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A False Perspective

Colossians 3:1-4    “ If then you have been raised with Christ . . . Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth . . . For your life is now hidden in Jesus.”

A false world view perception is another thing that really effects our overall identity.   24/7 we are being downloaded by our environment and by those around us that are disconnected in so many ways.  We are constantly being downloaded of a perception that has nothing to do with an identity on how the Lord is wanting to define us and how He is wanting us to move forward.

This constant download of a worldview has now become a norm for the masses, which is really an abnorm, a misdemeanor.   A worldview that is being orchestrated by some very strong horses, directed by some very big organizations where they are bombarding us and downloading us with a false normality.  A normality that is designed to control, steer and govern peoples perception.  This norm has cleverly settled in as part of the mainstream perception.  It is wickedly deceptive as it tries to get many to think deeply inside the programing, their global programing, but to never think outside the programing, — outside the box.  To get us to self identify within the programing only.  A self-identity with a self-reality filled with selfies designed to steer us into isolation where for many, — it has become a lonely place.

This programing, this self-reality and world view perception all in ones hand, having a gateway to every form of knowledge has fragmented our true identity in so many ways and on so many levels.   Without any governance or self-control, this new reality has been a silent weapon of mass destruction.  Protected by firewalls and heavily censored from the truth only to tap into the many distorted truths.  Many without knowing find themselves in a web of distortion where the alga-rhythms of what is being tracked by our personal usage only steers us deeper into the programing that now feeds the distorted norm adding to our distorted personal perception, steering us even further away from our true identity! 

The whole idea is that this form of programing becomes our new way of living, our new form of intelligence, our new way of thinking.   A new normality runned by mega technocrats, giants of technology roaming the land where we succumb to their intelligence, their way of thinking, to the point where we do away with those that we once looked up to, those that we admire those that we embrace, — those historically and those present.

This technocracy is a whole new form of spiritual tyranny, — like a frog slowly being boiled in water never knowing he is being boiled alive.   The whole idea is that we become intelligent enough but never smart enough to figure out the end game!  To be totally entrenched in the programing, the multiple platforms of programing, dragging us away from any true discernment and any true identity!

They call it smart phones but really, — the joke is on us!   As it sends us deeper into that false identity where our present reality is filled with disruptions, distractions with all kinds of distortion followed by a trail of destruction.  This worldview norm has impacted us globally and is being directed and dictated by mega organizations who have unleashed it through their global intelligence.

The end game is to distort people’s identity on a global level.  To get everyone addicted to the technology, the programing and run with the global perception distorting identities not only personally but corporately.  Those behind it pulling all the strings, those puppet masters, walk in high level of manipulation, tapping into witchcraft, whose desire is to have complete control.

Many are caught up and need to snap out of this false reality this addiction that has created massive disorder in their lives.   So what we need to do is to pray and break off these manipulating spirits and behavior disorders that are wanting to control us through global programing and artificial intelligence.

For every reader that has read this article today, — " Lord I pray that you would begin to dismantle and break off those false identities, false narratives and false perspectives that have tried to alter their true identities.  I pray that the dismantling of it all would begin even now, — IN JESUS NAME ! "


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