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2022 Update

Gods Destiny For Canada:  Is not going to be solely based on how well the country is doing.   The Prime Minister of Canada may go sideways on us but our God is bigger than any governmental official.  Things may go dark but God has molded a group of people, a remnant designed to take care of the Fathers business for Canada in its truest form.  As the adversary influences the Canadian Government, God is carving out a people from out of the wilderness.  What was scattered last season is being gathered for this new season.  It's a Moses/Joshua Movement designed to cut through the religious waters.  A movement initiated by a Bethlehem Experience of the obscure and the no-name that will truly honor one another as they place the great commandment in the forefront.  This group will walk with the True Bridal Voice that will speak on behalf of the Bridegroom.

To be a country that God intends to use for the Nations, then that true voice needs to be a Canadian voice that has been molded from deep within the Canadian wilderness.   A distinct Canadian voice defined by Canadians, not a voice from other countries that have been Canadianized.  It needs to be a voice uniquely forged by the fires of the Holy Spirit in the heart of Canada.

It is that voice that God has earmarked to bring healing to the Nations.   Canada’s voice by design, is to play its part, along with others, who have all been called for these latter days.  This Canadian voice, at the grassroots level, is being orchestrated even now to be that blessing, for out of those Canadian fires will come the Elijah Spirit, being a forerunner once again as it boldly proclaims Jesus in these last days.  This is a voice, a calling, that God will direct as it walks with a powerful Ekklesian authority, backed by the angelic, maximizing the Father’s business with amazing strategy.

For far too long this Canadian voice has been manhandled in a direction that it was never meant to go, restricting the full manifestation of any serious Kingdom advancement.   This voice, even now, is being flooded by the many strong and stubborn counterfeit voices that have invaded Canada, and is presently altering the call that is upon this nation.  It is these very voices that have tried to carve out their own personal apostolic centers with a top down destructive entertainment gospel totally motivated by money. Not willing to let it go, — they walk around with their defibulators to jump start the very programs that God has removed. 

But like Bethlehem, God always has a plan, and He is presently birthing something powerful and unique.   It will have His presence all over it as it begins to take back what the adversary has stolen.  Like the manger experience, only those who walk with true humility will see the veil pulled back, enabling them to engage in a powerful season that now stands before them.  Without that, they will be spectators as they watch another season come and go.

This arising voice from a country of mixed cultures has been perfectly designed for a time such as this.   With diversity, strategically orchestrated by God, it has the potential to be a powerful voice on behalf of His Kingdom.  Fueled by the Holy Spirit, ignited by the character of Jesus, Canada will press deep into the Father’s business with a display of Kingdom authority, the likes of which we have not seen for over three generations.  It will be a Bethlehem grassroots experience with its humble encounters, spreading like wildfire as it begins to ignite Canada, releasing an Ekklesia fire that will spread upon the Nations, a fire that God Himself will breathe upon as it rages forward, clearing the way, redeeming the lost and healing the broken hearted.

For Canada, this is a homegrown grassroots calling!   We need to allow the Holy Spirit to glorify Jesus and get out of the way.  We need to allow the Bride of Christ to arise to its original design and get out of the way.  In doing so, a powerful voice will rise up!  A powerful Canadian voice will enter into its destiny!

Many are called, few chosen, but Canada has been given a special anointing for the task at hand, so when this voice begins to move and the winds of the Spirit start to blow, — look out!   For you, Canada, are about to enter into a powerful adventure!



EkklesiaRising.com / JesusMinistries.ca

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