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For Over 3 Years Jesus Unleashed All 5 Ministries

It is important to note that what we call the five fold ministry offices are God given Spirit anointed and appointed positions.  These offices without exception are selfless.  Their responsibility is “ To equip God’s people to do His work and build up the Ekklesia, the body of Christ.  This will continue until we all come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of God’s Son that we will be mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ.  Then we will no longer be immature like children.  We won’t be tossed and blown about by every wind of new teaching.  We will not be influenced when people try to deceive us into walking with a counterfeit that sounds and smells like the real deal.  Instead, we will pursue unity; speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of His body (the Ekklesia).  He makes the whole body fit together perfectly.  As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.” (Ephesians 4:11)

These gifts were not designed for individuals only, but rather for those who have gathered.  They were intended for a bottom-up model so that the gathering can grow and mature while learning to serve.  These roles have always been about others and not about self, — to exhort, encourage, train, impart, mentor and release so that the body can attain a Christ like standard, discerning truth while understanding its roles within the body until unity kicks into gear.  Its about being selfless allowing other parts to grow in love.  But this bottom up model will always end up in conflict if the five-fold directs itself to building its own personal ministries rather than building the Ekklesia (church) that Jesus intended.

Apostle  in the EKKLESIA model

An apostle is known as one called and sent, having the spiritual authority, character, gifts and the abilities to reach and establish people in Kingdom truth and Kingdom order.  An apostle hears from heaven and receives Kingdom downloads regarding implementation and governance of the 5-fold.  An apostle has a burden to build and establish something, or activate the restoration process of something lost.  This is not about change for the sake of change but is about the fulfillment of a God given direction.  The apostles lay a foundation down for those gathered so that they would come into full maturity.  That maturity comes with prophetic insight, the ability to shepherd and teach, and to evangelize almost on a prophetic level, but because it’s a Kingdom based ministry, it needs to be testified with signs and wonders followed with healing and restoration.  The apostle is like a conductor of an orchestra, having a supernatural ability to keep it all on track, having the patience to see all the pieces come together, being the biggest Ekklesia servant of all when it comes to training, releasing, and most importantly, — aligning it with the timing as to how and when it should all unfold.

Prophet  in the EKKLESIA model

Having to stand in the counsel of God, the prophet releases what is on the heart of God giving guidance to the gathering and to individuals, giving revelation, as well as prophetic insight, with the correct interpretation, application, and proper delivery time.  A true prophet's message will be in agreement with the Word of God.  His words will edify the gathering that is before him and the core of any message will exalt the Son of God and the Cross.  Prophets are called to serve the body and not run ahead of Ekklesia.  As the many prophets are still growing and maturing, a safe environment is needed for the weighing and testing before any words are released.  A needed relationship between apostle and pastor is important for the prophet and any gathering. Experience has taught us that neglecting this has been catastrophic to both ministries and gatherings.  This is where the rubber hits the road for ekklesia.  These 3 need to make it work!  That is why the model of Ekklesia, and being knitted is so important to give the prophet and the prophetic a chance of staying on track with what the heart of God truly is.

Evangelist  in the EKKLESIA model

The evangelist carries a great burden for those who are not currently a part of the Kingdom of God. Evangelists have an anointing to preach the gospel that comes with a great conviction that draws people to the Lord.  They will often have signs and wonders following them to confirm their message.  Evangelists create converts, while apostles create disciples.  Their foremost desire is to see people come into the Kingdom while leaving the work of discipleship to others.  They love teaching others how to win converts, and never feel like they are actually doing enough to accomplish their task.  While they grieve for the lost they have an anointing to impart God's broken heart to the body.  Evangelists are absolutely crucial for growth as the Ekklesia moves forward.

Pastor  in the EKKLESIA model

The pastor is the heart of any gathering.  He is a shepherd who deeply cares for those who have gathered; ready to lay down everything and anything for them.  His heart is to see them grow, and to be equipped and trained as they develop their giftings.  He has a passion to see them step into the calling that God has for them.  Pastors are supportive, life giving but without the need to be in the forefront at all times.  A true pastor recognizes the fact that Jesus is the true shepherd, and that his flock, or his gathering of believers really belongs to Jesus and not to him.  Likewise a true shepherd, following in the footsteps of his Master, will also put his life on the line for those that have gathered around him.  He will not abandon them, but the hireling will flee when the wolves come, and in every Holy Spirit filled gathering the wolves will not hesitate to attack.  This shepherd (pastor) will guard and lay his life down for the fold and is totally dependent on hearing from the True Shepherd.  As Ekklesia moves forward they will move with him because of the love that he has demonstrated.  At times the pastor becomes the bridge helping to interconnect the different ministries, callings and functions.  He is able to do this because of his ability to listen to all sides, restoring the calm and discerning the atmosphere as he moves the gathering down the harvest field.  His concern is always the well being and protection of those that have gathered around him.

Teacher  in the EKKLESIA model

While they teach and edify the body, they impart divine life with an anointing to their listeners who become hungrier for the word as scripture is illuminated bringing forth truth and fresh revelation.  While prophets reveal the heart of God, teachers reveal more of the mind, the character, and the nature of God.  They open up our minds to understanding how God functions and who He is, — as the Spirit of truth, wisdom, and knowledge give it prophetic direction.  Spirit-led teachers . . . and not necessarily the academics, are what’s prime in this calling for these are Spirit-given offices.  Prophets and teachers balance each other in the body.  Prophets have revelation of hidden things in the future, while teachers have revelation of the hidden things in the word.  Teachers reveal the specifics of the revealed truth, while prophets reveal the bigger spectrum.  Prophets possess foresight, teachers have insight. While prophets are risk takers, teachers move by understanding.  Teachers are very essential as they give Ekklesia a good foundation of the word of God.


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