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The Prophetic Needs a Makeover


The Prophetic and Restoration are 'One'

The word rightfully divided will carve a pathway allowing us to enter straight into what it is that the Lord has for us without any deviation.  It has the potential to unleash the Kingdom of Heaven on so many levels.   A word fitly spoken has a way of bringing the pieces back together as it activates the restoration process.  It has a way of bringing clarity to all those blurred lines and freshness to what has been stagnant.  But the release of a false word does the absolute opposite as it steers us into polluted waters where it actually divides the people, — both mentally and physically as it separates us from where we truly need to be, — all fueled through the false prophetic.

The unleashing of the false prophetic in our day was completely out of control.  During the last season It fractured, fragmented, causing all kinds of factions and destruction, creating a trail of disunity where many never entered into their destinies.   For most, it was a journey of relentless disappointments leading many into all types of disasters.  There was very little accountability from those steering the prophetic, and the delivery of the false came from those unqualified.  Any opposition against those spoken prophetic words is now viewed as persecution from those who received it.  The bait has been taken, — the hook has been set.

We need to understand that the path of the rhema word rightfully divided is always Holy Spirit led plus it carries a ton of Holy Spirit fruit and direction.   The false prophetic is usually a prophetic ministry that started out on track but somehow it fell into deception directing many into the streams of witchcraft.  The driving force being prophetic ambition and prophetic positioning.  And with no accountability, lacking teachability, and never maturing, — the prophetic now leaves a trail of devastation.

The Commissioning Train Wreck

How the prophetic evolved into the train wreck that it became was by those who defaulted  'The Great Commission'  as priority instead of placing the default on  the  'The Great Commandment'  where a unity in loving and honoring one another comes first.   Jesus made it quite clear that  'Love'  was to be first on the list, — then the  'Commission'.  The original Ekklesia model clearly outlined that without real genuine love for one another, — we are nothing!  A clanging cymbal!  And for us, — it was a gong show that left behind a massive spiritual body count.

We went through a 25 year season where the prophetic performed in our many conferences throughout North America where destinies, callings, and anointing’s were released.   Most who were prophesied over never reached their destinies and neither did regions and cities enter into their prophesied destinies.  But what transpired after years of conferencing was an exodus where up to 80% of the local congregation left, with many of its leaders going through a transitional time as Jesus began flipping the money tables before them.  Thousands of buildings throughout North America went into recession while communities, towns, and cities walked into serious division and greater darkness.

For me seeing up to 80% heading out the back door, — is not what I would call good prophetic fruit, especially for a prophetic that was meant to be directional.   The prophetic was meant to be the eyes for the Body of Christ.  Those who were commissioned, had no real support system, no real direction as they found themselves, like their modeled leaders, pursuing a commission that had no infrastructure.  With blind ambition they too hunted for their place in that top down administration as modeled before them.

The Fruit of the False

Today, 25 years later, we now have a massive group where most have given up.  They have tried for years to plug in and re-engage, desiring to once again enter into their callings but to no avail.   The rest of the pack, — that other part of this massive group, have now entrenched themselves in a ministry pipe-dream that was never meant to be which is a tough pill to swallow.  Being continually prophesied over to a ministry of a prophet when the call was to evangelize.  Or being prophesied into the office of an apostle when the call was pastoral, — and the misdirect went on and on till the day of the great exodus.

If up to 80% of those in the exodus ended up in the wilderness and out of that 80%, — up to 90% of what was prophetically spoken missed the mark.   Well you put the math together and the numbers are huge for those who have been hit with the false prophetic, — and there lies the problem.  Not meeting those expectations set this group up for a massive disappointment.  For most in this group, church is something that they are pretty well done with.  All because the servanthood and the dicipleship as exemplified by Jesus was never set in motion.  What was set, — was their need to start climbing up the corporate ladder.

Fresh Season Fresh Start

Jesus, who represents the spoken manifested word, came with the original plans of drawing and redeeming a people unto himself; to have those that he has drawn to sit around HIS campfire.   There are no conditions at this campsite except to just show up!  But the false prophetic has steered this massive group to sit around another fire, — a strange fire that isolated them from the good of what the Lord had for them.  This false prophetic with all its dysfunction, distractions, disunity, and misdirection needs to be broken off a people who have now disenfranchised themselves.  It has disabled many creating a cluster of catastrophic disappointments where there is no real interest to engage anymore.  And then there is that other group who are still waiting for that (false) prophetic to come to pass.

The central focus was never meant to be on “The Great Commission” , — as one who pursues a position and career in the gospel.   The focus was always to love one another and to serve one another as to the original Ekklesia design.  To walk in “The Great Commandment” where in doing that, God will take care of the rest!   Our God is in the restoration business and a big part of the prophetic is to restore.

It's really is time for many of us to wipe the table clean and just give it a fresh start.   We need to learn from our mistakes, we need to realign the prophetic, and we need to allow the Lord to restore all that we have lost.




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