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Father of Lights


A Light in a Dark World 

We were originally designed to be a light in the world.  Our Heavenly Fathers prized creation was always intended to walk in the light, — to be beings of light.  The ' Father of Lights ' plan was to build a BIG FAMILY specifically designed to light up the world with His glory.  At the very beginning we were once illuminated beings no different than what was displayed at the mountain of transfiguration with Elijah and Moses.  Adam and Eve were once covered with glorious light, — nothing else, just a garment of radiant glowing light!  But what happened in the garden stripped them from that covering. No longer illuminated, they realized how naked they really were.

Many years later Jesus comes to us as the light to the world, not only as the light, but also the truth, and as one who has come to show us the way.  We, who have been born again, have now been reignited with the very light that was always meant to be.  We have been realigned and we have been reinstated to Gods original intentions for us.  So as we walk in the light that has been restored to us, we now have the ability to represent the Kingdom that Jesus talked about in its truest form.

Father of Lights

Being the Father of lights, He has directed us back into the light that has everything to do with His Kingdom.  But what does that actually mean for us who are so use to walking around in this natural world?  In our illuminated state how do we now function in this world within a world?  What does the grid look like in this newly discovered Kingdom?  How do we unpackage what has just been given to us so that we can all move forward in the power that is expected?  John the Baptist talked about it and Jesus clearly demonstrated it as He unleashed it for 3.5 years, exemplifying the fact that the light and the Kingdom of Heaven work hand in hand as released by Him and His disciples.  Now 2000 years later that powerful Kingdom demonstration has somehow sifted through our North American hands and what we have left is nothing close to what Jesus originally intended.

The evidence of the Kingdom is in the light, the evidence of the light is in the Kingdom.  The light is within but at the same time it’s all around and so it is with the Kingdom.  So for those who have prioritized the Kingdom, what is the DNA structure of a light that makes it so glorious at times?  And what are the property rights of that unfamiliar Kingdom that has now been entrusted to us? If we are a light unto the world, a people of light, then we are obviously called to represent this newly discovered Kingdom, — that we really don't know much about.  In 1st John 1:7 it clearly states for us to walk in the light as He is in the light!

The Kingdom has Landed

No doubt that the Kingdom has landed, and for a time such as this it plans to do some serious business on behalf of the Father here on earth.  We just need to be awakened of the fact that it is accessible.  For us who have entered into this present season, — it’s vital that we understand how the Kingdom functions and how the Father rolls with His Kingdom.  His plans to unleash heaven here on earth is full of strategies and it’s those strategies that we need to tap into.  Now being born again, Jesus clearly states that we need to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.  So it looks like this newly discovered Kingdom is now part of our born again DNA.  Obviously He is wanting us to play our part in the unleashing of it. Jesus, in His demonstrations of the Kingdom, defined the purposes of that Kingdom for us here on earth as He revived, renewed, refreshed, and realigned things more into its proper alignment on how things need to function according to Heaven.  All of Jesus’ demonstrations were directed where He was only doing what His Father was doing which is key for us today!  The whole idea is that our Father gets glorified in the Son whom we identify with through the Holy Spirit, — the very Holy Spirit that continually testifies of Jesus to us today.

We obviously need to get in-sync with what our Heavenly Father is doing, in the character of His Son, who set the example on what true character needs to look like.  When doing this we will realize that the power of His Kingdom is second to none as the restoring process begins to step into the harvest fields.  Obviously we need to utilize that part of the new creation that has been engrafted to us.  There is no sickness or disease in that Kingdom (that part of the Kingdom where the Lord resides).  No one is jaded, demonized, or crippled.  No one is deaf or blind.  Everyone is pretty well on top of their game which is foundational when it comes to that Heavenly part (known by some as the third Heaven) of this overall Kingdom.  Why certain things don’t happen here on earth, and why some things do, are all part of the Fathers bigger picture.  But whatever is done, — you’ll find that Jesus is behind it all.

And yes the releasing of the Kingdom down here on earth can be a bit of a mystery to us at times, but it all has to do with His timing and us dialing in on how the Kingdom truly functions.  Our Heavenly Father is taking care of His Family His way.  Many times we are placed on a need to know basis and so we just need to focus on that part that He has entrusted to us today.  Many of us are so busy lining stuff up that we need to stop in our busyness and let Him bring it into alignment.  We need to let the Father line it up for us!

Activating the Kingdom

When we get a revelation of the Fathers will ( Father ), through the Spirit of Prophecy ( Jesus ), and walk it out in the Holy Spirit who will teach us on what it is that we need to say ( Holy Spirit ), we now become a light ( Light ) unto the world bringing forth the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth ( Kingdom ).  It’s at this place that we will engage and activate the Kingdom of Heaven.  It’s in this alignment ( Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Light and Kingdom,) that will get us to where we need to be going.  Engaging with the mind of Christ (Jesus), and the heart of the Father (Fathers will), is key when putting boots to the ground.  Activating this Kingdom will captivate both our minds and our hearts as it amalgamates with the mind of Christ and the heart of the Father.  When we totally understand with our mind what Jesus brought to the banqueting table pertaining to our adoption and heritage, while embracing His true character and the language of prophecy that He carries, — mix that in with the heart of the Father for the present situation as to how He is wanting to move forward, and what we end up with is a powerful formula for a Kingdom that can now move way beyond what we could ever think or imagine, all in that powerful name of Jesus!

As for the Father of Lights, everything that is being Fathered has a component of light to it.  As we engage with the light we are immersed with the full potential and capabilities of that Kingdom, along with the presence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  It is in this very light where the three are one, having the full representation of the Kingdom that has the glory of God all over it.  As we are in the light, a convergence between who we are individually as to the fathers original design, now links up with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who are downloading the very revelation we need to create those Kingdom moments for a time such as this.  When abiding in this place of convergence, — the possibilities are now endless.  It’s at this very place that we begin to move the mountains that Jesus talked about in the gospels.  Wow!

But there are guidelines when walking out this latter day expression that will help us avoid those muddied waters.  To be one that is being used by the Holy Spirit to release the Kingdom we need to be at a place of rest, with no personal agenda or ambition, putting all worries aside, with no manipulation from outside sources, without being governed by distorted narratives, without assuming position or self-preservation, without frustrations, stresses and anxieties.  It has to be at the place of repose, that place of Sabbath rest where the results will start to manifest.  To truly enter in, — there needs to be a death to self. It’s at this place where we are then able to enter into those inaccessible things that are not available to the mortal man. What we leave behind in the natural, we will gain in the Spirit. It is this divine matrix that is filled with a field of energy that is waiting to be discovered, — but it’s only discoverable if we bring ourselves into alignment.

New Season for the Kingdom

We are in the tail end of the latter days and our heavenly Father has some serious plans in the making.  But like that still small voice of the Holy Spirit that so many have missed in the last season, — so is it possible when walking out the Kingdom in this new season.  Many counterfeits have manifested today because of those who've claimed to hear the Holy Spirit. Many have launched the present day Ishmaels that now surround us, scribing out all kinds of false prophetic rhema language leading multitudes down the garden path while claiming to be taking care of our Heavenly Fathers business.

For us to truly listen we need to be at a place of rest, a place of repose, — and for the season at hand, we seriously need to get it right this time.  Our Father has already defined His strategies when it comes to taking care of family business.  We need to be tapping into His heart and His strategies, and we need to walk it out in the true character of Jesus.  Plus we need to trust in the Holy Spirit when presenting it all.  Any message we speak needs to have Holy Spirit all over it.  Anything outside of that will cause us to go around the mountain again and we have no time for that.

We are down to the two-minute mark and we need to engage as original intended as to the originally designed.  We need to let thy Kingdom come and let thy Fathers will be done!  We need to let our light shine and be at a place of rest as restoration has its way.



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