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A Gathering On The Move

Having a revelation of a young Ekklesia (church) through a completely different lens has stirred me in so many ways as I saw how the original twelve functioned, not only as a group, but also individually as they found themselves knitted together for a greater purpose. These young, happy, transparent, courageous and vulnerable men and women were winning a world for Jesus through simplicity, and single-heartedness. You cannot help yourself but be moved when you receive a revelation of a gathering as it was meant to be energized and flexible, ready to believe, to obey, to give, to suffer, and if need be to die! The Holy Spirit found what He was seeking for . . . a fellowship of men and women so united in love and faith that He could work in them, and through them, with a minimum of hindrances, men being of one mind, one heart, united and moving in one accord.   This was a team, a group uniquely designed to take down the harvest field!                                       

With one Spirit led activity after another, these were the ones that Jesus spoke of when He referred to a wind that blows and where it comes and where it goes is all part of a life that is born in the Spirit. These ones accepted Jesus and were “Followers of the way” enjoying the deepest possible fellowship ever while the kingdom of heaven landed all around them! I cannot help but look at the spiritual power that burned within this young group, expressed not only by healing the body, but also by the many signs and wonders that followed, clearly demonstrating the fact that these men were tight with their God, and tight as a group. They were not only friends of God, but all of heaven knew their names! I could only imagine the volume of books that could have been written!

But we in today’s time have unquestionably lost something in our journey. We are missing the very essence of what it is that they had. It has somehow slipped through our fingers. What we truly need is a revelation of an ekklesia according to its original design! These ones changed the world, and as this gathering stepped forward, the kingdom stepped along with them! It was a powerful time!

My prayer is that the Lord would breathe a revelation upon us so that we too would truly be “Followers of the way” as they were. 



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