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Prophetic Dream

"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man comes to the Father, but by Me."  John 14:6


Dream of Three Veils

In this dream I found myself walking through a glorious old mansion where the peace of God resided upon a remnant group.  People would come to visit, — some would stay and others would leave.  While exploring the greatness of this amazing house I met a gentleman who came to visit and so I asked him to come join me in a walkabout.  He did, but not long after he headed back down on that old familiar road.

I had a sense that this gentleman was one of the many who are presently in transition.  Curious about where the young man headed, I decided to explore that old familiar road.  The deeper I journeyed, the darker it got until I found myself walking in the shadows.  It makes a guy wonder how it is that a person can walk out of the darkness, step into the light, — only to walk back into that very same darkness?  Obviously there's a disconnect somewhere.   I then found myself standing at the entrance of what looked like a 16th century dungeon.  Hanging across the entrance of the dungeon were three veil curtains.  As I pushed all three curtains over with my left arm, I peaked in and noticed the slimy conditions inside that gloomy dungeon.

As I held all three curtains back with my left arm I recognized the man that came to the house, — the one who joined me in the walkabout.  He seemed to be a shadow of what he once was.  He noticed me standing at the dungeon entrance and started walking towards me.  He then ducked his head under my left arm as he walked out of the dungeon.  As I closed all three veils behind him, I turned around and noticed the white robe that he was now wearing.  He glanced back at me and said, “By the way, — My name is Aaron”, — Instantly I woke up.  BOOM!

Dream Interpretation

The Dream  -  When asking Holy Spirit about the dream, — this is what He showed me:   Aaron is picture of the priests of today who are caught up in the false and are totally distracted and misaligned from the real priesthood that they are called into.  Yes they are priests but there seems to be a malfunction in the priesthood.  The three veils represented the three doorways that have somehow been sealed but are the three doorways needed to access that Holy Place, — similar to the one in Solomon’s Temple.  Three doorways stood between the 'Wilderness' and the 'Holy of Holies' where the 'Manifest Presence of God' resides.  The whole idea for the doorways is for accessibility into the 'Manifest Presence of God'.

Three Veils - Three Doors  -  The First Doorway takes you out of the wilderness into the ‘Outer Court’.  The Second Doorway takes you directly into the ‘Inner Court’.  And the Third Doorway allows you to enter into the ‘Holy of Holies’, where the Manifest Presence of God resides.  The bizarre thing is that all three doorways in the Old Testament represent the very three veils that describe Jesus in the New Testament, ­­­— who is defined as 'the Way, the Truth and the Life’

Coming out of the Wilderness  -  Heading into the  ‘Outer Courtyard’,  Jesus stakes the ground with a salvation message claiming that He is the only 'Way'.  Going from the  ‘Outer Courtyard’  into the  ‘Inner Court’  is a courtyard shrouded in mystery and truth.  Jesus unravels all that mystery and now presents himself as all ‘Truth’.  From the  ‘Inner Court’  you now enter into the  ‘Holy of Holies’  where the final veil takes you into the Manifest Presence of God, where there is incredible life and incredible power.  Jesus being the sacrifice lamb, is now the giver of that incredible and powerful ‘Life’.   

The Veil ripped during the Crucifixion  -  The ripping of the veil opens up the Holy of Holies to the public, giving access to where we now get to tap into the 'Manifest Presence of God' on a personal level.  This simultaneous event of the crucifixion, and the tearing up of the veil, was the very moment when the mystery of Jesus was released, and when the presence of God became an open source platform for the general public as it exploded throught the ripped curtain.

We have Entered a New Season

We have entered a season where we need to tap into the manifest presence that has been made available to us, — especially if we plan to go the distance.  Not only was the veil removed to show us the truth, — but Jesus personally demonstrated what it’s going to take to stand in that TRUTH.  Not only is He the life, — but Jesus showed what it takes for one to lay his life down to fully enter into that LIFE.  Not only is He the way, — but Jesus also defined, with true character, and with the backing of a powerful Kingdom, on how it is possible to walk in that powerful WAY.

Then Jesus stakes the ground by saying, ‘No one goes to the Father but through me’.   He is the only access point!  He is the central figure that has become the doorway, — especially when it comes to entering into that manifest presence.  He is the only way to that manifest presence!  There is no other way!   For over 2000 years, the adversary has unleashed his many cleverly designed distractions, — to steer us away from dwelling in Gods presence!  His strategy was to restrict the manifest presence by steering us into the many religions and denominations where in our busyness we miss out in resting in the manifest presence of God.  Fragmenting us so that we become a scattered and divided people as we now contend with each other of our religious differences.  That dungeon is a place of restriction.  Where we are slimed and confined by the spirit of religiousness.  A place of continual striving as we are being unproductive with  'the Way, the Truth and the Life',

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

"The Way, the Truth, and the Life"  was always meant to be a powerful dwelling place.   A place that is backed with a powerful redemptive force.  God wants to realign those that are presently misaligned, and have them re-engage giving that much needed continuance to the 'Book of Acts'.  In the dream, God is calling His Kings and Priests to step out of the distortion.   To walk away from the restrictions that have hindered them from engaging with the manifest presence.  Jesus pushed us through the religious veil 2000 years ago, Holy Spirit now plans to push His Kings and Priests once again through the religious veil that stands before us today.

The one who was called Aaron in the dream obviously walked in a distorted priesthood that caused him to gravitate back to that dungeon.  Somehow 'The Way' has been compromised, 'The Truth' has been contaminated, and 'The Life' has become a continuous rollercoaster ride that lacks destiny and power.  Something happened to Aaron creating a distortion of his character and a defilement of the priesthood where his knee jerk reactions steered him back down that old familiar road and back into that religious dungeon

The manifest presence has become a forgotten way of life.  It's time we turn it around where the manifest presence becomes the new norm of a dwelling place that was always meant to be.  God is realigning His priesthood and redirecting us back to  'the Way, the Truth and the Life’.  

Like I said before, — where we are going needs to have the manifest presence of God all over it.  God plans to manifest Himself and He’s looking to partner up with His Kings and Priests for the season at hand.  This realignment will release the Kingdom as to the Fathers original design, and to His original intentions, where signs, wonders, healing and deliverances will follow those much needed Kings and Priests for the days ahead.  HIS Salvation, HIS Kingdom, and HIS Manifest Presence are all part of the same package!

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done, on Earth as it is in Heaven!



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