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How Heaven Sees Us

God wants to show you His goodness, — His glory!  Gods love comes to expand who you are.  To re-establish you and realign you into that identity that was always meant to be, — as to His original design.  

The amazing thing about our identity is that it was designed way before we were ever born physically.  And the moment we become born again, God began to restore our DNA to include the spiritual component that was lost in the garden, — to be that illuminated being who walks powerfully in the Spirit of God.

It’s Gods goodness that challenges our present identity to be reunited with our true identity.  He is guiding us to embrace all the goodness that He has for us.  In the midst of our misplaced identity, along with our unrefined character, God is directing us to walk into all that is good.  To walk where we overcome evil with the very goodness that he has for us.  A goodness that is backed by a power who is second to none.

Gods Original Design

The original design of our identity was always God initiated.   It was always meant to be Spirit filled.  To be illuminated with a powerful light from within.  To be fruitful weapons of love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, all tempered by that powerful force called long suffering.

Heaven sees who you really are and who you were always meant to be in the Spirit.  God continually speaks to your identity through prophetic dreams, through visions, and through the rehma word, and most importantly through the written word.  It's a process that God designed to separate us from all that is false.  It’s amazing how those who walk in the Holy Spirit, those who walk in their true identity, how they are able to see who you really are.  How they are able to prophesy to the very core of who you where always meant to be. 

From the False to the New

Transition is not easy.  And as we break away from the false we will make our mistakes.   But according to Jesus, those mistakes are covered as long as we are learning.  As long as we are progressing and moving forward into the fullness that God has for us.  The battles along the way are very real, but heaven sees the full picture of our identity, and we need to trust Him completely that He will pull us out of the false and into the new. 

God is able to bring your life into alignment.  He is totally capable if you allow Him.   Your encounters, your struggles, are all part of the alignment process.  Identity is defined by the continual encounters as it carves out true identity.  The hammer hitting the chisel will come upon those rocky places that we need to give up. 

For many its not an easy place to be.  But according to heaven its that much needed place designed to help us surrender what it is that we are so accustom to.    John 8:34 says: “ Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”  We need to surrender the false and allow God to carve out an identity that was always meant to be.

Surrendering the False

In our old identity we have continually struggled going from one chaotic season to the next without making a whole lot of progress.   In our true identity we prosper through the challenges as we head towards the fullness of what heaven has for us.  In Colossians 1:13, it says that God has delivered us from the domain of darkness, and has transitioned us over to the Heavenly Kingdom.  A Heavenly Kingdom that has the ability to tear any strongholds down.    

Romans 5 mentions:  That in faith believing, anything is possible with God.  We can now enter into that place of peace and rest knowing that He is able.  As we walk in our true identity, the battle becomes the Lords as He now fights for us.  The battles will be won, and God will be glorified.  Colossians 1:27 says, “Jesus in me, the hope of our Heavenly Father being glorified!” 

Jesus wins!  We are freed!  And the Father is glorified!  It's really that simple!

Heavens Administrator

If Jesus makes us free, then it would probably be a good thing for us to know who this Jesus really is! 

The word  “Massive”  is probably too small to describe Him.  And when Jesus said He’s  “Alpha and Omega”  He’s not kidding.  The power behind that name is impressive and I have witnessed it first hand.  For me, this manifested one has become an amazing revelation of God.  The mystery of the invisible God has become visible, — God manifested in the flesh.  He is creator, revealer, savior, and mediator.  He is omnipotent, omnipresent, — all powerful, and ever present.  

He is the ultimate King of kings, Lord of lords.  There is no one of higher authority.  I have found that outside of Jesus there is no wider, deeper, greater, broader, higher dimension known.  He is the highest ranking official and the top administrator in heaven.  It all started with Him and it will all end with Him.

World within a World

This amazing Son of God has opened up a whole new world for us to enter into.   It is a world within a world allowing us to give continuance to "The Book of Acts” with amazing authority.   And so it is not by chance that we have be born for such a time as this! 

So I highly recommend that we allow the transition process to have its way so that we can all step into our true identity. 


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