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The Inconvenient Truth


The Government Upon His Shoulders

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulders - Isaiah 9:6   When Jesus came with His Fathers government, it was One Government, not multiple governments that rested upon His shoulder.  Plus His Fathers house was never sanctioned to be sectioned off where apostle and prophets are on the one side, while the other three ministries of the five-fold are nestled away on the other side.

It’s this distorted misguided misrepresentation of a government that sent many over the cliff freefalling during the last season. Misguided apostles and prophets strong-arming on one side, pastors running the one-man-show on the other.  It was this distorted top-heavy dominion government that usurped the serving administration that Jesus exemplified where everyone was to play their part.

Today, in many cases, the Shepherd’s Rod has been replaced, plus the lines are so badly blurred between careers, legislation, and ministries that the plumb line is not even close to hovering over the true cornerstone.  Being born again, we have our options to pick and choose our careers, but when it comes to Spirit led ministries, well God does the picking and choosing for us.

It’s the presumptuousness of man with his distorted apostolic governments on how we need to rule and reign that got us into that whole mess last season.  Plus the model of love demonstrated was not the genuine love that was needed to help the many get to the other side.  Because of that misrepresentation of love, many went freefalling, many were orphaned, and many walked away.  The covering needed was not there.  That all disappeared when everyone jumped on the great commission.

The Family is First

The whole thing about Ekklesia is that its family first where we all end up somewhere on the same page, moving together as one, which was the very prayer that Jesus petitioned when asking His Father about making us one as they are one.  As the Father, Son, Holy Spirit are one, so are we to be one.  It’s the Ekklesia government that Jesus exemplified that gives Oikos the solid ground it needs to powerful move fruitful gatherings into the harvest fields.  This whole new season that we find ourselves walking in includes a Holy Spirit reset on an Ekklesia that was always meant to be, — as to its original design according to Jesus.

But before we go too deep, let’s touch on something else that really adds to all this governmental distortion.  And that is the true meaning of the foundation of the apostles and prophets. Its not that I disagree that the apostles are sent ones, — what I disagree on is how they are commissioned and knighted as apostles and prophets while having minimal ‘boots to the ground’ training of how these ministries actually function.  The original disciples were trained in the different ministries as modeled by Jesus while they journeyed with him from town to town as He demonstrated His Fathers Kingdom.

Holy Spirit Commisioning

Because the calling of the apostle, along with the rest of the ministries, are commissioning’s that were designed to be Spirit filled, Spirit led, Spirit engaged ministries, — it makes complete sense that as Holy Spirit did the initial releasing back then, that He would be doing the releasing today.  Molded and refined by the fires of the Holy Spirit, fueled and commissioned by the Holy Spirit, apostles, prophets and the rest of the ministries were then released, — that was the process back then, and why should it be any different today.  That model changed the world so why change it up.  Changing it up will only steer us into another huge spiritual body count similar to the one that we just walked away from last season.  I just need to open my front door and I can start the count.

The other distortion in this top down authority is where leaders have convinced themselves that the Kingdom of God here on earth is a little different than the Kingdom of Heaven up in heaven.  Jesus came with His Fathers Government, which came with a reset designed to lead us from an old government format into a newly updated and more complete government system, — fresh new wine with a whole new wineskin.

The new comes with an amazing revelation along with the needed upgrade for the Kingdom to manifest here on earth on the levels that are unheard of.  That reset took place over 2000 years ago, and to compromise the reset will NOT get us to where we need to be going.  We truly need to step away from the whole Constantine religious legislative old school model.

That whole model usurped us in the past and will continue to usurp if we keep feeding it.  Jesus clearly defined that His Fathers Kingdom along with His Government are not part of this world.  They are spiritual.  The temple of old is not the temple of the new.  Like Jesus said, ‘Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.’

John the Baptist and Jesus both proclaimed that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, — as in accordance to Heaven.  Jesus clearly came with His Fathers Government and now defines how we need to roll as in accordance to his Fathers Kingdom, — that the Kingdom of God, as demonstrated by the Old Testament kings no longer applies.  Jesus came with His Fathers Kingdom and He came with a whole new default on how we truly need to understand the Kingdom of Heaven as in accordance to His Father.

Salvation came with an Upgrade

Salvation came with an upgraded Kingdom along with a whole new updated model on how it needs to be governed, — something that was clearly defined by Jesus for over three years.  Jesus now releases it upon the original Ekklesia with a whole new prayer model for a Kingdom that now over-rules the old kingship model.  “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven” has landed with great authority and amazing power.

Becoming Kingdom seekers, — that Kingdom here on earth is now being handled by a single government, a government that embraces, incorporates and infuses both Ekklesia and Oikos together.  The two are one, — they always were one.  As Ekklesia is running with all five ministries, pumping powerfully on all cylinders ( not 2, but all 5 ) it will now guide Oikos to where it needs to be.  Ekklesia sets the model, Oikos reaps the rewards.  The family is now running smooth on every level.  Like a heavenly mafia, — the Family is now in charge.  Mess with God the Father, — well that would be a big mistake!

What also weakens Ekklesia is a language of a governmental reconstruction allowing apostles and prophets to walk in a government that does not line up with the early church.  And to walk in a prophetic that totally misrepresents and misinterprets the true prophetic model.  It is this distortion that gives fuel to the warped interpretation of the foundation of the apostles and prophets along with a now divided government where the legislative government of apostles and prophets are on one side, while the family government with all its ministries are nicely tucked away on the other side.

The Holy Spirit reset that is taking place among the remnant today is to take what has been divided by this top down, us and them system, — back to the very model that Jesus originally exemplified where the original intent was for us to be one, and to be powerfully united, honoring and serving on a level playing field where the greatest becomes the biggest servant of all, — an inconvenient truth for the many puppeteers where the great commission is more important than the great commandment to love.

Servanthood that Knits Us Together

Our foundation of the apostles and prophets needs to line up with the true representation of the characteristics of the greatest love and the greatest servant-hood where perfect love, as mentioned by the apostle John, knits us completely together as a team.  The very glue that Jesus used when defining his team of twelve where the great commandment to love allows us to serve, — eliminating the need for a government like that of the kings of old, but to truly honor one another.  A five-fold apostolic movement ( apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers ) where everybody stays in their lane, serving one another, esteeming others better than themselves where we actually see apostles being the greatest servants of all.

For three and a half years Jesus expressed the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth, — we need to stick with that model for it was that model that completely changed the world.  As I was applying boots to the ground on an Ekklesia model that was heading for a Holy Spirit reset, I realized that the counterfeit was also setting up camp to redirect this new season.  He plans to grab the reigns and seriously expand his trophy case.  Like I said before, the adversary sees that most of us are playing checkers on his chess board.

Today when you Google Ekklesia, along with Ecclesia and Oikos, you now see pages filled with distractive content, filled with falsehood, designed to distract us from the real deal.  Like Constantine who decided to steer his government to include Christianity for the sole reason of governing Christians, well today we see the same slight of hand cards being played.  With the adversary seeing the rising Ekklesia, — the distorted religious structure, like Constantine, will now attempt to govern the people as he steers Gods renewed intentions towards a distorted Ecclesia/Oikos government.  Once again the adversary plans to redirect a Holy Spirit initiative of an extraordinary season into a personal sideshow.

Going from Spirit led, to church led, we now have Google pages full of Ekklesia counterfeits filled with distractive, destructive and deceptive church governmental language that sounds so convincing.  And to the untrained eye it may look like the real deal but it’s far from it, — but many already have succumbed to the redirect.  This shift is a continuation of the adversary’s strategies to steer us into a false government and to weaken the dynamus power that resides within Ekklesia.

True Leadership

It’s amazing how many are amissed when it comes to true leadership and that's because of what has been exemplified before us in the past many years.  Like Jesus, true leadership should have the ability to glue people together where the commanded blessing has to show up creating an environment where the Kingdom truly wants to land and reshape the landscape before us.

True leadership, true Kingdom government, is in serving, honoring, esteeming, and releasing one another.  It’s about helping those that God has surrounded us with so that the whole team can all move forward.  Ya there are forerunners but its all one camp, one government, one Kingdom.  It’s about going down the harvest field together where no one is left behind.  It’s about helping others to find their place in the mix.  It’s about bringing the presence of God with you wherever you go.  It’s about tapping into the Fathers heart and allowing the Kingdom of Heaven to powerfully unleash the Fathers Business here on earth.  Jesus modeled all this with the greatest love, with the greatest servant-hood, where perfect love knitted them all together as a team.

We need to be jumping all over this model !


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