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We Have Been Globally Compromised

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Over thirty years ago I started seeing a top down system manipulate and compromise the bottom up into a whole new way of thinking, and with a whole new way of moving forward.  That momentum was altering the family and pulling apart local communities.  Culture as I knew it was being strong-armed by a powerful top down system that was creating a whole new norm from the bottom up.

I saw big box stores replace the family hardware store, the family bookstore, the family pet store, and that was just the beginning.  What I saw was an invasion designed to destroy the very fabric of the family.  And the programming that followed was to indoctrinate a world into a massive compromise.  Thirty years later that’s exactly what we ended up with.

What I saw was the beginnings of a global system that was clearly changing the expression of family, and the expression of community, as it slowly altered our cities with a whole new way of thinking.  I saw family businesses being replaced by big corporations, and big government.  This restructuring of business came with a whole new programming on how the masses were to function for the coming future.

Eventually I saw communities and families fragmented by a whole new set of norms through big media, big technology, big corporations, big education, big banking, big government, and even big religion.  I saw bottom up groups being programmed by top down handlers to manipulate those who sat in the middle.  I saw a leadership being developed that would incorporate a global way of thinking through false programming.  With a language designed to alter the minds of the younger generation where all the new norms would be established.

It was a constant exposure of abnorms designed to establish a whole new set of norms.  An exposure that was taking place at the highest levels to guarantee containment from the bottom up to the top down.  And that containment was to marginalize and to disempower as it manipulated and controlled.  With the unleashing of talking points, I saw the birthing of ideologies distort our cultural norms; destroying the very fabric of our realities, and all of our family values.  

Never forget that it was God who originally created the concept of family, — and there was a big reason for that.  Today we no longer have that family balance as everything from the top down has been manipulated to the left, and in many cases the extreme left and even to the extreme right  The years of programming has now changed our behavior.  Social interaction has been compromised at the highest levels creating a new form of social engagement.  Part of the global agenda was to transition our misbehavior into a new form of acceptable social behavior.  What wasn’t tolerable now becomes admissible through social media.


What I saw was the unleashing of a demonic warfare that was hitting on all levels through disinformation and misinformation.  To the point where the progressive left has flat lined most of the middle ground, eliminating any real dialogue as it pushed its initiatives through.  With a strangle hold on any real dialogue, we now have a culture filled with compromises.  That much needed conversation that incubates and developes, — has been pushed aside.

With the shifting of the cultural needle, it has created a whole new set of values on every level.   The constant manipulation through on going promotions has distorted our values to where we are collectively promoting a whole new set of realities, while destroying families, neighborhoods, and cities.  These new realities have created radical theories that are now erasing the very traditional boundaries that have kept us united.  We are now walking in the ridiculous.

Most parents, who are caught up in this radical form of misinformation and disinformation, have now become part of the top down swarm.  This swarm, unleashed by mainstream media and enforced by big government, is now funneling that corruption downstream to that younger generation through social media.  This top down distortion that’s feeding the bottom ups has created a whole new platform of cultural information, strategically designed to blindly mislead as it now misdirects the masses.  And this massive deception is now fueling the religious spirit as it dumbs down the average Christian to the point where they no longer know the true character of their God.  Caught in the crossfire they now compromise out of fear, adding to the religious bent that is so destructive.

Revelation is power, distorted revelation manipulated at the highest levels creates a cultural revolution where power corrupts absolutely.  Being dumbed down, and with all the blinders pulled, we are now manipulated by the new realities that surround us.  This top down greed for power has altered our speech, our thoughts, our expression.  Presently, we have media giants ( figure heads for the puppet masters ) censoring content, releasing only what is needed to manipulate people to believe what it is that they want us to believe, totally bending and distorting the facts.  We have global talking heads, with talking points, misdirecting the masses with views to nowhere, — and it’s absolutely amazing what the average person is willing to believe.

Social media with its algorithms are constantly shifting people to those false beliefs, normalizing them to the abnorm.  Algorithms promoting false content generating false narratives through false media, false leadership, false history, and the list goes on, all designed to fragment and separate, as it numbs out any sense of discernment and awareness. 

The whole landscape of social media was created to shift the minds of the younger generation, invading them with new global norms.  And with those norms in place, the top down are now able to groom from the bottom up.  With the years of disinformation and misinformation, young minds have been deliberately dumbed down, and are now walking in a normality where the distortion goes unnoticed, — totally limiting their potential.


Perverted content, along with extreme explicit content, is now part of a new revolutionary culture.  A culture that now affirms a whole new form of behavior where in a group setting, councils are launched to indoctrinate this growing culture with a whole new belief system.  A culture where everything becomes acceptable, creating a combustible situation.

This influencing of behavior has generated all kinds of mental illness.  To the young minds, the abnorm is now the new norm.  And the muddying up of the waters, and the mixing of streams, has cultivated a mindset that now lacks discernment, creating a massive imbalance.  And that imbalance comes with a mental warfare that is relentless.

The last three generations of on going distortion has released a whole new standard.  And the generational defects from those new standards have spun off multiple addictions, illnesses, and disorders, affecting the masses not only mentally and physically, but also spiritually as most of what has been cultivated was demonically influenced.

This whole contamination of language has created a social contagion where the spread of behavior and emotion are now passed without awareness, all because of the new levels of normality.  This continuation of the disconnect has lead many to an identity crises that is now massive.  Plus the top down are now passing laws that push the on going contamination as part of the new standard for the bottom up.  Now being conformed to the new norms, and to the new standards, it now directs many to tear down traditional family values, which was the whole drive behind the programming, — to step away from a family environment and steer everyone towards a one world global system.

Now walking in the disconnect, being socially activated in the dysfunction, many are now blindly adding to the disconnect as they play their numbed out part in the growing global network.  The on going contamination of language only adds to that false lens perspective, as the distorted lens now becomes a whole new way of viewing things.  What we now have is a new form of global discipleship where the blind are promoting all that is blind, pulling people into an identity and a culture that was never meant to be.  What we have is a global witchcraft functioning at the highest demonic levels. 

This onslaught of disinformation, designed to deceive and minimize, was masterminded and executed to misdirect the masses into a false reality and false norms.  The saturated levels of disinformation created a false covering, designed to blind us from all that is true as it alters our history.  This new standard has not only blurred the lines of our understanding, but it has also blurred Gods original intentions for us as a people as it redirects the gospel and its ministries upon a platform that was never meant to be.


Now that we see the battlefield for what it really is, — where do we go from here?  Well the global attack is against the family structure.  And that's because Satan absolutely hates the family.  His personal vendetta is to destroy Gods family.  You wanna hurt somebody, — you go after the family.  The whole reason for Jesus showing up was to restore the family that was originally dismantled at the Garden.

"Heavenly Father" sent His "Son" Jesus to take care of the "Family".  And it was the shed blood of the "Son of God" that signed all our "Adoption Papers".  In the Book of Genesis it started out with "Family", and in the Book of Revelation it ends with "Family".  Actually, at the very end of the book, — it ends with a "Marriage" !

Somehow we need to wake-up and break away from what we are so conventionally use too, because from where I’m standing, it looks like a corrupt elite group is on the winning side.  With a massive playbook full of winning strategies, and a trophy case that’s absolutely stuffed with trophies, I think its time we seriously look at what it is that we are doing, and maybe realign ourselves.  The great deception is about to get a whole lot greater, and the spiritual warfare is about to hit another level.

So the only way to put a halt to that trophy case and dismantle his on going strategies, is that we start walking in our true identity, and start walking in the authority that has been given to us.  We need to get out of what we are so traditionally use to and step into that upper room environment where we are directed by the Spirit, and filled in the Spirit, — where Jesus, as commander and chief, is front and center.  Where we are walking in true character and not in the shadows of that character.

The good news is that Heavenly Father also has a playbook, and His playbook is backed up by the Kingdom of Heaven.  We need to reposition ourselves in that upper room and tap into the battle plans on how God sees them, and step away from how we see them.  We need to start doing things His way if we plan to make any serious headway.  The key for taking care of the Fathers business, is that we need to be doing it the Fathers way!  These are His assignments, His strategies, and His Kingdom that are all wanting to land here on earth.

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