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An Event all Canadians need to learn from

Eagle Nest - The Prophetic Eye for a Region

Press REFRESH    Over 18 years ago there was a very strong prophetic call for the men of God to arise in Kelowna, BC, Canada.  At the same time there was a prophetic word about a great eagle nest that was to arise here in the northwest, an apostolic nest that God would use to influence Canada.  An unleashing of an apostolic centre that was to model the apostolic like the one Jesus demonstrated towards his disciples.

This was to be a functioning model where Holy Spirit would train us on how the five-fold ministries, and how the Kingdom of heaven are to work hand in hand.  Jesus set the model on how important the Kingdom of Heaven is when He introduced a whole new way to walk for His disciples. The five-fold ministries ( apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher ) functioning in an ekklesia environment as exemplified by Jesus.  According to the Holy Spirit, the expansion of the Kingdom was not only vital for Jesus, but just as vital for us in these latter days. 

“ Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done is something that needs to be part of our daily walk.  It was always meant to be part of our born again DNA

The Distorted Apostolic

But as things started to move forward, the apostolic took on a distorted structure that was far from the serving model that Jesus exemplified.  This surprising new model was more of a hierarchy system similar to the ones that the Kings of old use when ruling Kingdoms back in the 16th Century verses the King of kings model that Jesus exemplified where to be great, you need to be the greatest servant of all.  This top down system created a huge disconnect between leadership and the people, as the focus swung from Kingdom building, to more of an institutionalized type of building that came with systems and programs.

Because of the disconnect and the misdirect, the religious spirit was able to disguise itself as the Holy Spirit.  It worked its way through the core where building structures and sustaining financial wealth was more important than building people and the releasing of ministries.  This counterfeit had the ability to mimic the voice of the Lord and divide the people while it reconstructured the foundation for its religious purposes as it dismantled all systems of accountability.  It was this destructive spirit, backed by the false prophetic, that strategically dismantled the whole eagle nesting process.  The prophetic eagle nest, the prophetic eye for the Bride of Christ in Canada, was now under heavy attack.

Taking over the apostolic center, this religious spirit was now able to steer everything into the false, creating a false prophetic council, not only for this region, but also for the surrounding regions.  This cleverly disguised counterfeit strategically disqualified the very eaglets that God was raising up.  Now being in absolute power, this counterfeit, having no accountability, having full control of the apostolic center, was then able to destroy the true prophetic eagle nest, as this false council now paraded itself as the true council of the Lord.

But almost a year prior when it all went sideways, prophetic words were being released by those eaglets in the nest of the misalignment, and how it all needs to come back into realignment.  But those words fell to the wayside as every part of that top-heavy administration failed to recognize the very ones that God was raising up.  There was no teamwork, there was no genuine love, no real servant hood, nor was there any desire to honor one another.  It was a controlling system that went into self fulfillment and self preservation as the false was now in full control, having complete authority, having no accountability.


The Scattering

What followed was a massive scattering that went on for years.  And during the scattering I found myself being relocate to a place where I would end up working for The Official Eagle Biologist in the Pacific Northwest, — publishing his books about the Northwest.  No doubt God knew every detail of a season gone bad, as He watched over those who have been scattered by the religious.  God was now giving us an opportunity to learn some hard lessons on how this religious spirit operates, and how the entertainment worship, and how the entertainment prophetic, can be so misleading and destructive.

As the new General Manager for this Northwest Publishing House, I was surprised to find out that the building directly behind my new office was a Rehabilitation Center for fallen Eagles.  This healing sanctuary was not only perfect for eagles, it was the ideal location for my own healing!  For three years I worked with this northwest eagle biologist, publishing his books, and learning about eagle nests.  Obviously Holy Spirit directed me here, and what I've learned, made me understand more about eagles, their nests, and how it all went sideways in Kelowna.  Within three years, this publishing company ended up with 5 different departments, having a staff of 12, where we had weekly round table discussions every Monday morning.  During those 3 years the publishing company increased by 300% publishing up to 50 books a year.  I learned some amazing lessons about eagles and how the 5-fold ministry actually functions as an organism.  

Going Full Circle

Now ten years later from the original start date, we find ourselves going full circle, as we stand at the starting gate once again.  What God is about to do is a whole lot bigger than what we could ever imagine.  So the real question is, — how thin does the herd need to be before Holy Spirit can find that true gathering that will model with him on what this new season needs to look like.  Because polishing up the old wineskin is not the answer, — it’s another intentional misdirect.

God has reactivated the process, — and now we need to snap out of what we are so accustomed to and walk towards what God is about to unfold.  It really is a restart of a restoration on what we lost, — and now its vital that we learn how to guard what God is re-establishing and rebuilding.

So what does that look like for us as we begin to engage in the rebuilding process?  Well a number of years ago heaven shows up with an extended hand and stirs up a small group of prophetic people to gather once again in Kelowna. Kelowna gets another shot at the prophetic eagle nest.  To my surprise, the restart took place in the back room of the very building where the prophetic eagle nest originated.  That large back room was once filled with men who were called to rise up and be part of being the prophetic eye for Canada.

This restart was an attempt to restore the prophetic eagle nest for Canada.  Along with the importance of recognizing the destruction, and corruption, that caused the original downfall.  To steer the new revelation that is about to come forward towards the restoration process.  This is where it all started.  Amazing!  It took Holy Spirit years to get the original crew together, and today I see a remnant of those that have been disbanded in this very room.

It wasn’t long after the original disbandment that the lights came down on the apostolic center.  An apostolic center that was called to serve the people, — turned into a performance center that has positioned itself in the global marketplace.  With the money tables being flipped, all British Colombians now get to read about that tragic event on the front page of the provincial newspaper called “The Province”.


Holy Spirit Behind the Scenes

Now ten years later, Holy Spirit begins to work behind the scenes to re-establish the prophetic eagle nest once again for the second time.  The grace of God now releases three prophetic words to give us a revelation of an eagle nest gone bad.  Three Holy Spirit inspired dreams were given to three different individuals the night before the meeting.

The dreams clearly spoke of what Gods intensions were for this city, this valley, and how that nest was uniquely designed to influence the Northwest and Canada.  Three dreams from three people, who came from three different Canadian cities, now receive a revelation on the destruction of the eagle nest.

The First Dream was of a great nest of colorful young fledglings.  Each bird was unique in color and design.  But the fledglings were starving and many have already passed away as those who were called to oversee the nest were caught up in their busyness.

The Second Dream was that of a huge serpent working its way up a tree towards this nest.  Once it made it to the top it violently struck the nest as it devoured all the eaglets.

The Third Dream was the sight of a terrorist attack.  This huge nest stood above all the other trees, a nest full of eaglets.  Then a massive explosion like a terrorist bomb totally disintegrated the top of this massive tree wiping the nest completely off the map.

The Fathers Heart

After the third dream was revealed, the gathering was stunned that the very room we were all sitting in was the actual nest.  Obviously it was not by chance, — it was highly orchestrated by heaven.  Then the presence of Holy Spirit instantly landed upon the hearts of those in the group as they began to feel the heart of the Father for His prophetic nest.  Weeping broke out once we all understood the magnitude of the destruction that took place on a location that was meant to be a safe haven.

The First Dream referred to a generation of powerful ministries that God had planned to raise up in that nest for these latter days.  A generation the Joseph’s, Daniel’s, David’s, and many others, that were designed to be fathers and mothers for the next generation to follow.  The first dream also spoke on how the busyness of those who neglected the nest, — played a huge part in the destruction.

The Second Dream spoke about a powerful Jezebel-Leviathan spirit that was able to work its way up the foundation without ever being detected until it struck with a devastating blow upon the eaglets, — by that time it was to late.

The Third Dream spoke about how calculating and destructive the attack was to make sure the nest was totally annihilated to never have its place in history.

But for whatever reason, those who were directing the prophetic when the three dreams were revealed, decided not to share any of the revelation to the local body here in Kelowna as the false leadership that was presiding over the meeting saw that it conflicted with their hidden agenda.  And so an opportunity for restoration was quickly dismissed once again as the strongman continues to distort Gods good intentions in order to promote its controlling agenda. 


The first time when the heart of God was dismissed, — the money tables were flipped.  The second time when the heart of God was dismissed, — the building ended up being sold.  Now with everything removed, its a whole new ball game as God drafts up a whole new restoration plan of releasing the prophetic eagle nests throughout the nation.

The Continued Purging

The bizarre thing is that the summer of the original one-day destruction of the Kelowna eagle nest was the very same summer of the Kelowna wildfires.  First, the Kelowna eagle nest that God was raising up in the valley was destroyed by man, then in the same summer, the Kelowna fires came and purged a valley that God was working on.  No doubt the Lord was, and still is, purging us for the new season at hand, a season that will pour out His glory as we tend to the Fathers business only.  

In Matthew 3:12, it talks about a fan in the Lords hand and how He will purge His floor and gather his wheat into the granary, how he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.  The angelic are now positioning, repositioning, and removing vital pieces to make room for the later day season at hand.  

The original eagles nest was a picture of an ekklesia as to the original model that Jesus exemplified.  A model that He planned to establish for the Northwest and Canada.  Because of the multiple dreams it’s obvious that we have entered a season where the Lord wants to re-establish nests, — powerful gatherings that will have an upper room feel to it.  What we lost in the original eagles nest, and lost again in the second attempt, will now go way beyond, — as the loss of the one will now release the many.

The Call for Today - 2024

The call for today is that we need to bring it all back into alignment.  To realign it as to Gods original intention and not get caught up in the old wineskin that would like to resurrect itself.  And it will show up with its false humility, justifying its past, as it strikes up the counterfeit once again.  We live in a world that is spinning out of control, and a home group, upper room type environment will end up being the new gathering norm as accountability and true character becomes a high priority. 

History has proven that the average leader cannot be trusted as most have been self promoted steering the masses into the false.  The days of the self appointed apostles who continue to bum-steer everything is coming to an end.  Ownership of the people is transitioning over to having a relationship with the people. 

It will no longer be an apostolic eagle nest as originally designed, but multiple eagle nests throughout the Northwest and Canada.  God has already established it, and the birthing process has already begun.  These nests will have an environment that will be more like the one that the original disciples walked in during the Book of Acts.  More of a team model that is serving instead of a top down structure that is controlling. 


The Fathers New Strategy

Now 2024, eight years after the three dreams, we get another try at the prophetic eagles nest.  God’s strategy now is to raise up multiple eagle nests, multiple gatherings, in a home group upper room type of environment across Canada.  Prophetic eagle nests designed to be the prophetic eye for regions throughout.  Teams led by the Holy Spirit, walking in the true character of Jesus, all taking care of the Fathers business as exemplified by Jesus.  Teams where everyone walks in the fullness of their destinies as they highly regard one another. 

Don't be deceived, — God is doing a new thing!   So if you are presently entertaining something that looks like the old wineskin, and sounds like the old wineskin, where the same old self appointed apostle continues to pound away, having a media platform full of selfies, — then most likely you are engaging with the old wineskin.

With Heavenly Father now on His third and final attempt in releasing the Prophetic Eagle Nest ( as according to heavens design and not mans design ) — the adversary, the deceiver, has also stepped up with a counterfeit strategy as he now tries to usurp this third movement, — manipulating and distorting it as a regathering of the eagles in an attempt to jump-start the old winskin.  The old wineskin, locked in self preservation, having obsessive control, has failed miserably when passing the baton to the new generation.  Without releasing the new, God has no choice but to remove the old to make way for the new, — which is exactly what happened here.


To the untrained eye, this entertainment worship, and the entertainment of the prophetic, may look like the perfect place to hang out, — but its far from it.  This wineskin of old was able to wipe out all the eagle home groups in this area in one day.  Flexing it's top heavy administration, totally dismantling the nest, scattering all the eagles, while raising up a counterfeit nest.  A nest that has solidified its position by a false prophetic council.  The damage was done, the false was raised, and the city was mislead.

Again, don't be deceived, — God is doing a new thing.  And this new thing has nothing to do with the old administration, nor does it have anything to do with how the old administration functions.  That part is over and done with.  Everything is now pointing towards the new.  To jump start the old is a massive mistake, a complete misalignment, and pure manipulation.

We have entered into the new, — and this new will equip us, and it will empower us as a unit, and it will release us as a team, where we are no longer spectators sitting in our seats, — for we are about to enter into some of the most challenging, and some of the most exciting times ever.  We are heading from being an organization, to being an organism. 

NOTE:  Many times when God does something new, He is actually restoring something that we have lost, something we've allowed to slip through our hands in times past.  That something is now something that has come to the forefront once again.  Presently, Holy Spirit has raised up a number of Eagle Nests that have nothing to do with the old wineskins, — so beware of the false!



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