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Breath of God 2


The Breath of GOD!  ( continued )

I had dream/vision where I was sitting alone and then someone approached me from behind and placed their hand upon my one shoulder.   As the breath of the one that stood over me hit me, I instantly knew it was the Lord himself.  Words in itself cannot describe the breath of God as it impacts you.  The clashing of two worlds . . . the supernatural directly invading the flesh.

The very moment that breathe cascaded upon my head, and rippled down my shoulders, I instantly knew that by this breath, things were created, things were established, things were revealed, things were renewed, restored, revived, refreshed and released.  That cascading sensation, like a wave, passed its way through every molecule in my body, leaving an amazing freshness, as my body totally surrendered to its unbelievable presence. An intense goodness flooded through every part of my being.  Every cell instantly sensing the creative authority of the creator, a profound sense of the commanded authority of an absolute God. Wow!

As the continual blasts of his breath waved through me, my breath fell into the rhythm of his breath.  My spirit slowly aligned with his spirit.  As he stood behind me, his breath impacted my back and powered through capturing my breath.  I saw a collective breath with the expression of God having a powerful creative component to it as it was released upon the surrounding environment.  It moved with such creative expression.  The glory of God swirling every breath as it flowed with such an expression of his glory.  What a sensation!  A display of supreme power and amazing grace all wrapped in one. When I woke up all I could think about was the intense life behind every breath as it passed through every cell and molecule in my body.  That dream / vision was probably my third dream regarding the breath of the Lord.  Obviously it's an important piece of information and for some reason heaven was putting their finger on it.  The whole sensation of that breath resided in the room for quite some time.  All I could do was just sit there and breathe it all in!

Obviously my curiosity got the best of me and I had to research this very amazing vision and a good place to start . . . the book of Genesis!  This is what I found, "The Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul." 1500 years later the Lord speaks to Ezekiel about a valley of dry bones.  As he breathed on the valley of dry bones, a complete army stood up.  The creativeness of his breath brought life upon those slain bones.  The bizarre thing is that Jesus shows up with the apostolic model and does a little breathing of his own. In the book of John it says   " . . . as my Father has sent me . . . so do I send you! "   and then he breathed upon them and said   " Receive the Holy Spirit. "   And with that breath the apostolic age was born.  Then I stumbled upon a Hebrew meaning for the word SALVATION - to take a breath.  That pretty well summed up the research for me!

My overall sense is that as it was in the beginning with the apostolic age so will it be in these later days - but with greater intensity.   The breath of the Lord plans to impact through a multitude of creative applications as he breathes upon the unfolding apostolic, that remnant of today.  My guess is he's looking for those that will breath with him as he breaths upon them.  Those that will take a breath - HIS BREATH



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