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False Ekklesia

PROVERBS 4:7  The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom; And with all your getting, get understanding.

Massive Plan to Misdirect

We are in the days of the coming great deception as mentioned in Revelation 17.   A big part of that deception is a powerful counterfeit, running on all cylinders, having the ability to misdirect on so many levels.  And now that the false Ekklesia has arrived, — it needs to be exposed, and some of that exposure has already hit the front pages.

What has arrived from south of the boarder are people writing their share of books on Ekklesia.  People who are producing their share of YouTube videos on Ekklesia.  Leaders who feel the need to school the masses through their top down ministry on Ekklesia.  But none are actually modeling Ekklesia as exemplified by Jesus where they are serving one another, walking in unity with one another, while engaging in the harvest field with one another, — like a team.  Like a basketball team, a football team, a hockey team.  Many say they are, — but what is being demonstrated is nothing close to what it should be.

To create a functioning Ekklesia team takes a bit of time, energy, and the rubbing of shoulders, — where there is a willingness to serve one another, and a willingness to be accountable to one another, and a willingness to put some time aside to maybe wash a few feet with one another.   Setting that model is not going to happen over night, nor will show up by having a quick read on the subject.  It will take a bit of tumbling where everybody finds their part, — this is where honoring one another comes on the scene.

As I worked for an Eagle Biologist on the West Coast of British Columbia, I was constantly being downloaded on what the early church looked like, and how it functioned under Ekklesia.   It had the glory of God all over it.  What I saw was something that's completely missing in todays model.  In one of the visions I saw a group of brave-hearts where wisdom, revelation, understanding, council, might, knowledge, and a healthy fear of the lord was a very present reality.  As I walked in their midst I noticed that the joy of the lord was all over them, that the angelic completely surrounded them, as the presence of God resided upon them.  I saw how these brave-hearts enjoying each others company while engaging in the battle that was before them. 

Holy Fire illuminated them as one!  United, they walked from place to place unleashing the Kingdom of Heaven.   It was a powerful expression on how it was always meant to be.  As Holy Spirit presented Ekklesia, I realized that for the past number of years God was preparing a people for such a time as this, where His strategies would be released, and where we are truly engaging with His business.

Ekklesia as Jesus Exemplified

As I started writing out the revelations I felt the need to guard what has been entrusted as the adversary is once again on the prowl.   When walking out the Ekklesia language, I found that this message was offensive to many as it had an outside of the box feel to those who were inside the box, — when the real message was about  ‘A Gathering on the Move'.   When Jesus established His group, — that group was continually on the move going from place to place.  The very part that He incorporated needs to be a key part of who we need to be for the new season at hand.  It's all about Kingdom building, —  expanding the Fathers Kingdom. 

Like Constantine who decided to steer his government to include Christianity for the sole reason of governing the people.   Well today we have a distorted religious government that also wants to assume control of what God is doing today.  With the adversary seeing the rising Ekklesia, like Constantine, he will attempt to govern the people as he steers Gods renewed intentions for an Ekklesia into a whole new direction.  Once again he plans to redirect a Holy Spirit initiative of an extraordinary season into his personal sideshow.

Going from Spirit led, to church led, we now have Google pages full of Ekklesia counterfeits filled with distractive, destructive and deceptive church governmental language that sounds so convincing.   To the untrained eye it may look like the real deal but it’s far from it.  Many have already succumbed to the redirect.  This shift is a continuation of the adversary’s strategies to weaken the dynamis power that resides within Ekklesia.  When Ekklesia wins, — the adversary loses big-time!

Transitional Growing Pains

I have seen rising Ekklesia movements go through the growing pains only to be usurped by leadership who have not transitioned into teamwork.   For many leaders, — transition is going to be extremely difficult.  The very Ekklesia startups that I have been apart of in the past five years have all been influence by top down personalities.  Strong horses entrenched in their top down personalities steered all the startups back into that old familiar format.  All was lost as teamwork turned back into spectatorship.  The thing about Ekklesia and teamwork is that it will get messy as we all find our place, — that is a given.  And for us to default the rising model into something that we have been so accustom to is something that we need to stay away from. 

The original twelve had their challenging moments.  But they stayed focused as Jesus slowly knit them together.   It was all about building His Fathers Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven, not the rebuilding of physical temples.  It was all about love, unity and honoring one another.  It was all about teamwork and being accountable to one another as we become walking temples for the Holy Spirit. 

I’m always amazed how difficult it is to find genuine love and true leadership in the most sincere environments.  It truly is a rare gem.   The last season that we just came out of had very little accountability amongst leaders.  Ekklesia was designed to have accountability all over it.  That is why we need to engage with Ekklesia as to its original design.  God is on the move and we need to be on the move with Him.

Distorted Power Structures

The distorted power structure filled with its insecurities and control will always slam Ekklesia under some preexisting government when in fact Ekklesia comes with its own government.   For Ekklesia, — the old familiar banqueting table needs to be wiped clean so that the glory of God can manifest on the levels that He so desires.  We need to clear the way and bring things into its proper alignment giving Ekklesia all the room it needs to unleash itself as to its original design.

From the time that Jesus showed up with His Fathers Kingdom, the adversary has been busy painting a very deceptive picture.   A big part of that deception was activated back in AD 313 when Constantine published what is historically known as the  “Editto Di Milano”  allowing Christians to go public and making Sunday the day of rest, — a Sunday which has nothing to do with Christianity but had everything to do with controlling people.  Constantine amalgamated the ‘sun god / Apollo’ with the 'Son of God / Jesus' and came up with this official statement:  “On the day of the Sun let the magistrates and the people residing in the cities rest, and let all the workshops be closed.” Constantine

Where Ekklesia Needs to Begin

Well first of all true leadership needs to be modeled at the home-front where there is a continual demonstration of unconditional love.    Our serving needs start there first.  When I look at the stats its amazing how some of the funniest guys up front seem to be the biggest yellers at home.  How some of the most powerful messages spoken are rarely applied at home.  And for those who lead worship, and for those who evangelize, — its amazing how their own families are disconnected.  We have leaders speaking powerful messages but at home its a completely different message.  Plus core leadership have a way of honoring each other, but rarely are the David’s, Joseph’s, Paul’s of today ever discovered, honored, or released. 

Most of us are amissed when it comes to true leadership because we are so use to what has been exemplified before us.  Like Jesus, true leadership should have the ability to glue people together where the commanded blessing has to show up creating an environment where the Kingdom truly wants to land and reshape the landscape before us. 

True leadership is in serving, honoring, esteeming and releasing one another.  It’s about helping those that God has surrounded us with so that the whole team can all move forward.   It’s about going down the harvest field together.  It’s always been about the great commandment to love and being one as the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are one.  It’s about helping others to find their place.  It’s about bringing the presence of God with you wherever you go.  It’s about tapping into the Fathers heart and allowing the Kingdom of Heaven to powerfully unleash the Fathers Business here on earth.

Jesus modeled with the greatest love and the greatest servant-hood, where  'Perfect Love'  as mentioned by the Apostle John, knits us together as a team.  The very glue that Jesus used when defining his team of twelve where the great commandment to love allows us to serve, eliminating the need to walk in that top down persona like that of the kings of old, but to truly honor one another and to start working as a team where no one is left behind.

So if you plan to follow someone, follow that one who has learned to serve, — for there lies the true heart of Ekklesia.


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