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Realigning with HOLY SPIRIT


The New Season at Hand

For the season at hand and what we are about to enter into, it may be important for us to get a feel of what the original adventure may of felt like not only in the "Gospels" but also in the '-Book of Acts-'.  Especially the '-2nd Chapter of Acts-'.  A Holy Spirit guided tour of a church set in motion for the first time is probably a revelation that we all need to experience if we plan to make some serious headway in 2024. 

What I saw was a fellowship of men and women, unspoiled and determined, as Holy Spirit filled every part of their being.  Flowing in a demonstration of Kingdom authority that is so uncommon even for us today.  United in love, they were ready to believe, obey, and willing to lay their lives down for one another, serving one another, as they moved forward.  Holy Spirit was able to work through them with a minimum of hindrances.

One Mind, One Heart, One Spirit

Unsophisticated and with simplicity, they were able to cut through the layers of tradition having one mind, one heart, one Spirit as the Kingdom on Heaven left a trail of signs and wonders,— Jesus the Christ being key to every event.  This was the beginning of Christianity as it was meant to be.  A book full of Spirit directed activities, walking in an expression that was unheard of.  The wisdom of God, the Kingdom of God, the restoration of God landing on so many levels as it shifted the minds and hearts of people all around.  The pouring out of God was way beyond what they could ever imagine.  It’s amazing how those levels have dropped in today’s time. 

We have, for some reason, canonized and contained what was at one time freely expressed by the Holy Spirit, — plus our intellectual interpretations of the original writings today have given us only a portion of a banqueting table where the '-Book of Acts-' clearly defined that there is so much more for us to engage in. 

Flexing The Fathers Business

Being ill-informed we have varnished the true meaning of Ekklesia, which we now call church.  The '-Book of Acts-' powerfully demonstrated that the Gospel of Jesus is, and always will be, a Kingdom based ministry releasing heaven here on earth.  Jesus flexing His Fathers Kingdom was a very big part of His ministry, — unconditional love being the very glue that kept it all together. 

2000 years later we have somehow ended up with a distorted interpretation of the '-Book of Acts-' as the work done today by Holy Spirit through men and women is only a small part in our present day chain of activities.  When in reality we should be sounding more revolutionary today, having greater manifestations of the Kingdom than the “Book of Acts” ever expressed, which was really the Lords original intent for those who are walking out these latter days, — to step into the greater expression.

Restricting The Rushing Wind

Indoctrinated in our denominations, we have restricted the rushing wind with our ideas from those who have never fully engaged with the Holy Spirit, and by the many who have misrepresented the Holy Spirit by the misinterpretation of who the Son of God really is.  Somehow the real identity of Jesus has been restricted by the respected, — those whom have driven His titles to the ground, disconnecting many from the real power of the gospel. 

A Holy Spirit invasion in North America like the one in the '-Book of Acts-' is problematic as we have targeted for a more pragmatic “mighty rushing wind” to fit with our intellectual entertainment gospel.  Men being led by the Holy Spirit is something we love to read about as we embrace our traditions to be the most likely option for moving the gospel forward.  Being ill-informed, and walking in the many counterfeits, we have tarnished a powerful movement where a small group simply believed who Jesus really is, along with all His claims and titles, trusting the Holy Spirit completely to lead them into the unfamiliar good ground that God has for them. 

They could not deny the fact that something very powerful and something very unusual landed in their midst.  They were transformed, their communities were transformed as wicked, godless, cruel, and evil-minded men and women were being filled with a selfless love as the Kingdom of heaven landed all around them and upon them.  When Jesus rose from the grave, for 40 days He talked about His Fathers Kingdom and our need to engage with the Holy Spirit.  They got it, they understood it, and they ran with it! 

Simply Believing

In child like faith they simply believed.  That courageous and generous gathering spread the message of Jesus to the unknown world.  A gathering, a message, and a powerful love partnering up with a heavenly Kingdom as it restored, renewed, revived, refreshed as Holy Spirit, men, women, and the angelic moved in unison. 

When Jesus prayed over His disciples, He prayed about the whole idea of being one, and our need to get on the same page, — the Father in Jesus, Jesus in them, we in them, and they in us, all being one.  He clearly emphasized about being one, — this is exactly where we need to be today! Jesus said that IF we are truly His, that we would love one another.  AN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that was never conditional, — was the very glue that kept them together. 

It is this very corroboration that Jesus identified when He said:  '-The wind blows where it wishes.  You hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it is going.  So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.'   This gathering, moved by the wind of the Holy Spirit, sailed in faith with each new day opening new opportunities, never knowing how the day would end, nor what tomorrow will bring.  A loving God taking His gathering, His family on an adventure, unleashing the unfamiliar good things of heaven upon their familiar surroundings. 

The Missing Element

In todays time we have unquestionably lost the adventure of that incredible journey, and we have not revolutionized on a gospel that was so clearly laid out by the early church.  The full expression of Holy Spirit is not on our grid today as we willfully walk in a false patriotism, — locking ourselves in a matrix of a well orchestrated narrative that has created so much division here in North America.  The adversary’s plan has always been for us to self-destruct as we beat each other up.  Fragmented, we now entertain a gospel in North America that is nothing close to the “Book of Acts”. 

After 2000 years, we have NOT walked . . . where the latter is greater than the former.  We have actually walked into the less, — and that needs to be turned around. We need to walk away from the theatrics and walk into something that has more of a  '-2nd Chapter of Acts-'  feel to it.  Once again God is looking for a gathering that will get the ball rolling.  He originally started out small and He is willing to thin the herd down and go small again, — so that corporately He can steer whatever that remnant looks like today into the greater. 

A Gathering Walking in the Greater

Scripture talks about a remnant walking in the greater, — a remnant because most will never dial in that model of a gathering that Jesus exemplified, most will just polish up what they have causing many to go around the mountain one more time.  The cost to realign and lay it all down on the altar is way too high for most.  But we need to make an effort and realign ourselves and make straight those paths to see the Kingdom come in the dynamics that it so desires.  Part of that alignment is letting go of stuff and allowing the pipes to get cleaned.  We are all special and uniquely designed and heaven awaits for an alignment where we truely connect together, functioning as one, for that greater purpose.  Heaven awaits to empower those that gather in unity once again.  Heaven awaits to push the envelope like never before. 

What we are doing now will NOT get us to where we need to be going.  Not walking in our fullness personally, will only add to the distraction as we attempt to walk in our fullness corporately.  We need to function more like the actual Ekklesia model.  We need to realign ourselves to the Book of Acts /2nd Chapter of Acts - playbook. In doing so, — power will go back to the people.  Holy Spirit will empower once again. His plan is to take back what was stolen and restore what was lost and steer us into the fullness that He has for us. 

Walking Away from the Misalignment

The dynamics of the early church was never meant to slip though our fingers. We need to walk away from the misalignment and function more as a team, a gathering, a community.  In doing that, we will be surprised how quickly things can turn around if we stand as one, having a genuine love and a genuine concern for one another where no one is left behind.  In Christendom today, it’s amazing how many are hurting, how many are stranded, and how many have been thrown under the bus, — and that needs to come to a grinding halt. 

The original gathering in the '-Book of Acts-' changed the world. It was a powerful time as they were thrusted forward supernaturally.  It was a game changer, and we need to step into what it was that made the early gathering so successful.  We need to align ourselves with the strategies of the Father, so that when we move, — heaven and the angelic moves with us.  '-Thy Kingdom come.  Thy will be done.'  will now manifest in ways that will absolutely surprise us if we just align ourselves.

If there ever was a time where we need a Holy Spirit guided tour on what the original gathering felt like, now is the time!   2024 is a time destined to define us for who we truly are in such a powerful way if we allow Holy Spirit to do His job, bringing us together, in unity, igniting us like He did to those in the original upper room.



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