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Boots AligningVoice 

Aligning Our Voice To His Voice         


Bringing it into Alignment

We are in transition.  Part of that transition is knowing the true Voice of the Lord.   Fine tuning that will line us up with the Ekklesia model as originally intended.  It really is about teamwork and going down the harvest field as a team.  Aligning our voice to His, will get the Kingdom results that our Father is looking for.  Taking care of the Fathers business means being that true ambassador to His Voice.  As we align our voice with His, — well that alignment alone has everything to do with Prophetic ministry as in accordance to the character of Jesus.

Prophetic Revelation, Prophecy, and the Gifts of Prophecy along with the office of a Prophet are all engagement points for Prophetic language where the Voice of God is being expressed.   It’s the rhema of God, the spoken word of God.  Since the word of God manifested is Jesus, and Holy Spirit came to testify of Jesus, and that the Spirit of Prophecy is Jesus, then obviously any Prophetic ministry that we walk into all needs to line up with Jesus.  Also, our Prophetic voice needs to have the character of Jesus all over it.  

Jesus has over 100 titles attached to His name.   And a lot of those titles have a redemptive quality to them, redemption being key as to why He came in the first place!  Therefore it would seem that any Prophetic expression that we release should have a redeeming component to it.  It should be pointing to some level of restoration.  When walking out Prophetic revelation as it is intended, it’s amazing how the Kingdom expresses itself with the creativeness that it so desires as it moves everything forward.


Becoming His Voice

The more we understand about being His Voice, the more connected we become to the Word Himself, and the more powerful our words will become.   The more we value these words, the more careful we will be when handling it, — becoming even more careful as we grow in our awakening of its amazing power.  The more careful we are, the more power our Lord can entrust us with as He sends us deeper into Prophetic ministry.  A power that is far beyond what we could think or imagine.

Jesus is “The Spirit of Prophecy”.   So if he is the total and complete package when it comes to Prophecy, then any Prophecy that we walk in today should be a continuation of that  'Spirit of Prophecy', and it should automatically line up with what  'The Father is building'  through the nature of Jesus.  To know Jesus and all that He truly represents will help in the processing of any Prophetic revelation that may come our way, for He is the Template and He is the Standard when it comes to Prophecy.

Jesus has clearly defined that He is all about love.   That His gathering is all about love, and that the Five-Fold operating system functioning as a team is all about walking in that love, — and so should Prophetic Ministry!  Any Prophetic presentation on our behalf should arm itself with enough love to obtain restoration, with His redeeming love coming with all the evidence that the Kingdom of God has actually landed.


Jesus, Demonstrating that Voice

While Jesus walked, hearing the Father’s Voice, doing what the Father was doing, clearly He was demonstrating a model of what Prophetic ministry needs to look like.   Since He is our example of hearing that Voice, being that Voice, and walking out that Voice, then it is very clear that we need to step into that model that He has prepared.  We now have a responsibility to be a presenter of that Voice.

We want to be moving in the direction that the Lord has for us!  Prophetic language is a powerful force, for it is the Voice of God!   We need to know the importance of how it is able to restore when it is applied according to its design.  The adversary’s plan has always been to steal that Voice, misdirect that Voice and misdirect its power, creating a counterfeit that we would follow.

Because of the prophetic misalignment during the last season, what was meant to be a family planning moment ended up as a season gone wild on a prophetic that went rogue.   The Prophetic took some huge hits last season as it walked away from its covering, and because of that the adversary was able to create a lot of dysfunction and division, stealing property rights that rightfully belong to the Bride.  Once again the thief was hard at work disarming the Prophetic and misdirecting Prophetic ministry.  Sure there are some great statistics out there, but we lost more battles than we actually won, and most of the people we personally knew were scattered, and our sons and daughters fell through the cracks as the covering was not there for them.

With the misalignment now sitting at the helm, — Prophetic ministry started carving inroads through a false anointing.  It started flowing in some unsanctified forms.  The streams were mixed, the lines were blurred, and strange fires were now being justified by those handling the warped prophetic.   All because key leaders were not really accountable to the rest of the gathering.  There was no real teamwork, just a top down system gone bad.  What was missing was genuine love and genuine unity, and the honoring of one another, along with a disconnect between the young and old.  It was amazing how many times the young actually carried the accurate word of the Lord, but because of the disconnect, — it never made it to the frontlines.  It was a realization that in all these years we have never matured prophetically.  I saw the most gifted people struggle with the maturing process.

Over thirty years ago we entered into the season of the Prophetic, and because of the mishandling, we watched up to 80% of the people scatter while clinging onto some of the most amazing material regarding Prophetic ministry.   Material that was meant to lead.  Material that was meant to be that eye for the body.  Instead of entering the promised land most ended up cliff diving.  I only need to open my front door to see the spiritual body count in my home town, — and the count is massive!



Now we have landed into a season that could very well be called Prophetic reconciliation or Prophetic realignment.   God was preparing a people, a remnant, a final gathering who will run with a revelation of Ekklesia and Prophetic ministry as to its original design.  He has prepared a people for a time such as this, and He plans to take this movement to the finish line.  There is going to be some serious judgement calls upon those that refuse to realign!

Under Ekklesia, Prophetic accountability is huge.   As we are entering into the greatest season ever, the Prophetic ( the accurate voice of the Lord ) is even more critical, especially if a big part of where we are heading is going to be determined through Prophetic revelation.  Not many are called to operate as a prophet, but we are all called to play our part in a Prophetic Voice that was meant to paint a much bigger picture.  To help the Bride move forward in her freedom.

For the times that we are entering, Prophetic ministry will not only become a vital part of who we are, but it will be very critical to any gathering, not only for our success, but also for our survival.   Our voice, on behalf of the Lord, needs to be more accurate as the strategies of God start to unfold.  A dramatic increase in prophecy, dreams, and visions will be upon us in these latter days.  This is, in fact, one of the great signs for the last days. Therefore, as we are entering into this new season we can expect Prophetic revelation to increase.  Those who try to avoid the issue of the Prophetic, which is to do away with the Lord’s directional provision, will open up to the schemes of the adversary as he tries to manhandle the gathering as a whole once again.

The Lord has given us this provision so that we may accomplish His purposes.   To reject any of the Prophetic resources that He provides would be foolish, and to process the Prophetic like we did in the past will NOT get us to where we need to be going.  The Prophetic is not just good signage on the roadway that we find ourselves travelling on, — it is going to be the detailed revelation needed for the times ahead.  It’s more than a sign, — it is the needed intel that will allow us to interact and enter into the season ahead.  We need to ask the Father every time we engage, what His thoughts are regarding His Kingdom, and we also need to be asking what part is Holy Spirit, and what part is he wanting us to play?  God initiates, — placing those much needed boots to the ground, is where we step in!

Since scripture indicates that Prophetic revelation will be one of the most important issues during this latter season, we too must give it the attention it deserves and handle it the way it needs to be handled.   We need to shift into a gear where we are functioning as a team so that the whole Bride of Christ can arise as one.  For offensive and defensive reasons, it is imperative that we not only understand Prophetic ministry as it is meant to be, but that we also learn to walk with the wisdom of the one who really is behind it all.  Jesus is all wisdom!  And to understand Jesus will open the door to the greatest wisdom of all, and the walls that that we have found ourselves surrounded with will come down!

So it is vital that we line up our voice to be more like His Voice.   If we plan to do the Fathers business then we need to tap into the needed Prophetic intel that will help us move forward when expanding His Kingdom, according to His strategies and His purposes.  Doing this will take us deep into the harvest fields.  To be truly effective in this latter day season, it is imperative that we align our Prophetic voice with His Voice.



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