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June 4th - 2020

Pentecost – Article 3

Important to read Articles 1 and 2      

            In our prayer time we need to dial it back from any distorted attempts of twisting the hand of God through vain prayers based on our entitlements on how we think the Fathers business should be handled and what our personal ministries should look like.  We need to step forward with those genuine prayers that come straight from the heart. It is those servant prayers that come with a genuine love for others that need to be knocking on heavens door!

            This is our time, this is our season, and for the remnant that have trained themselves to wait upon the Lord, we need to be targeting our prayers like a skilled surgeon and not with those ongoing repetitious prayers that take everybody on a bus tour.   And remember, — a key factor in that upper room Pentecost was that they were all in one accord.  We cannot allow ourselves to get in a room and be divided, — we too need to be in one accord all landing somewhere on the same page!

            Like I mentioned before, most do not recognize the season at hand but a remnant few, — and those few need to be relentless with their surgical prayers and not pull back. You see something, — go for it because this is our time. The Lord, He is listening! 

           Holy Spirit is searching the hearts of man for those genuine prayers that are in alignment with the Fathers business. The angelic await for their assignments.  Do we need more family members taken out, more sickness, more disease, more demonized before we start moving forward with our targeted prayers?

           I’m done, I’m pressing in, — and so should you!  Many, and I mean many, have been guilty of a prayerless life.  Now is the time to step it up.  Now is the time to put some boots to the ground and clearly say, — “ Not on my watch! ”


John 15:16  -  Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

Acts 1:14  -  These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren.

James 4:3  - You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.

 Romans 8:26  -  Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

Luke 11:13  -  If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

Matthew 18:20  -  For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Mark 11:25  -  And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

Hebrews 4:16  -  Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18  -  Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

James 1:6  -  But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.


June 2nd - 2020

Pentecost - Article 2

Important to read Article 1

            So if you’re serious about this new season, — a season that has landed for a time such as this, then we need to get serious about prayer.  It needs to be part of our expanded lifestyle.  Jesus was accustomed to it as He hung out at the Mount of Olives during the evening and then schooled the religious during the day. Obviously He thought it was an important part of His tool kit, — how much more should it be part of ours as we walk in a much darker world today. ( And you will fall asleep at times but that is all part of the deal when curbing the prayer lifestyle. )

            Again the whole reasoning for tapping into prayer as a lifestyle is to consistently place oneself in that manifest presence that has been made accessible for us. We need to move beyond the visiting hours into something that is more consistent. It’s in the manifest presence that one gets a revelation of what the Father’s business is for the day.

            As it was incorporated in the 2nd Pentecost in that upper room experience, — so do we need to incorporate it in these latter days.



June 1st - 2020

Pentecost - Article 1

            Never though much about Pentecost until a week ago when it landed on my personal radar.  My curiosity got the best of me as it led me to fast and pray, off and on, for a week straight.  Then on May 31st 2020, I had an unction to blow the shofar realizing that there really is something to this thing called Pentecost.  The day before I had a dream/vision of water flowing like a river into the surrounding dry lands,  —  next thing I know a wave hits me and I wake up.

            Thinking about the dream I realized that something is up about this years Pentecost. The evening prior to Pentecost, May 30th 2020, a storm hit our city. The crackling sound of lightning, and the thunder that followed, was so loud that it sent people scrambling indoors. The bizarre thing is that night I read about the very first Pentecost on how the very same thunder and lightning shook the sky’s as Moses came forward with the original tablets, and how a rushing wind type of storm hit the second Pentecost during that upper room event!

            The very next morning, after Pentecost, when I opened my eyes, I had a knowing that a shift took place, that a reset button has been hit, a sense that it’s a whole new ball game. As I got out of bed I could feel the difference in the air. Prior to waking up, — I saw the word 'Watch' written before me in a dream.  When I propped myself up, I realized that God is about to engage on a whole new level, which has everything to do with the harvest field, and the unleashing of the kingdom of heaven here on earth, — a sense of walking into the unfamiliar good things that God has in store for us.

           Somehow I knew that only a few have tapped into how vital this new season really is. Most have already scrutinize it as they now debate the prophetic, the spirit of prophecy and prophetic ministry, — loosing all ability to plumb the significance of the latest Pentecost event because of their skepticism.

           But for the remnant few, — it’s a whole new era, a whole new ball game, a whole new way of life! It is this group that will 'Watch' for those opportunities that will allow them to enter into the Fathers business, — and so the journey continues. Stay tuned for updates!



May 20th - 2020

Ekklesia - Self Governance

          When it comes to self-governance we need to think about that upper room environment and make serious room for the Holy Spirit.  We nail this thing down, — and we'll go the distance

          Two thousand years ago, what started small, ended up huge, as it changed the world. We need to reposition ourselves back to what was exemplified if we plan to go deep in this new season.  What is vital in this Ekklesia model is that it needs those desert warriors / desert firebrands that have not only walked out the one desert experience, but have walked out both desert experiences. The newly upgraded counterfeits are itching to manhandle those that God is presently gathering and steer them into a leadership that works for them. But the desert warriors that God is bringing to the forefront will have the ability to put all that distraction and misalignment into check.

Complete Article - Click Here


May 6th - 2020

The Decompression

          While I sat in the middle of that gathering,  I had a vision where I saw many,  who at one time had a strong desire to walk into the fullness of what God has placed upon their lives.  But a season of personal storms and overwhelming circumstances absolutely compressed these ones filling them with a life full of complacency. With the compression and the weight of the world now upon them, the counterfeit cleverly slid himself into position dismantling all that heaven had for them. 

          In the vision I saw a death come upon peoples true identity.  I saw the mask of false identity placed upon the face of true identity taking away that powerful life that heaven had intended for them.  Now powerless, — along with the continued pounding of circumstances, they now find themselves tossed into a lions den as their lives are being torn apart from what could of been.

         The vision showed a gathering of people who were not walking in their true identity.  When I came out of the vision I realized that many who were part of this weekend gathering needed to be decompressed.  Heaven wanted to disrobe the counterfeit, expose it, and reveal the inroads that caused this false identity to have its way.  God wanted to breathe a freshness upon this gathering and start the process of decompression. As I shared the vision, it was amazing how many people stepped forward to be decompressed.

          As they stood there heaven showed up and the decompression started. Spiritual death was disrobed and the breath from heaven was released.  There was an amazing presence of heaven and for most, that level of the presence of God was unfamiliar ground.  The freedom that was released was off the charts.  People were totally released and the weight of the false fell to the ground. 

         I stood up absolutely amazed as the power of heaven released them into the freedom of who they were always meant to be.



May 4th - 2020

Person of Importance

          Many times I have found myself interacting with this one called Holy Spirit. I have come to know Him as an actual individual who is omnipotent and omnipresent.  Like Jesus, — He is part of the Godhead, a powerful front man for the Kingdom of Heaven in our present age.

          His presence could be described as a blanket that covers a lot of territory at one time. Very gentle towards mankind, He speaks with amazing comfort. He brings incredible perspective, for He is per­spective. He is the one who has given the needed wind to my sails and He is also the one who has charted my course. He nudges me forward when things are down. He is patient and kind. His desire is to see me complete and become everything that heaven has designed me to be. He is that fresh breeze that is able to give clar­ity and He brings life to those areas that have been beaten up. Every word He coun­sels is backed up with the power needed for me to press on, for He is able to clear the way.

          When I wait upon him, He never disappoints. He is backed up with a ton of angels and the unleashing of His power has everything to do with heaven land­ing here on earth, be it healings, miracles, or just basic perspective. Through sin­cerity and humility of heart I can have an amazing session with him. He comes with a wonderful presence of heaven, and with unbelievable revelation. He represents the voice of heaven and the power of heaven. But like the meeting where the angels showed up and nobody noticed them, — so it is with him.  I can actually miss out because of my busyness. But if I continue to pursue him like a good friend, I'm always amazed of what unfolds, — cause in reality, He really pursues me more than I can ever pursue him. Why?  Well it has something to do with building a family.


 April 29th - 2020

The Breath of the Lord

        As the breath of the one that stood over me hit me, I instantly knew it was the Lord himself. Words cannot describe the breath of God as it impacts you. The clashing of two worlds. The supernatural directly invading the flesh.

        The very moment that breath cascaded upon my head, and rippled down to my shoulders, I instantly knew that by this breath things were created, things were established, things were revealed, things were renewed, restored, revived, refreshed and released.

        That cascading sensation, like a wave, passed through every molecule in my body leaving an amazing freshness as my body totally surrendered to its unbelievable presence. An intense goodness and an uncharted life flooded through every part of my being. Every cell instantly sensing the creative authority of the Creator, a profound sense of the commanded authority of an absolute God. Wow! What a revelation! What a sensation!

        I am totally convinced that the breath of the Lord plans to play a huge creative part in these latter days as He begins to move His remnant forward. He is preparing to breathe on certain people groups even now!

Ezekiel 37:414     

Again He said to me, “ Prophesy over these bones and say to them, O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord. Thus says the Lord God to these bones, Behold, I will cause breath to enter you that you may come to life. I will put sinews on you, make flesh grow back on you, cover you with skin and put breath in you that you may come alive; and you will know that I am the Lord. ”



April 28th - 2020

The Following Months are Key

       We are living in a time of great change,  great transition,  —  and the next few months are key for us to truly engage in that transition.  It’s similar to the Elijah / Elisha transition where it went from  'the what was',  —  to  'the what is'.  Those who have NOT walked in the religious distortion may very well be the ones that will walk in the greater for these later days.  Only a remnant will actually take the initiative to create that needed movement outside the box that they now find themselves standing in,  —  those willing to slaughter their 12 oxen,  and burn down their plows.

       From the recent global events, we now find ourselves being tossed outside the box to where every man now feels his need to start up an online ministry.  Where initially, the transition should of steered us from stepping outside the box into that upper room 2nd Chapter of Acts gathering,  —  to a place of His manifest presence where prayer, intercession, and moving forward like the original twelve are key.  Most of what we see online is flawed in so many ways.  Most of it needs to be scrubbed.  The problem is that most won't wait for God to promote, so for the sake of stepping into THEIR great commission, — they self promote, only to add to the religeous distraction that already exists globally.

       All this time we have fished our way through the streams of life drinking from wells that never got the masses to where they truly need to be.  Most should be 'fishers of men' by now, — stepping out from a boat where they should be drinking from a place where they never thirst again.  Instead, — a gap was created, a vacuum that the adversary has continually filled with his many religious distortions, misleading the many. The present global transition that stands before us now is meant to be a glorious time, — a major transformation like water into wine. 

       During the time of Jesus, the disciples walked closely with Him, but it wasn’t until the marriage at Cana that their transition took on a whole new meaning, no different than the transition that stands before us now.  As the disciples walked into that wedding, their pathway shifted into something way more glorious as it hit on multiple levels, both personally and corporately — and so it is for us today.  They went from moving as a group, to moving in unprecedented ways that was way beyond what they could ever think or imagine.

        The following months is only going to add to the global changes that we already have, which makes it even more vital for us to button up that personal relationship with the Lord and nail down who we really are in Him.  Plus we need to hammer out what true ministry really needs to look like because 80% of what we did have, — went over the cliff.  According to Jesus, it’s about preaching the good news to the poor, setting the captives free, and freeing up those who are oppressed while helping those see what it is they really need to see.  Anything outside of that clearly shows us that we have not burned up the plow, and that the oxen are still leading the way, — which is problematic when heading towards the greater.

        It’s only when we create movement, where we are meeting people face to face, that the 2nd Chapter of Acts ministry really comes to life, — that a powerful gospel gets demonstrated as to its original design.

Psalm 18


April 21st - 2020

The Pioneering Road Warriors of 2020

          It was early morning and as I drove down a narrow highway, tucked in the middle of nowhere, my eyes suddenly caught sight of twenty or more pioneer wagon wheels, all piled up on the side of the highway. Instantly I was downloaded with heavenly revelation; the presence of heaven was all over these wheels for some reason. I pulled over and stood in front of the wheels reflecting on the historical journeys they may have made during those arduous pioneering days.

          Then I heard heaven clearly say; "The wheels will turn once again for we are at the turning of time. Like the pioneers of the past who turned to carve their way into new ground, so will it be in these latter days. Chosen pioneers for these times will be released to walk in an amazing demonstration of heaven. They will clear the way for many to advance into the light. They will cut down the giants who have overshadowed the glorious light. These pioneers will build roadways, bridges and outposts for the Kingdom of Heaven."  Wow!

          As I continued to stare at the wheels I realized heaven just gave notice of the amazing times before us, — a release from heaven that will be very unfamiliar to this present generation. Heaven plans to unleash the pioneers of 2020.


April 20th - 2020

Jesus - Wisdom of God

         The supreme expression of wisdom is personified in Jesus, whom God has set forth as being the power of God and the wisdom of God (1 Cor. 1:24).   He is the source, the spring and the stream, and without it, wisdom is unarmed, for power itself is useless without wisdom (Jesus) to direct it. 

         One of wisdom’s defining characteristics is that it is free from defects and defilements, and that greater premium of wisdom is accessible through Jesus, full of mercy and good fruits, for in God’s great gift to us resides perfect wisdom, for the eyes of our understanding are enlightened that we may behold Him who personifies heavenly wisdom (Eph. 3:16), bountiful in goodness, kindness, righteousness and holiness.

         As this manifold expression of wisdom was demonstrated through the plan of redemption, we meet the supreme exhibition of the wisdom of God through Jesus who has established a greater covenant.  He has become the chief cornerstone, the mediator, the foundation, the builder and defender of Ekklesia, for in Him are all the spiritual blessings (Eph. 1:3) and all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col. 2:3).

1st Cor. 1:18-25     Col. 2:3


April 17th - 2020

Walking Into The Greater

        Recently I found myself going through more of life's crushing circumstances as my character is being defined more and more for the new season at hand. This gospel road seems to be getting smaller and smaller but the Lord knows exactly what He's doing.

        One day as I was walking on a pebbled roadway, heaven started to speak about a certain narrow road that has been laid out for all of us.  A road established with lives that have been broken and only through brokenness did they qualify to be positioned on this roadway.  A narrow humble road founded by heaven and paved by those who have laid down their lives from serving self to serving others.  Those lives have allowed the grinding process of circumstances to mold true character, a refining process of character endorsed from heaven itself.

        As I continued to walk, I was overwhelmed again and again by all who have laid down their lives so that I could proceed on this road today.  Past generations of chosen people who have paved the road for this present generation.  Those very lives that have suffered for heaven's sake are the same lives that even now look down as they cheer while seeing the baton passed for the continuance of the things of heaven here on earth.

        I stopped and continued to look down upon that road, my heart pounded with the awesome revelation of it all.  I was then hit with an overwhelming sense of responsibility, a sense of allowing the process to have its finished work in my life.  At a time when some of the most amazing things are about to be released from heaven, I felt a need to stay close to this roadway for the Lord embraces the humble and brokenhearted and will not tum its face from those who have chosen to walk this path.

        I was humbled by the fact that each pebble in that road represented a life that was willing to lay itself down in order to pave the way so that I and others could walk on this roadway.  I realized that narrow is the way and I need to 'Walk On' for a time such as this!

Isa. 57:15      Mat. 11:29-30



April 16 - 2020

JESUS - He Is The Rock

Jesus / Father 

        The word  'Rock'  was used several times by David.  No doubt he was referring to an actual being when he said:  'The Rock of Israel spoke to me'.  Moses declared,  'He is the Rock, His way is perfect, a God of truth, and right is He',  and later on he writes about the great power that resides upon that Rock, with its gracious ways, and its governing attributes.  Isaiah also proclaims,  'Trust in Jehovah for ever; for in Jehovah, even Jehovah, is an everlasting Rock.'

        The appearance of that Rock after the Red Sea deliverance was a spiritual pre-pattern of Jesus.  That large Rock at Meribah was struck for the sake of Israel, and so also was Jesus struck for our sakes.  Life-giving waters flowed out of the Meribah Rock, and life-giving waters have been flowing out of Jesus ever since!

        How befitting when the Psalmist said.  'Jehovah is my defense; and my God, the Rock of my refuge'.  Paul connects The Rock of Ages with Christ being that solid Rock to the Corinthians,  'For I do not want you to be unaware, that our fathers were all under the cloud, all went through the sea, and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea, all ate the same spiritual food, and all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank from a spiritual rock, and that rock was Christ.'

        What a revelation it is to know that the One that we have come to trust and rely upon, truly is the Rock of Ages, — strong everlasting, eternally steadfast, enduringly supreme and excellent in power.  So it is not presumptuous on our part to claim Him as our Rock, our Fortress, — for Jesus, He alone, has become our strong habitation, our sure foundation, — our Solid Rock.  There is no other Rock! 

22 Sam. 23:3     Deut. 32:4   



April 14 - 2020

JESUS - The Overcomer

Jesus / Father

Jesus  -  “ Be of good cheer, — I have overcome the world.”

        The secret of overcoming power, that strength and source to overcome, all comes from the great prevailer Jesus himself. The power of God, the wisdom of God, the strategist of God all resides in Jesus. And when He overcomes, — we overcome!

        This is the very one who has never been disheartened, never been discourage, nor can He ever be defeated. For 3.5 years of ministry, massive opposition came against Him, but He never once modified the truth, nor was He influenced when challenged by His hearers. He never misguided a soul, He never misdirected a life, nor has He ever mistreated anyone. He is the truth, life and way! As the sacrificial Lamb of God, he gained conquest over all the power of the enemy and became the greatest shepherd of all, — His victory is our victory.

        He is a strong tower, mighty in strength, far above every principality, authority, and dominion. And when trouble shows up, He knows those that trust in Him and will lead them to triumph!  Why?  Because they have made HIM their dwelling place. The angelic encamp around those that are His.  He is their shield, refuge, fortress and their covering.

        As a deliverer He cannot be displaced, as a defender He cannot be dislodged, and as a dispenser of divine bounty He cannot be deposed. He has become our fortress, our strong tower that is able to resist all opposition and overthrow all of the enemy’s strongholds and dislodge any scheme. He has stood the tests of scrutiny and challenge through all the years and stands today as calm and composed as ever, — undaunted, undismayed, and unafraid.

        He never deflected once from His sacrificial life. He stayed the course so that we can overcomer. He has overcome!

So be of good cheer,— we too have overcome!

John 16:33    2 Cor. 2:14



April 11 / 12 - 2020

JESUS - Lamb of God

Jesus, our Passover, — the Designated ‘Lamb of God’

        When Nicodemous came at night for his one on one with Jesus, he believed that by his noble birth and that his cultural connection would get him through the kingdom gates.  But Jesus clearly messed that noble idea up when he told him that we all need to be born again. 

        From Adam down, — all men have been blemished at birth, all have been condemned.  Every member of the human race since the garden mishap was born into sin and by nature, — all have become children of wrath.  And then a fresh reminder of the judgment that came upon the first Passover also had something to do with birth only, — and not against behavior. 

        The rebellious one who got schooled and tossed out of the kingdom of Heaven now devises a plan to take everyone else down with him. The deception in the garden created a disobedience and a separation that would absolutely derail the Fathers plans for the human race.  The days of walking with the Father on a personal level has come to an end. The damage was done, the sacrifice was made and innocent blood was shed for the cover up.

        The sentence of death pronounced against the firstborn throughout the entire region of Egypt was again, not because of behavior, but against birth, — no different than what happened to the human race after Adam. What seemed like an unreasonable death sentence was once again intended for a much broader future application.

        What happened back then was an example so that we can tap into those greater spiritual dynamics later on.  All along, the stage was being set for a covert redemptive strategy that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit activated during that tragic event.

        Jesus now comes as the designated Lamb of God, the ultimate Passover sacrifice, — and the sprinkling of blood from the 'Lamb of God' repositioned all of mankind. As the human race was heading towards the dark side, — the Son of God steps up with a salvation plan that redeems the whole family.

        Jesus stepping up to the plate shed the ultimate light on the true meaning of Passover, — and with that, the family planning for the Father rocketed into a whole new dimension.

1 Cor. 5:6-8     Exod. 12:1-24   



April 10 - 2020

JESUS - The Passover

       Our fellowship, — is with the Father and with His son, Jesus.  Heavens reasoning for salvation was to reconnect us in having that fellowship with the Father once again.  A covert adoption plan that was executed into a reality by Jesus himself.

       With the Father now placing all His authority upon Jesus, — how Jesus demonstrated that authority during his 3.5 years of ministry, has now become the very model that we need to roll with today. What He exemplified is what we need to tap into!   It's all about us reconnecting with the Father and taking care of His business.

       If Jesus is the bridge to completing that family connection on behalf of the Father, then Jesus must also be the go-to-person when it comes to how we need to function in a gathering, how we need to minister one on one, and the type of character that we need to walk in when it comes to taking care of His Fathers business, — which was, and still is being completely backed up by Holy Spirit even today.  Again, its all about taking care of the Fathers business as Jesus did!  What He exemplified is how we need to roll today!

       If the releasing of the Holy Spirit was to reveal Jesus, to be a testifier of Jesus, then it would be safe to say that Holy Spirit came to direct us towards the model that Jesus exemplified, which is only possible if we are being led by the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit came on behalf of the Kingdom of Heaven to give continuance of the testimony of Jesus. And because of Holy Spirit, — Jesus in me, and the hope of our Father being glorified, now becomes a present day reality. With the Father being glorified, means that once again the Fathers business is being taken care of, — the two are one!  Again, something that can only happen if we are Spirit led!

       When Jesus became the Passover, — everything was passed over! As the perfect sacrifice, the designated Lamb of God now becomes the one who revives, renews, refreshes and releases us into the way it was always meant to be. He created the perfect Psalm 91 environment for us as the family dynamics have now been passed over to those adopted sons and daughters. 

Passover was  a very powerful time, — and still is today!

Psalm 91


April 6 - 2020

Are We Hearing?

        Are we actually hearing?  Because alot of what we are saying, based on our hearing, is not lining up with the Fathers plans.  Nailing prophetic language is vital if we plan to avoid the landmines of yesterday!

        Prophecy, prophetic revelation, gifts of prophecy and walking in the office of a Prophet are all access points for prophetic language.   It’s the rhema of God, the spoken word of God through His appointed vessels which is highly needed for the season at hand. Prophecy really is the doorway that reveals the heart of God’s intentions and strategies: a language that is not only foretelling, but also reveals strategies, secrets, and the person of Jesus himself (directly or indirectly). For us today, it is the vital intel needed both individually or corporately. It will confirm the very thing that He has already planted within us. It could speak of a season that we are about to enter, with the ability to define us even more as we move forward, — heaven and earth moving as one.  It could also speak of a transition, individually or corporately, about something we may need to leave behind, while giving a revelation of who we are in Him as it defines our identity and our purpose. It could speak of our need on how to function as a people as He moves us forward. A cloud by day, a fire by night, — that’s the potential power behind the prophetic as His presence rends the air before us. He is the way and He will make a way for us through prophetic ministry as He moves upon the hearts of those who are willing to hear!

        The ability to discern the many counterfiet voices is vital when zeroing in on the defining voice of the Lord! Why? Well the last season that we just came out of, — between 50% to 90% of those who engaged in prophetic language got it all wrong as they landed the language with a bit of a twisted version of Gods original intent!



April 2 - 2020

JESUS - His True Identity

        The claims of Jesus are clear and explicit; all has been confirmed, — “I am the bread of life,” “I am the light of the world,” “I am the door,” “I am the good shepherd,” “I am the resurrection,” “I am the Son of God,” “I am the truth, life, and way,” Jesus is claiming titles that are rightfully His, — Son, Savior, Shepherd, Sustainer, over 200 to be exact! He clearly demonstrated that He is able to conquer death, forgive sin, save the soul, and satisfy the heart forever more! For this Jesus, and who He claims to be, has become our way of life, our peace, our righteousness, our holiness, and our road of prophetic ministry and revelation. 

        Acts 4:10-12 says: “Jesus, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead, — this is the stone which was rejected by you builders, which has become the Chief Cornerstone. There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we are saved.” 

        He is not just the foundation, He is not only the whole building, — He is also the commonwealth!  He is the complete package, — the truth, the life and the way!

— Complete Article



Mar. 31 - 2020

Coming Full Circle

        For those who have not been caught up with all the entertainment and present distractions, — well they are about to come full circle in their journey.  Those who have pursued the heart of God, those who have pursued His manifest presence, and for those who have walked with accountability allowing righteous conviction to have its way in their lives, — it is these very ones that are about to embark on a whole new frontier!  These ones will engage in some of the greatest exploits ever while others become spectators  .  .  .  watching the glory come and go.

        Obedience and faithfulness have brought them back to that place of origin, a place of fresh beginnings, a place of being. It’s these ones that have made themselves accessible and accountable as the great shepherd guided them through their personal wilderness. Their spiritual journey has brought them full circle into a place of becoming one with the bridegroom.  It is this active part of the Bride that will pull away from the religeous coma and arise.  It’s those ones that are moving in the Spirit that will give the needed boots to the ground as the glory of the Father becomes their place of habitation.

        It is these ones that have embraced the refining process from an arduous journey gone wild that has qualified them to receive the rewards that will now empower them with wisdom and understanding, along with the needed discernment that has now dialed them in for the new season at hand. The Lord will lead them and guide them. These ones that have been accountable will now be entrusted with His glory. A cloud by day and fire by night is what they are about to enter into where, in their humility, they have refused to grieve and quench the Holy Spirit, allowing heaven to have its way. It is these ones that will now represent the power of a gospel that is second to non!

— Complete Article  

Mar. 27 - 2020

Aligning Our Voice is a Must

        We are in transition. A key part of actually making it through the transition is knowing the true voice of the Lord.  Fine tuning that will line us up with a gathering that will look very similar to what Jesus exemplified.  Jesus has over 200 titles attached to His name and a lot of those titles have a redemptive quality to them, — redemption being key as to why He came in the first place!  Therefore, it would seem that any expression on our part should have that redemptive component added to it!  Our voice should be pointing to some level of restoration!

        When voicing out the heart of the Father as to the original Jesus model, — it's always amazing how the Kingdom of heaven expresses itself with the creativeness that it so desires as it moves everything forward.

        It really is about teamwork and going down the harvest field as a team, — no different than a hockey team, a basketball team, or a swat team. Aligning our voice to His, — will get the needed Kingdom results that our Father is looking for in a gathering. When taking care of the Fathers business and the Fathers house, we need to be that true ambassador that represents His voice. 

And when we allow our voice to come into alignment with His, — something extraordinary always happens! Love has a way of doing that!

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 Mar. 26 - 2020

We Need to Light it Up

        No doubt that the Kingdom has landed.  And for a time such as this, — it plans to do some serious business on behalf of the Father here on earth.  We just need to be awakened of the fact that it is accessible.  For us who have entered into this present season, — it’s vital that we understand how the Kingdom functions and how the Father rolls with His Kingdom.  His plans to unleash heaven here on earth is full of strategies and it’s those strategies that we need to tap into.  Now being born again, Jesus clearly states that we need to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.  So it looks like this newly discovered Kingdom, — is now part of our born again DNA!

        Obviously Holy Spirit is wanting us to play our part in the unleashing of it.  Jesus, in His demonstrations of the Kingdom, clearly defined for us the very purposes of that Kingdom as He revived, renewed, refreshed, and realigned things more into its proper alignment on how things need to function according to Heaven here on earth.  All of Jesus’ demonstrations were Spirit led where He was only doing what His Father was doing, which is key for us today!  The whole idea for us is that our Father gets glorified through the Son, whom we identify with through the Holy Spirit as we walk in character that Jesus exemplified. 

        Holy Spirit continues to testifies of Jesus even today, — and that is something that we need to tap into if we truly plan to light it up!

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Mar. 25 - 2020

For Such a Time as This

        Your past was suppose to destroy you!  How did the Lord ever deliver you from your impossible past? — but he did!  You truly are on an exodus and you are on your way. You are being fed manna, and you have water!  Some of you felt a huge loss in strength, and that you’ve been walking around in circles, — but you have not, for you have been growing every step of the way! You are on your way! 2020 is your year! So strengthen one another and be attentive to those that are on the left of you, and those that are on the right who are walking in the same direction as you are, for you are all going somewhere. He has never forsaken you nor abandoned you, — nor will He! Keep moving forward but stay in that place of rest!

        He is the one leading His remnant to the land that has been promised, — the very land that has been prophesied both personally and corporately. You are in the exodus! You are precious and He is the Good Shepherd that watches over you! Never lose your faith and strengthen one another during these converging times. Stay close to His campfire and plead for your brothers and sisters and do not give them up. Don’t become part of the violence, nor take part of the offenses.  So keep walking; others are walking in the same direction. You have a purpose!  Your life is full of meaning!  You are a testament, — a living epistle!  Your destination is true!  Your cause is real!  Keep going!

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Mar. 24 - 2020

Small Gatherings Essential

        Small groups need to be an essential part of our life especially when you consider the global changes. It’s the perfect storm, and when we gather for all the right reasons, Holy Spirit can now release that upper room experience that we so desperately need.  As we commit to being in one accord, honoring one another, serving one another, while walking with a genuine love, showing an actual concern for those that God has surrounded us with, — Holy Spirit can now take us on an incredible journey. What’s happening now is a perfect opportunity to enter in!

        When gathering, it is vital that we allow Holy Spirit to initiate every meeting as He now begins to direct the flow of heaven in our midst. We need to prepare ourselves to engage in that part that Holy Spirit has released in us, to boldly play our part that heaven has deposited in us. And we must learn how to flow as a unit.

        The perfect birthing place for any teamwork is in a small group / home group environment. Everyone is qualified to contribute at some level. According to who we are in him and how He has equipped us — that now needs to come into play at every gathering. It is essential that we create that safe place as we all move forward as a group. We all have been uniquely designed, each and every one of us, and we need to honour that and make room for everyone to step forward! Walking in humility plays a big part especially for those who are so so use to walking in an autocratic top down system!

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Mar. 23 - 2020

Getting Us Back On Track

        To understand the Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdom of God, and the Gospel of the Kingdom, — is to understand the very realm from where Jesus originated. The difference between what we think we know, and what we should know about the Kingdom is huge according to Jesus. This Kingdom, at one time, played a very real part in our humanity prior to the fall. Jesus now brings this missing realm of a world within a world dynamic back into our lives as part of the salvation package.

        This Kingdom was always meant to be a vital part of our day-to-day lives. ‘Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as is in heaven’ was the call to bring this whole misalignment back into alignment. For us to live in a fallen world was never part of Gods original design for us. What happened in the garden was a shock to everyone, which was the very reason why Jesus came with the Gospel of the Kingdom and the message of Salvation. To steer us out of the mess, — and to get us back on track.

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 Mar. 20 - 2020

Bone Marrow Transplant

        When the Ekklesia & Prophetic Ministry according to JESUS manual was first published, it was described as the needed bone marrow transplant for a church body that was done with the religious system. The amazing thing is that a prophetic word came out from Judy Yakielashek a year prior about our need for a bone marrow transplant. This is a condensed version of that seasonal word.

“As I was in prayer I heard the Lord say that He would be our bone marrow transplant. That He would be our sustenance, our marrow, and the needed strength for our bones. As we learn to stand tall in the physical, we will also stand tall in the Spirit. Strength is in the marrow, life is in the marrow. His Spirit dwelling inside our spirit will lift us up removing the creases in our lives. He will staple a plumb line to our hearts and we will feel the tugging of the Lord as He draws us into His alignment. He will replace our bone marrow. The emptying of self . . . is the removal of our bone marrow. Without it, we no longer live which is precisely the reason for the transplant. It’s all of Him and none of me! As we allow Him to replace our bone marrow, His strengthening will begin as He brings us into that needed alignment, — but we must remain still for the transfer to happen. Our bone marrow represents our life, our strength, our accomplishments, which is all being drawn out. When the transplant begins, the pain is real. This transplant is something that we are so in need of as we are unable to accomplish anything in our own strength. We must release it all. This alignment is necessary; our mind will not take us where our Spirit needs to go. We have been prequalified and the DNA match is perfect. The Lord, He is patient, and He awaits for our reply! Will you engage in the transplant?”

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Mar. 19 - 2020


          Indoctrinated in our denominations, we have restricted the rushing wind with our ideas from those who have never fully engaged with the Holy Spirit, and by the many who have misrepresented the Holy Spirit by the misinterpretation of who the Son of God really is. Somehow the real identity of Jesus has been restricted by the respected, — those whom have driven His titles to the ground, disconnecting many from the real power of the gospel.

          A Holy Spirit invasion in North America like the one in the “Book of Acts” is problematic as we have targeted for a more pragmatic “mighty rushing wind” to fit with our intellectual entertainment gospel. Men being led by the Holy Spirit is something we love to read about as we embrace our traditions to be the most likely option for moving the gospel forward. Being ill-informed, and walking in the many counterfeits, we have tarnished a powerful movement where a small group simply believed who Jesus really is, along with all His claims and titles, trusting the Holy Spirit completely to lead them into the unfamiliar good ground that God has for them.

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Mar. 18 - 2020

 New Strategies

        Our God is a strategist and this new season is going to be full of strategy as prophetic revelation, prophecy and prophetic ministry are all going to play a key part of moving everything forward in these last days. It’s going to be a time of strategy. Our God is a strategist and he always comes with a strategy! And part of that strategy for us in these last days is that we work as a team.

        Make no mistake about it, God is looking for a place to land and that landing has a lot to do with walking out the strategies of the Fathers business. We need the Holy Spirit playbook for the season at hand to truly take care of His business and a key part of that business is moving as one!  It’s going to be a Holy Spirit organized movement, filled with the character of Jesus, designed to raise a functioning Bride where we all get to play our part as we all start to click together. It was always about the body of Christ, the Bride of Jesus, working together, fully functioning, fully empowered, fully engaged, moving corporately in her freedom.

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Mar. 17 - 2020

 Voice Obstruction

        Last season, the true voice of the Lord was obstructed on so many levels. The adversary’s ongoing successes have all been based on his ability to fill the global airwaves with his many counterfeit voices, both on the bridal level and on the bridegroom level.

        But in 2020 that silencing for a group that God is gathering is about to come to an end, — and the adversaries trophy case is about to get rearranged. The missing voice of the bride is about to rise up with a Lion of Judah roar by those who have sat around the lord’s campfire, by those who have become familiar with His voice, and by those who have walked away from the strange fires that have captivated so many. This time, that bridal voice will carry the manifest presence of God. 

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 Mar. 16 - 2020

Puppet Master

        In the past twelve years, — the open ground that was once available for any reasonable discussions has now eroded into the extremes where our boundaries for right and wrong have moved us way beyond what we ever thought. Making it easier for darkness, and the puppet master behind it, to misdirect us from a target that was always meant to be. This evil intent was designed to confuse the people, dumb us down, and control the masses. It was carefully crafted to completely hinder us from walking in the clarity that the Lord has for us.

        Now that the season of extremes have kicked into another gear, — the protective boundaries that we’ve guarded for years have been moved once again. Cultural relativism and moral relativism has entered the arena eroding whatever boundaries we have left. With the gate swinging in so many different ways, multiple groups have now compromised on their identity and on their positions. And that is exactly what the adversary wants from us, ­— to engage in his false reality.

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