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The Way, Truth, and the Life!

Dream of Three Veils

In a dream, I found myself exploring a huge house where an overwhelming peace resided upon a remnant group. People visited and some would stay, but most would show up for a quick visit only. I met one who was visiting and I asked him to stick around and he did, — but the very next day he headed back down that old familiar road.

I had a knowing that this gentleman was one of the many who are presently in transition. Curious, I headed in the direction from where I first saw him. Darkness increased more and more as I walked deeper in his direction. I ended up approaching what looked like an entrance to a dungeon. Hanging across the entrance were three veil type curtains. As I slid all three veils over with my left arm, I noticed how slimy the walls were in the dungeon. Only a small bit of light actually hit the room.

As I held the curtains over with my left arm, I recognized the man whom I met at the house. He seemed to be a shadow of what he truly was from when he came to visit us. He headed towards me and then ducked under my arm as he exited out his personal dungeon. As I closed the three curtains behind him I then noticed the white robe he was wearing. He glanced back at me and said, “My name is Aaron”, — Instantly I woke up.


When asking Holy Spirit about the dream, — this is what was revealed.  The three veils represent the three doorways needed to get into that Holy Place in Solomon’s Temple. Three doorways stood between the wilderness and the Holy of Holies where the manifest presence of God resided. The first doorway takes you out of the wilderness into the ‘Outer Court’. The next doorway takes you directly into the ‘Inner Court’, and the last doorway allows you to enter into the ‘Holy of Holies’. The Bizarre thing is that all three doorways in the Old Testament represent the very three doorways that describe Jesus in the New Testament, ­­­— who is defined as 'the Way, the Truth and the Life’

Coming out of the wilderness into the ‘Outer Courtyard’, there is only one way. Jesus stakes the ground with a salvation message that he is the only 'Way'. Going from the ‘Outer Courtyard’ into the ‘Inner Court’ is a courtyard shrouded in mystery and truth. Jesus unravels all that mystery and now presents himself as all ‘Truth’. From the ‘Inner Court’ you now enter into the ‘Holy of Holies’ where the final veil takes you into the manifest presence of God, where there is incredible life and incredible power. Jesus being the sacrifice lamb, is now the giver of that incredible and powerful ‘Life’.

The very veil that was ripped in two during the crucifixion now gives public access to that incredible life where we now get to tap into the manifest presence on a personal level. This simultaneous event of the crucifixion and the tearing down of the veil was the very moment when the mystery of Jesus was released, — and the very moment when the presence of God became an open source manifestation to the general public. All this now allows us to enter into a Psalm 91 way of life.

Where we are heading in this critical new season is going to need the manifest presence bigtime, — especially if we plan to go the distance. Not only was the veil removed to show us the ‘Truth’, — but Jesus personally demonstrated what it’s going to take to stand in that ‘Truth’. Not only is He the ‘Life’, — but Jesus showed what it takes for one to lay his life down to fully enter into that ‘Life’. Not only is He the ‘Way’, — but Jesus also defined, with true character, and with the backing of a powerful Kingdom, on how it is possible to walk in that powerful ‘Way’.

Then, Jesus stakes the ground by saying, ‘No one goes to the Father but through me!’   He is the only access point! He is the central figure that has become the doorway, — especially when it comes to entering into that manifest presence. He is the only way to that manifest presence! There is no other way! We now see with greater clarity why the adversary, for over 2000 years has unleashed the many cleverly designed religious distractions, — to steer us away from the manifest presence! One can only imagine the adversary’s expression when he saw the contained manifest presence of God go public. How his plan to do away with the prophesied Messiah completely backfired as everything exploded past the veil.

His plan, was to re-contain the manifest presence by pulling the strings on the many religions and denominations by orchestrating the masses back into works. His operation to re-contain the manifest presence was to fragment a movement so that we become a scattered and divided people who now duel with our religious differences as we now tend to our religious duties which only adds to the blinding of the minds of the unbelievers. That is the dungeon in the dream, a place of containment and confinement, a place of being restricted, being unproductive with 'the way, the truth and the life'. The white garment represents the many priests of today who are presently being distracted as they walk in the misrepresentation, verses those in black garments representing priests who are absolutely possessed in building their own kingdoms. God wants to realign those that are presently misaligned by the distraction. Those that have risen up with good intentions but have left the manifest presence behind from their gatherings and from their personal lives.

In the dream, God is calling His kings and priests to step out of the distortion, to step away from the deception of the religious priesthood and engage with the manifest presence once again, — turning those constant visitations into a full time habitation. Jesus pushed us through the religious veil 2000 years ago and now plans to push His priests through the religious veil once again as He now steers us towards an ekklesia environment that allows us to rest in His manifest presence.

To walk with the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ and with the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ as clearly demonstrated in the Four Gospels, and in the Book of Acts, — to become kings and priests under the order of Melchizedek. To not only 'preach righteousness' but to have that very 'righteousness' partner up with a demonstrate of power as the Kingdom of heaven, and the manifest presence, surrounds us and fills every part of our fibre and being.

In the dream the 3 veils have blinded 'the Way, the Truth, and the Life’ upon the many priest of today, who now walk in a religious priesthood that was once done away with. The central focus of Jesus being 'the Way, the Truth, and the Life’ has been misaligned by the religious distractions of today. But God is calling his priests to realign themselves and to remove the three veils that have once again blinded them. To walk away from the distortion and the false, along with the self-preservation that was never meant to be.

Jesus once again needs to be the central focus, along with the manifest presence to be an everyday part of our day to day lives. Doing this will release the Kingdom as to the Fathers original intention where signs and wonders will follow those kings and priests that have realigned themselves.

This manifest presence has become a forgotten way of life and we need to start embracing it full time! The removal of these three veils will allow us to be empowered, to be anointed, and to be completely saturated with His presence once again. God is realigning His priesthood, pushing them through the risen veil that has once again appeared. Holy Spirit, who is a testifier of Jesus is now redirecting us back to 'the Way, the Truth and the Life’. 

Like I said before, where we are going needs to have the manifest presence of God all over it. God plans to manifest Himself and He’s looking to partner up with His Kings and Priests of today! 


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