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Arise Bride


Self-Realization is an Important Part in our Walk in the Lord 

Its imperative that we get to that point where we realize what it is that we are doing wrong so that we can start moving in the right direction.   Holy Spirit will convict us unto righteousness but then we need to play our part and start doing what is right.  There are better ways of moving ahead now that we are a new creation.  God is always on the move and we were uniquely designed to be on the move with Him.  Everyone, including the Kingdom of Heaven are all heading to the finish line.  

But many, for the most bizarre reasons, — are moving in the wrong direction.   We need to readjust our aim and give the day meaning without defaulting back into the same ole unstable identity.  The Bride of Christ is being called to realign herself and to arise once again!  But to arise, she needs to figure out what it is that she needs to arise to and to walk away from the meaningless, the fruitless, and the endless.

What we want usually conflicts with what is good.   If God is trashing the old and raising us into the good, then the good that we need to be rising into will bring us into an area of the unfamiliar, — creating a whole new sense of normality.  We are transitioning from the abnormal to a whole new normal.


The Old Familiar and the Good Unfamiliar

Rising up from the old familiar ways to the unfamiliar good things that God has for us can be a bit of a process  To have all that change at once is impossible for most to handle.  Who we are needs to contain the needed change as we go from place to place without blurrying the lines.  Getting uprooted from where we have entrenched ourselves may take time, along with the balancing of the new.  How much of the new can we really handle is a still a bit of a mystery as the ground we are now walking on is still pretty fresh.

True success is never really a straightforward process.   Usually there's a lot of bumping and grinding during the shifting of plates.  Lots of dueling between the old nature and the new nature.  But as we go through it, Holy Spirit teaches us, refines us, as He initiates us to ask all the right questions.  Reality is that the truth don't mind being questioned, — it's the lies that don't like being challenged.

Most have no clue how desperate they need the Holy Spirit.   The thing about blindness is that it fragments and distorts.  Blindness and the fragmentation of the body go hand in hand, which is why we need Holy Spirit to guide us through the deception and to heal us from the damage that it has created.  Holy Spirit gives us an understanding of our past catastrophes to help us avoid any future crashes.  It's important that we put on the mind of Christ and start thinking more realistically so that we don’t remain blind.  We need to see things with more of a heavenly perspective.


Blind on so many Levels

Prior to us being born again we have been blind on so many levels.   We need to disconnect ourselves from the strongholds and the cloud of deception that hovers around us and seriously move forward.  Again, Holy Spirit only works at the pace that we give Him, — and it can get real messy when it comes to the space that we refuse to give him.  When rising up we need to avoid the ongoing log-jams and allow Holy Spirit to help us out of our blindedness.  All this will take a bit of humility on our part.

We need to adopt to the responsibilities given.  This adoption of responsibilities is when we allow Holy Spirit to define us so that our instincts start to lineup with the Kingdom of Heaven, — that we roll the way heaven rolls and begin to function with all that has been entrusted to us.

The real issue is dying to self, — dying to our old ways.  What we so easily conjure up extends the blindness and we need to let it go.   Instead of conjuring up and justifying, we need to maximize the probabilities of moving forward and walk away from the blindness.  I once was blind but now I see becomes a very real reality if we allow Holy Spirit to work in us.  He is our Guide, our Teacher and we need to start seeing things the way He sees them.


Right Place, Right Time

Holy Spirits desire is to position us in the right place at the right time.   Also the moment we allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit, we are then sent deeper into those interest that have been keenly designed for our journey.  God has uniquely designed each and every one of us, and His desire is that we engage in the fullness of that design.

To move forward we cannot hesitate to let go.   We cannot hesitate when it comes to allowing others to speak into our lives especially when we know we can trust them.  The more we let go the more we get balanced.  The more we get balanced, the more our perception lines up with our true identity.  Walking in our new identity and NOT letting go on how we've adjusted everything in the past can only end badly.  

It’s not an easy process when you only see from the inside out and never having that outside looking in perspective.   Being entrenched in our preconceptions only stalemates us from the continued good work of the Holy Spirit.  Being honest with yourself, walking with true humility, and giving it a genuine effort is a big part of the journey.




Who Am I Really?

As you're rising up into the unfamiliar, — it can get dramatic and emotional at times.   Cutting things loose will have its moments.  Letting go is not easy.  As you walk out of your blindness, you'll get a clarity of who you really are.  You are now heading towards a whole new standard, — a whole new way of handling things.  That big question of  “Who am I ?”  is now starting to get some solid answers.

This new standard comes with the needed power to sustain you in who you were always meant to be.  That rightful position comes with the power to defend and the power to move forward.   As you move forward you will discover your potential as Holy Spirit defines you to where you not only step into all that God has for you, but to where you also function without getting overloaded.   As you move forward, you are being transformed and optimized into your new identity.  Heaven awaits for us to mature and to venture out and demonstrate the Kingdom.  That is all part of our destiny.  It's all part of Gods original design for us.

As we walk in a place that now has meaning, — we'll learn how to define between chaos and order.   Having the ability to define the two, we can now deal with our past demons, — and we'll have a good idea on how the Holy Spirit wants to function in our life.  Lining yourself up with an identity that was always meant to be, and with a life that now has new meaning, will compell you to enter into all the gifts and talents that God has given you.  Your restored DNA will cause you to gravitate into all that the Lord has for you.  Your new identity, your new place of freedom, now allows you to express your newly found capabilities.

"I once was lost but now am found" - Luke 15:10,   "I was once blind but now I can see" - John 9:25,  becomes a present day reality, — you are now walking in your true identity.  Jesus clearly says in John 8:36,  "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed"   Remember our freedom was paid for; we now need to do our part and line up to what has been freely given!




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