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It’s a Whole New Ballgame

Running the good race has identity all over it mixed with a true understanding of what it is to actually run the good race, — along with timing and placement.  To walk in that true identity is to be one that has gone through the refining fires of the Holy Spirit and not through the academics.  One who has gone through a personal desert experience where integrity and humility is now grafted into their personal DNA.

Obviously, to engage in this last days race we need to be at the right place at the right time to qualify for the race.  Like a chessboard, God has been moving His pieces into place.  If you’re not at the right place at the right time, — it’s not because of Holy Spirit’s lack of trying.  Being Spirit led and walking in the timing of the newly unveiled season is essential.  If you’ve been hitting the local watering hole, having very little history of being Spirit Led, — well walking in this new season could have its challenges for you.

Knowing where you sit in the refining fires, and how your character is truly lining up, along with some understanding of where you are regarding our heavenly Fathers business are all important.  I have found that many in my hometown are presently walking in some form of an identity crises while taking care of business that has nothing to do with the Father.  Jaded by a distorted gospel where Jesus is truly not being exemplified.  Jesus in them the hope of our heavenly Father being glorified is missing on so many levels.  To transition over to an identity that has an Ekklesia flavor will be tough for many because of the religious distortion that has captured their identity.

We are called to be followers of Jesus, led by the Holy Spirit. As Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit, so are we to be led by the Holy Spirit.  If we have not allowed Holy Spirit to train us on what it is to be Spirit led, then there’s a good chance we are already making headway down that Ishmael highway, — and to run the race with those that are Spirit led is going to be a bit of a problem.  Getting distracted and building someone elses personal ministry under false pretenses is something we all need to walk away from.

To be at that right place at the right time, we need to discern the alignment that is taking place in our midst, — both personally and corporately.  Holy Spirit has been trying to get our attention for some time now, but we have continually pushed Him aside.  And the corporate dynamic that we should be engaged with needs to be more on a relational level where we are utilizing the very things that God has entrusted us with.  There are many who should be leading by now, but this entertainment distractive top-down gospel has halted the raising up of many leaders, suppressing the Ekklesia model, — the very reason for the massive exodus in my own hometown and many others across North America.  There was a huge misdirect where many were misled, causing many to never enter into the leadership that God has for them.

Today, we need to be aware of the overall good work that the Lord is doing in our midst as he prepares us to run the good race for a time such as this.  We have entered into a whole new ballgame and we need to push aside the distractions.  Presently, we are being gathered, equipped, and refined for the new season at hand but only a few are awakened to the call.  What we have done in the past, and what most are doing today, is not going to cut it when you think about where the Lord is leading us.  We need to be walking in that upper room realm.  The call today is for us to get into that upper room environment.

We are at the starting blocks of a whole new race. To run that race, well we need to be preparing ourselves for the type of race that we tend to run in.  This is not the hundred-yard dash where we become the big track star.  We need to rightfully discern what it is that we need to be doing to actually run in this race.  What does this race actually look like for us today?  What does it really mean to win?

Last season there was a whole lot of trampling when it came to winning, and the line that we crossed was nothing close to the actual finish line that we should of nailed down.  The last few races came with a spiritual body count of the many who were trampled during the process.  The race today is about teamwork, a team working the harvest field together.  And a key element about this teamwork, and about the race, is knowing what the running around is all about.

Without truly understanding the race, the baton may never get passed, and the chances of staying on course is highly unlikely as we blindly run down the track.  Knowing about the race is one thing, — knowing the time, the season, the placement of where we are in the race, well that’s even more important than just knowing that there is a race. Prophetically, — this is a profound time for those who have camped around the Lords campfire.  The race has already been initiated, the shofar has been blasted, and many are waking up to the fact that they need to be in the race.

Its going to be a powerful time and the last thing we want to be doing is shooting-up our own camp, — which is going be a challenge for the many that are coming out of the misdirect.  This massive group have entrenched themselves in the religious distraction where many identities have been distorted and lost.  Knowing who we are is very important when entering into the starting gate for this new season.  It’s important that we know our part in the good race.

But there is a group that have prepared themselves to engage in the greater. A remnant that have sat around the Lord’s campfire for a number of years.  A Holy Spirit presence has been upon them and it is these ones  that have allowed the alignment to take place in their lives.  These ones have a history of walking with the Holy Spirit.  With humility they have allowed Holy Spirit to help them see through a whole different lens, — an Ekklesia lens!

These are the ones whom the Lord will use to help keep things on track. These are His trusted ones, His faithful ones.  For them, — it will be a fresh new beginning, as they become the Fathers and Mothers of a great harvest that is about to unfold.  With one season coming to an end while a whole new one opens up, these ones will walk in the very things that have been prophesied over them. What was stolen will now be restored.  They have been activated and they will walk with a demonstration of power, as they now become His voice for this season.  They will fiercely intercede like a roaring lion taking back what was stolen and dismantling what has been distorted.

The Lord is securing and aligning the foundation. Kingdom pieces have been moved into position and are still coming into position.  The Lion is about to roar!  Those anointed with the Judah, Issachar and Zebulun anointing’s are about to converge and this anointing is about to kick into high gear as they prepare the land for an amazing habitation of the Lord.  God is releasing the lion-like nature of Judah where they will move without fear. God is going to release the ability to understand the times and seasons of Issachar, with the blessings of understanding the dwelling place of Zebulun as they access their inheritance.  Now with the Judah anointing bringing everything into alignment, the Ark of the Covenant presence of God will now land in whatever form that God wants that to look like, as we, who are on the ground level, now take on the Fathers business.


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