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Time within Time

So when it comes to time, — are the Gregorian and the Biblical Calendars somehow connected?  If they are, then where are we on the Biblical Calendar?  And will the upcoming event called ‘Year of Jubilee’ affect us in our timeframe?

Here are a Few Interesting Facts:

1 o'clock   The truth of the matter is that we were never off Gods calendar; it was a 15th Century Pope named Gregory that came up with that creative piece of work.  So if we are on Gods calendar, then that means we are about to enter into some very interesting times.

2 o'clock  In Genesis 6:3, God says that man is only to live no longer than 120 years after being kicked out of the garden, but apparently not long after that statement people lived longer, — which tells me there has to be more to that 120 year statement.  We know that God created everything in 6 days and then on the 7th day He rested.  In 2 Peter 3:8 it states that a 1000 years is as a day and that a day is as a 1000 years.  Again, — I’m thinking there has to be more to this statement too.

o'clock   We read in Revelation 20 about the coming  ‘Millennium’, about a 1000 year reign of peace where we rest for a 1000 years.  We also read in Leviticus 25 that the  ‘Year of Jubilee’  played a critical part in Gods original biblical calendar.  And that everything was carved out in 50 Year increments.  Everything in BC (Before the death of Christ), and everything in AD (After the death of Christ) on the biblical calendar was marked out in 50 Year blocks.  From what I’ve just learned, 'The 50th Year of Jubilee’  that is coming up, is a Jubilee that may very well be a  'Make it or Break it Deal'  for every believer.

o'clock   So if man only lives 120 years, as stated by God in the book of Genesis, then the correct interpretation could be that 120 years x 50 year blocks = 6000 yrs.  If being released from Garden happened around the 4000 BC (3970.5 BC to be more exact), and we are now beyond the 2000 AD range, this shows me that the 1000 year rest is just around the corner.  But prior to the 1000 year rest, — is the rapture! 

And what if our 7 day weekly event was, and still is, part of a prophetic statement designed to prophetically prophecy over us every week of a 7000 year timeline?  3970.5 plus 4000 = 30.5 AD + 2000 to complete the 6th day week before the 7th day (1000 yr. millennium rest) comes to 2030.5 AD. Now throw in the 7 years of tribulation and that brings us to around 2022/2023.  This is not my math and I am not making this stuff up !  The completion of the 7th day brings us to 3030.5 AD.

So if all of this be true, then we might be down to the wire, and that things are about to get heated !  


Time vs Time

So if the adversary’s intention was to change the appointed times, the laws, and the calendar to mess us up and get us off track, well apparently, to many of us, he’s doing a great job because most of us are out of sync !  - (Daniel 7:25)

More Interesting Facts:

o'clock   His plan is that we die before our time or that we never walk in the fullness of the time that God has appointed us.  In our blindedness we have compromised so badly that the abnorm has become our new daily norm.  We have journeyed upon a distorted timeline and have allowed valuable time to pass us by.  Why?  Well that’s because we think we have all the time in the world to figure it all out.

o'clock   Our appointed time of realignment hit us the moment we became born again.  Gods timing for us has been perfected and so are the plans that He has for us.  He has realigned us to His biblical timeline, and we now need to allow time to have its perfect way in us.

o'clock   Strategic in his narrative framing, the adversary has plowed his way forward scripting out his false religions, his denominations and his cults. He has framed us with a false media, a false science, creating a one-world narrative, releasing a false normality that has blinded so many into a scientific game board as he now toys the masses with his giants of technology.  His think tanks have created all kinds of worldly logic releasing a slavery mentality where people now fight for their rights without knowing they’ve been shackled and emasculated.  This mass manipulation is causing people to destroy their own society as they now make a stand for the obscene and the absurd.

o'clock   We need to walk away from the distraction, the dysfunction and the distortion and jump into that powerful Holy Spirit filled adventure that God always had for us.  The releasing of the Holy Spirit was designed to unleash us into our true identity and to leave the false behind.  To transition us to see way beyond what we could ever think or imagine.  You may not be able to make up for lost time but you will be amazed with what can be done with the time that you have left if you allow Holy Spirit to direct you.  So the question is do you keep wasting your time or do you realign yourself with the timeline that God has for you.


 Redefining Time

So now having a revelation of the real time vs fake time, — how do you think Holy Spirit wants to redefine you?  According to Holy Spirit you have indefinite potential and His desire is that you step into the fullness of that potential.  

Even More Facts:

o'clock   First thing that most of us need to do is to stop underestimating ourselves and walk away from all the identity traps.  We need to truly enter into the fullness that God has for us, and start playing our part in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Without you playing your part creates an absence on every level.  Your interaction helps the Kingdom of Heaven move forward, not only for you personally, but also for those that you find yourself surrounded with.  It’s important that you play your part.  You were designed from the beginning of time to play a part.

10 o'clock   You need to transition over from who you are, to who you could be, by understanding who you were always meant to be as according to Gods original design.  Who you become needs to be more important than who you presently are today.  You were designed to be a powerful spiritual being.  You need to transition over and leave behind what it is that Holy Spirit is telling you to leave behind.  You need to walk outside the walled city and from the towers that you’ve created.  You need to redefine what is good and what is evil, what is right and what is wrong, — and Holy Spirit is willing to help you redefine all that.

11 o'clock   Most of us, who have been beaten up by the deception, have become fragile, damaged, weak, and prone to temptation.  Holy Spirit can reverse it all, but for Him to deprogram you and get you out of the deception, you need to start moving forward in increments and incorporate what it is that the Holy Spirit is convicting you to do.  Holy Spirits desire is that you be at the right place at the right time, that you walk in a right mind, doing things in a right Spirit, and all for the right reasons.  It all has something to do with Holy Spirit convicting us unto righteousness and to see us walk in true character.

12 o'clock   The bottom line is that timing is critical for the season that we have just entered into.  It's not about wrong timing anymore, its about why we place ourselves on the wrong side of time.  According to the Kingdom of Heaven and how things are about to unfold for you and those around you, — It truly is time to get on the right side of time!





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