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42nd Generation


The Art of War  -  The 42nd Generation

We were Designed to Walk in the Light

First of all, we were always meant to be beings of light. We were clothed with light and filled with the glory of God, but that all faded along with the very presence of God during that tragic event in the garden.   Now Jesus shows up 4000 years later as the light of the world giving us an opportunity to once again walk in that light.  Making a way for us to be born again, filling us with a light that will realign us back into that 42nd generation of being the sons and daughters as to His original design.  What the adversary tried to destroy, Jesus now restores.

Now that it's the year 2023, one can only wonder how it all got this messy when the good news landed on the scene over 2000 years ago.   I think it’s time we pull back the curtain a bit and take a look at who has been pulling the strings and maybe get some kind of an understanding on how we all got to where we are today.

The Art of War begins

Lets start with the early church.  Persecution against the early church was violently high on so many levels.  The blood that was spilled absolutely soaked the coliseum floor.   Without getting the resolve they needed, Rome realized that persecution only added to the on glowing light of Christianity, a light that eventually brought Rome to its knees.  Picking up the pieces, both Rome and Alexandria came up with a whole new strategy in the “Art of War”.   To extinguish the light, is to destroy from within!  Eliminate the light from an inside-out position!

Human wisdom and human reasoning was expounded and expanded by both the Platonian and Alexandrian writtings.   Then came the Alexandria manuscripts, writings designed to weaken the power behind the original apostolic writings. Then Constantine shows up proclaiming his christianity as he now manhandles the gospel narrative to govern the people.  He now dials in the “sun god” with the “Son of God” for that one-day year-end event.

Secular Rome to Religious Rome

As secular Rome strategically fades into the background, a religious Rome steps up to the plate.   Christian symbols are now replaced by its pagan symbols, and the distortion went even deeper when Rome creates its own translation of the bible to help solidify its new governmental position.  The “Art of War” has now entered a whole new playing field.

As this modern Rome now embraces its newly revised identity, she unleashes an inquisition to purge the light even more as the rising reformation that God released now carries the very same light that caused Rome to burn.  The inquisition directly attacked the reformers, torturing and killing millions.  Darkness once again tried to eradicate the light as martyrdom reached an all time high.  God responds by the releasing of the King James translation, — the printed word being released as in accordance to the original apostolic manuscripts.  It was a stake in the ground event that powerfully changed the rules of engagement.

As modern Rome continues to setup its global presence with its new identity on the religious platform it completely does away with its secular image as it presses deeper with an inquisition to solidify its over reaching position.   As God releases the “Great Awakening Movement” the adversary counter strikes with his own movement as a Jesuit order introduces the art of brainwashing, blending all things together for the arising modern thinker.  Eventually the Jesuits connect with the Masons, and both groups eventually become part of the Illuminati.  Then the whole movement goes underground and born out of that comes a new governing Rome along with a Deep State that now controls all the elite systems as it freely manipulates the world.

Higher and lower criticism now has all the freedom to attack the authenticity of the King James Bible.   A new form of modern philosophy arises to challenge the bible.  This latest art of criticism paved the way for a new modern world where Christianity has swung into a more modern comfortable Christianity.  The modern bible with its many translations was birthed, as scripture was now being manhandled and distorted, — with key parts missing in many of its revised translations.

The World is Transformed

The stage was now set for the modern world to be fully released into a modern way of thinking.   Human philosophy was now able to run wild.  Darwinism was now able to distort science.  Marxism was now able to effect governments.  Freud effected our conviction of conscience and Hollywood comes with a whole new standard of living for the modern world.

Now in 2023, the world we live in is a very dark place.   The “Art of War” to destroy North America from within has been extemely successful on so many levels.  What we call church today is not even close to what Jesus exemplified.  Most are completely unaware of the curtain, never mind the man behind the curtain who is pulling all the strings.  The church of today is totally oblivious to the lukewarmness that it has become, along with the 2000 years of warfare. 

In the summer of 2020, the Peace Palace in the Hague had EVERY major religious leader come to ratify a one world religion treaty.   This Peace Palace is the same location where the International World Court gives rulings for international law.  This is the very same place where International Criminal Tribunals take place.  This religious meeting in the summer of 2020 was not a small meeting!  It will have global implications and we are already feeling the effects!

The Sons of God, A Chosen Generation

We really need to rethink what it is that we are doing.   We need to revisit that original Ekklesia model that Jesus released to the original pioneers of the 42nd Generation in His day, — and we need to saddle up with that model, and light it up once again.  God is looking for those that He can use to part the red sea of religious blood.  He is looking for those who will pioneer with Him during these latter days, a people that will come forth and walk in His righteousness, a people demonstrating what it is that the Lord can do. 

So the call is, — will you be that light that you were always meant to be, for you were designed to be part of a chosen generation, a Sonship company of people called out of darkness and into His marvelous light.   Let no one decieve you from that!  The Kingdom of Heaven that we are called to represent is a powerful force that is second to none!   We were designed to give continuance to the "Book of Acts" and be that light in a world that is so very dark.  So get out of the distraction, the distortion, and the delusion, and saddle up one more time, — for you have been called for such a time as this! 

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