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Lambs into LIONS

At one time we walked in a powerful model of the written word.  Then, to increase that forward momentum, God added elements of the prophetic to the written model.   As God was breathing upon this movement, the adversary decided to do a little breathing of his own.  With that bad breath carving its inroads, the true prophetic language was now being man-handled by a counterfeit.  This distorted prophetic language was specifically targeted to misdirect the apostolic ministry away from God’s original intentions and purposes.  Instead of cultivating a kingdom here on earth like the one above, it manipulated a counterfeit language fueled by prosperity, self-preservation and self-promotion . . . all heavyweights for the present distortion.

This counterfeit prophetic voice back in the day was fanned by two powerful forces: that sidewinding spirit called Leviathan and its well-known sidekick Jezebel.   These two drama queens have a reputation of conquered kingdoms, taking as many captives as possible.  Now having entrenched themselves within this counterfeit prophetic voice, these powerful forces now have the ability to twist any prophetic word before it actually comes down the pipe.  The goal for this distortion was to shower any true forward movement with a faith-prosperity gospel where money and numbers have positioned themselves on the top of the foodchain.  This counterfeit prophetic voice with its watered-down gospel has all but silenced the true prophetic voice.

The original model of apostolic ministry included a covering for the lambs.  But this counterfeit prophetic voice, this misalignment of the prophetic gifting has left the doors to the sheep pens wide open.   Those who were part of this distorted movement, who claimed to be the apostles of the many propped up apostolic centers, were globetrotting around the world, taking the very covering that was needed for those lambs.  These winded ones completely misrepresented the five-fold apostolic ministry as modeled in the book of Acts.  Those who pursued their global invitations, promoting their latest revelations, prophesying all over creation, have silenced the true prophetic voice that once dwelt in the midst of these lambs.  What was meant to be a powerful gathering of believers ended up as a massive scattering as the leviathan spirit had its way with those uncovered lambs.

Many of the lambs back home, those uncovered, unprotected . . . were then led into the wilderness.   God, Himself, as the good Shepherd took this massive group to that place where lambs would be transformed into powerful lions.  He will now be their covering, and their shelter, for he is about to define these ones as he trains them in the wilderness.  These lambs will embrace a wisdom from God to which they have not been accustomed to until now.  God’s plan is that they become as wise as serpents and gentle as doves.  They will learn how to survive without getting sidelined.  They will learn how to discern the counterfeit and defeat the cunning devices of the adversary as it tries to stand before them in all its false glory.  In the end, these lambs turned lions, will walk in a level of Kingdom understanding such as demonstrated by Jesus Himself.

Some of these lambs will walk out of the wilderness with the Judah anointing.  They will have the lion-like nature of God being bold in battle, having great authority with the ability to rid all fear and anxiety in the camp.   Others will emerge with the Issachar anointing.  These ones will be watchful and attentive as they truly understand the times and the seasons in which they presently live.  They will have the ability to tap into God’s plans.  Other lambs will possess the Zebulun anointing.  These will have an amazing revelation of Jesus.  They will know how to access the inheritance for all who are part of this unfolding season.  The Word of the Lord is upon them as they scribe out end time assignments.  The glory of the house will reside with these ones. An amazing presence of God will be upon these anointed ones!

The uncovered have been covered.  These lambs will come forth as lions!

As this remnant comes out of the desert, the prophetic ministry will now function as originally intended.  Nothing will be lost!  Heaven and earth will now move as one! 



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