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Thurs. April 2nd - 2020

JESUS - His True Identity

The claims of Jesus are clear and explicit; all has been confirmed, — “I am the bread of life,” “I am the light of the world,” “I am the door,” “I am the good shepherd,” “I am the resurrection,” “I am the Son of God,” “I am the truth, life, and way,” Jesus is claiming titles that are rightfully His, — Son, Savior, Shepherd, Sustainer, over 200 to be exact! He clearly demonstrated that He is able to conquer death, forgive sin, save the soul, and satisfy the heart forever more! For this Jesus, and who He claims to be, has become our way of life, our peace, our righteousness, our holiness, and our road of prophetic ministry and revelation. 

Acts 4:10-12 says: “Jesus, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead, — this is the stone which was rejected by you builders, which has become the Chief Cornerstone. There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we are saved.” 

He is not just the foundation, He is not only the whole building, — He is also the commonwealth!  He is the complete package, — the truth, the life and the way!

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Tues. Mar. 31- 2020

Some are Coming Full Circle!

For those who have not been caught up with all the entertainment and present distractions, — well they are about to come full circle in their journey.  Those who have pursued the heart of God, those who have pursued His manifest presence, and for those who have walked with accountability allowing righteous conviction to have its way in their lives, — it is these very ones that are about to embark on a whole new frontier!  These ones will engage in some of the greatest exploits ever while others become spectators  .  .  .  watching the glory come and go.

Obedience and faithfulness have brought them back to that place of origin, a place of fresh beginnings, a place of being. It’s these ones that have made themselves accessible and accountable as the great shepherd guided them through their personal wilderness. Their spiritual journey has brought them full circle into a place of becoming one with the bridegroom.  It is this active part of the Bride that will pull away from the religeous coma and arise.  It’s those ones that are moving in the Spirit that will give the needed boots to the ground as the glory of the Father becomes their place of habitation.

It is these ones that have embraced the refining process from an arduous journey gone wild that has qualified them to receive the rewards that will now empower them with wisdom and understanding, along with the needed discernment that has now dialed them in for the new season at hand. The Lord will lead them and guide them. These ones that have been accountable will now be entrusted with His glory. A cloud by day and fire by night is what they are about to enter into where, in their humility, they have refused to grieve and quench the Holy Spirit, allowing heaven to have its way. It is these ones that will now represent the power of a gospel that is second to non!

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Fri. Mar. 27th - 2020

Aligning Our Voice is a Must!

We are in transition. A key part of actually making it through the transition is knowing the true voice of the Lord.  Fine tuning that will line us up with a gathering that will look very similar to what Jesus exemplified.  Jesus has over 200 titles attached to His name and a lot of those titles have a redemptive quality to them, — redemption being key as to why He came in the first place!  Therefore, it would seem that any expression on our part should have that redemptive component added to it!  Our voice should be pointing to some level of restoration!

When voicing out the heart of the Father as to the original Jesus model, — it's always amazing how the Kingdom of heaven expresses itself with the creativeness that it so desires as it moves everything forward.

It really is about teamwork and going down the harvest field as a team, — no different than a hockey team, a basketball team, or a swat team. Aligning our voice to His, — will get the needed Kingdom results that our Father is looking for in a gathering. When taking care of the Fathers business and the Fathers house, we need to be that true ambassador that represents His voice. 

And when we allow our voice to come into alignment with His, — something extraordinary always happens! Love has a way of doing that!

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 Thurs. Mar. 26 - 2020

We Need to Light it Up!

No doubt that the Kingdom has landed.  And for a time such as this, — it plans to do some serious business on behalf of the Father here on earth.  We just need to be awakened of the fact that it is accessible.  For us who have entered into this present season, — it’s vital that we understand how the Kingdom functions and how the Father rolls with His Kingdom.  His plans to unleash heaven here on earth is full of strategies and it’s those strategies that we need to tap into.  Now being born again, Jesus clearly states that we need to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.  So it looks like this newly discovered Kingdom, — is now part of our born again DNA!

Obviously Holy Spirit is wanting us to play our part in the unleashing of it.  Jesus, in His demonstrations of the Kingdom, clearly defined for us the very purposes of that Kingdom as He revived, renewed, refreshed, and realigned things more into its proper alignment on how things need to function according to Heaven here on earth.  All of Jesus’ demonstrations were Spirit led where He was only doing what His Father was doing, which is key for us today!  The whole idea for us is that our Father gets glorified through the Son, whom we identify with through the Holy Spirit as we walk in character that Jesus exemplified. 

Holy Spirit continues to testifies of Jesus even today, — and that is something that we need to tap into if we truly plan to light it up!

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Wed. Mar. 25 - 2020

For Such a Time as This!

Your past was suppose to destroy you!  How did the Lord ever deliver you from your impossible past? — but he did!  You truly are on an exodus and you are on your way. You are being fed manna, and you have water!  Some of you felt a huge loss in strength, and that you’ve been walking around in circles, — but you have not, for you have been growing every step of the way! You are on your way! 2020 is your year! So strengthen one another and be attentive to those that are on the left of you, and those that are on the right who are walking in the same direction as you are, for you are all going somewhere. He has never forsaken you nor abandoned you, — nor will He! Keep moving forward but stay in that place of rest!

He is the one leading His remnant to the land that has been promised, — the very land that has been prophesied both personally and corporately. You are in the exodus! You are precious and He is the Good Shepherd that watches over you! Never lose your faith and strengthen one another during these converging times. Stay close to His campfire and plead for your brothers and sisters and do not give them up. Don’t become part of the violence, nor take part of the offenses.  So keep walking; others are walking in the same direction. You have a purpose!  Your life is full of meaning!  You are a testament, — a living epistle!  Your destination is true!  Your cause is real!  Keep going!

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Tues. Mar. 24 - 2020

Small Gatherings Essential!

Small groups need to be an essential part of our life especially when you consider the global changes. It’s the perfect storm, and when we gather for all the right reasons, Holy Spirit can now release that upper room experience that we so desperately need.  As we commit to being in one accord, honoring one another, serving one another, while walking with a genuine love, showing an actual concern for those that God has surrounded us with, — Holy Spirit can now take us on an incredible journey. What’s happening now is a perfect opportunity to enter in!

When gathering, it is vital that we allow Holy Spirit to initiate every meeting as He now begins to direct the flow of heaven in our midst. We need to prepare ourselves to engage in that part that Holy Spirit has released in us, to boldly play our part that heaven has deposited in us. And we must learn how to flow as a unit.

The perfect birthing place for any teamwork is in a small group / home group environment. Everyone is qualified to contribute at some level. According to who we are in him and how He has equipped us — that now needs to come into play at every gathering. It is essential that we create that safe place as we all move forward as a group. We all have been uniquely designed, each and every one of us, and we need to honour that and make room for everyone to step forward! Walking in humility plays a big part especially for those who are so so use to walking in an autocratic top down system!

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Mon. Mar. 23 - 2020

Getting Us Back On Track!

To understand the Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdom of God, and the Gospel of the Kingdom, — is to understand the very realm from where Jesus originated. The difference between what we think we know, and what we should know about the Kingdom is huge according to Jesus. This Kingdom, at one time, played a very real part in our humanity prior to the fall. Jesus now brings this missing realm of a world within a world dynamic back into our lives as part of the salvation package.

This Kingdom was always meant to be a vital part of our day-to-day lives. ‘Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as is in heaven’ was the call to bring this whole misalignment back into alignment. For us to live in a fallen world was never part of Gods original design for us. What happened in the garden was a shock to everyone, which was the very reason why Jesus came with the Gospel of the Kingdom and the message of Salvation. To steer us out of the mess, — and to get us back on track.

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 Fri. Mar. 20 - 2020

Bone Marrow Transplant

When the Ekklesia & Prophetic Ministry according to JESUS manual was first published, it was described as the needed bone marrow transplant for a church body that was done with the religious system. The amazing thing is that a prophetic word came out from Judy Yakielashek a year prior about our need for a bone marrow transplant. This is a condensed version of that seasonal word.

“As I was in prayer I heard the Lord say that He would be our bone marrow transplant. That He would be our sustenance, our marrow, and the needed strength for our bones. As we learn to stand tall in the physical, we will also stand tall in the Spirit. Strength is in the marrow, life is in the marrow. His Spirit dwelling inside our spirit will lift us up removing the creases in our lives. He will staple a plumb line to our hearts and we will feel the tugging of the Lord as He draws us into His alignment. He will replace our bone marrow. The emptying of self . . . is the removal of our bone marrow. Without it, we no longer live which is precisely the reason for the transplant. It’s all of Him and none of me! As we allow Him to replace our bone marrow, His strengthening will begin as He brings us into that needed alignment, — but we must remain still for the transfer to happen. Our bone marrow represents our life, our strength, our accomplishments, which is all being drawn out. When the transplant begins, the pain is real. This transplant is something that we are so in need of as we are unable to accomplish anything in our own strength. We must release it all. This alignment is necessary; our mind will not take us where our Spirit needs to go. We have been prequalified and the DNA match is perfect. The Lord, He is patient, and He awaits for our reply! Will you engage in the transplant?”

— Complete Manual


Thurs. Mar. 19 - 2020


       Indoctrinated in our denominations, we have restricted the rushing wind with our ideas from those who have never fully engaged with the Holy Spirit, and by the many who have misrepresented the Holy Spirit by the misinterpretation of who the Son of God really is. Somehow the real identity of Jesus has been restricted by the respected, — those whom have driven His titles to the ground, disconnecting many from the real power of the gospel.

A Holy Spirit invasion in North America like the one in the “Book of Acts” is problematic as we have targeted for a more pragmatic “mighty rushing wind” to fit with our intellectual entertainment gospel. Men being led by the Holy Spirit is something we love to read about as we embrace our traditions to be the most likely option for moving the gospel forward. Being ill-informed, and walking in the many counterfeits, we have tarnished a powerful movement where a small group simply believed who Jesus really is, along with all His claims and titles, trusting the Holy Spirit completely to lead them into the unfamiliar good ground that God has for them.

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Wed. Mar. 18 - 2020

 New Strategies!

        Our God is a strategist and this new season is going to be full of strategy as prophetic revelation, prophecy and prophetic ministry are all going to play a key part of moving everything forward in these last days. It’s going to be a time of strategy. Our God is a strategist and he always comes with a strategy! And part of that strategy for us in these last days is that we work as a team.

        Make no mistake about it, God is looking for a place to land and that landing has a lot to do with walking out the strategies of the Fathers business. We need the Holy Spirit playbook for the season at hand to truly take care of His business and a key part of that business is moving as one!  It’s going to be a Holy Spirit organized movement, filled with the character of Jesus, designed to raise a functioning Bride where we all get to play our part as we all start to click together. It was always about the body of Christ, the Bride of Jesus, working together, fully functioning, fully empowered, fully engaged, moving corporately in her freedom.

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Tues. Mar. 17 - 2020

Voice Obstruction!

        Last season, the true voice of the Lord was obstructed on so many levels. The adversary’s ongoing successes have all been based on his ability to fill the global airwaves with his many counterfeit voices, both on the bridal level and on the bridegroom level.

        But in 2020 that silencing for a group that God is gathering is about to come to an end, — and the adversaries trophy case is about to get rearranged. The missing voice of the bride is about to rise up with a Lion of Judah roar by those who have sat around the lord’s campfire, by those who have become familiar with His voice, and by those who have walked away from the strange fires that have captivated so many. This time, that bridal voice will carry the manifest presence of God. 

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 Mon. Mar. 16 - 2020

 Puppet Master!

        In the past twelve years, — the open ground that was once available for any reasonable discussions has now eroded into the extremes where our boundaries for right and wrong have moved us way beyond what we ever thought. Making it easier for darkness, and the puppet master behind it, to misdirect us from a target that was always meant to be. This evil intent was designed to confuse the people, dumb us down, and control the masses. It was carefully crafted to completely hinder us from walking in the clarity that the Lord has for us.

        Now that the season of extremes have kicked into another gear, — the protective boundaries that we’ve guarded for years have been moved once again. Cultural relativism and moral relativism has entered the arena eroding whatever boundaries we have left. With the gate swinging in so many different ways, multiple groups have now compromised on their identity and on their positions. And that is exactly what the adversary wants from us, ­— to engage in his false reality.

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