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EXTRACTED from the Old

The Bride has been overwhelmed with difficulties.  The global roller coaster ride has violated her identity in so many ways where a scripted media written by the masters of big technology have narrated her path with the full intention of defiling her and weakening her on every level.

Her true voice is hard to recognize as freedom has been masked over by the ways of this world along with the many religeous strongholds.  The expressing of the kingdom has been displaced, misplaced and replaced.  Her personality has been infiltrated and her emotions have caught her off guard. Compromized in the crossfire, she is being called once again to arise into her true identity.

Being born again, the Bride of Christ was meant to be a powerful being as to her original design during the creation process.  So I proclaim once again, — Bride of Christ, arise and take your rightful place!


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AriseBride Warfare

AriseBride Warfare

AriseBride Deception

AriseVoice Voice



Faith to Faith