to love one another and walk in unity, and not be ignorant of the adversaries devices.  Now that we know what we know, — it's time to cut it loose!

There's a Saying: Man dies, but the message moves on, — what is it that you're leaving behind?


So What Does Humility Look Like?

Philippians 2:3 - Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more important.

James 4:10 - Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.

1 Peter 5:5 - Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another.

Ephesians 4:2 - With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing one another in love.


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