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Hear and Listen:  In the Old Testament the word "SHEMA" was a big deal back then, — and still is today for the Jewish people. 

It refers to "Hear and Listen"  to the Lord God of Israel!  This "SHEMA" was to be a daily thing, — to hear and listen and never forget who is the one that you need to be listening to!  Then all of a sudden in Mark 9:7 the "SHEMA" of God gets redirected, as to who it is that we should be listening to NOW!

Heavenly Father, in the New Testament, mentions only one person that we need to listen to.  The "SHEMA" has been realigned, — “ This is My beloved Son, LISTEN TO HIM. ” - Mark 9:7

Heavenly Father directly states that it is Jesus that we need to be listening to now when it comes to His Kingdom and how that Kingdom needs to land here on earth.  Jesus has become the 'Captain of Salvation' and He is the only one that handles that heavenly portfolio called 'Eternity'.  Plus no one has access to the Father accept through Him, He is the only doorway.  There is no other truth and there is no other way.  But somehow the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Ministry of Jesus has been distorted by all the other voices out there, and the realities of Jesus have been minimized by the false realities that accompany those voices.  And now, today we are walking in the midst of the biggest vocal distortion ever.

Hijacking the Voice

Hijacking the Voice of God and redirecting it for over 2000 years, the adversary has been able to fracture and faction out the population.

Presently, we have thousands of denominational voices, thousands of religious voices, along with the many voices coming out of false media, false science, including false governments who are totally abusing global technology and strong arming the artificial intelligence that comes with it.  The airwaves have been flooded with the many counterfeit voices.

When you think of all the mighty voices that came out during Jesus’ time, voices from Alexandria, Egypt, and the Persian Empire, voices from China, Assyria, Babylonia, Greece and Rome.  With all those powerful voices, Father God points to Jesus as the one that we need to be listening to.  This is the Fathers choice for us and that hasn’t changed.

Attributes of the Voice

When you think about the attributes and the power that make up that Voice, it makes complete sense why Jesus would be the chosen one.

His claims are clear and all have been confirmed!  “I Am the Bread of Life,”  “I Am the Light of the World,”  “I Am the Door,”  “I Am the Good Shepherd,”  “I Am the Resurrection,”  “I Am the Son of God,”  “I Am the Truth, Life, and Way”.  Jesus clearly demonstrated that He is able to Conquer Death, Forgive Sin, and Save the Soul. He has become our Way of Life, our Peace, our Righteousness, and our road to Holiness. He came as the Prince of Peace, Savior, Shepherd, Sustainer and Redeemer. He is the Rock, the Alpha and Omega, the Good Shepherd, the Bright and Morning Star, and Door of the Sheep. He is the Unspotted Lamb, the True Light, the Word of God, the Vanquisher, the Wisdom of God, and Wonderful Counselor. He’s the King of the Jews, the King of Israel, the King of Righteousness, and the King of the Ages. He is the King of Heaven, the King of Glory, the King of Kings, and He is the Lord of Lords.

He supplies Strength for the Weak, He Heals the Sick, Cleanses the Lepers, Forgives Sinners, Discharges Debtors, Delivers the Captives, Defends the Feeble, Blesses the Young, Serves the Unfortunate, Regards the Aged, Rewards the Diligent, and Beautifies the Meek.  He is the Key of Knowledge, the Wellspring of Wisdom, the Doorway of Deliverance, the Pathway of Peace, the Roadway of Righteousness, the Highway of Holiness, and the Gateway of Glory.  With all these titles it makes complete sense why we should be listening to Him.  Who He is and what He exemplified has become foundational for every believer.

The Compromised Voice

The many fractured voices of today have been busy handing out false identities filled with false motives creating all kinds of false movements, — totally redirecting what it is that we need to be listening to.  

All that interference has created an inner voice that has subtly replaced the still quiet Voice of the Holy Spirit.  When we listen to the wrong voice we fail to develop in the right direction. Walking in the compromise will alter the playing field on what it is that we truly need to be listening to.  Now prone to error, we will walk with a split personality as the counterfeit voice of God is now training up our inner voice.  The two working together will build an inner wall, — and the stubbornness behind that wall is huge!    

Like a puppet being dictated, we now fall morally apart as the derailed Voice that we need to be listening to, — is also the very Voice of Conviction that makes all things right.  That Voice of Conviction, is the Voice of Righteousness whose plan is that we start doing things right.  When doing things Right, we are now heading towards Truth, and Truth leads us to Holiness.  Also, when it comes to doing it right, there is only one right thing to do, — it was never meant to be multiple choice.  The Voice of Conviction will direct us to doing that right thing, setting us free from what is un-right, and from what is self-right.

But beware; the rigidness of the false comes with its resistance to change as it stubbornly refuses any righteous conviction, especially if you’ve branded yourself as someone special.  The demand for recognition now moves ahead as the false voice picks and chooses the right options that are needed to expand its personal agenda.

Voice of the Messenger

When listening to any messenger, we need to be listening to the Jesus message that should be in their message.

Holy Spirit came to testify of Jesus and any speaker who is truly led by the Holy Spirit should, at some point, be testifying of Jesus in every message they speak.  Doing this will ensure that everything stays plumbed up.

I was once part of a large movement where I heard lots about the Holy Spirit, lots about the heart of the Father, lots about the Kingdom of Heaven and the Prophetic.  I heard lots about how the Apostles and Prophets need to govern, and the worship during that time was absolutely stunning.  But somehow the ministry of Jesus, the name of Jesus, and the whole ekklesia message of being one as they, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one, was sidelined for almost a year.  And when that top-heavy administration and movement came crashing down, it’s amazing how many were not able to figure it out as they succumbed to a whole new form of normality.  Entrenched, they fought on the wrong side of the battlefield as the spiritual body count piled up all around them.  Some woke up, most became casualties of a war gone bad, others just repackage it, gave it a spin, and continued on with the misdirect.

The problem was that the Captain of Salvation did not have His rightful place.  Sure His name was plastered all over the bow, — but that was it.  The central figure never became the central figure.  We were dazzled, we were mislead, and when it all came tumbling down, — it was the adversary’s trophy case that ended up being the big winner.

There is No Other Voice

If no other name is given under heaven when it comes to our Salvation why would we negotiate with any other?

If Jesus is the Wisdom of God why search for an alternative form of wisdom?  If He is the Standard of Righteousness why line up with another standard?  If the Glory of God is all over Him why glorify yourself and others?  And if Jesus is the only name in Heaven who handles that heavenly portfolio called ‘Eternity’, — playing russian roulette with that name could be your biggest mistake.

Holy Spirit Mission

Holy Spirit covers a lot of area but part of Holy Spirits mission is to testify of Jesus.   Holy Spirit will ensure that we listen to the things taught by Jesus during His 3.5 years of ministry here on earth, — that is all part and parcel of His ministry towards us!

Holy Spirit carries the Voice of Jesus, the Character of Jesus, and the Heart of the Father.  When we listen to the Holy Spirit we are engaging with the Voice that carries the Trinity.  That is the Voice that we need to be listening to.  Jesus is the Voice that became flesh, — Holy Spirit follows through and gives that Voice continuance as it pours out the heart of the Father.  The Three are truly One!

“This is my beloved Son, Listen to Him.”   Jesus is the total package, — when engaging with that Voice through the Holy Spirit, we too will tend to our Heavenly Fathers business with the full backing of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and the Angelic.



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