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Governance as to its Original Design

Nail this one down, — and we’ll go the distance!  But the problem with todays language of self-governance, is that the demonstration of it during the last season, highly contributed to the massive exodus of North American congregates.  No doubt the foundation of church structure was being rocked as there was a huge disconnect between leadership and congregation, — a derailment that sent many over the cliff.  And now, years later, with Covid-19 getting thrown into the arena, — repackaging the 'same ole same ole' is not going to cut it for this new season!  Somehow we need to rethink on how this new season needs to be governed.  Obviously Holy Spirit is wanting to change it up into something that truly exemplifies the Fathers Kingdom and what Jesus demonstrated, — even if it means thinning down the herd.


Turning the masses into spectators last season was the adversary’s strategy of turning a powerful season into something weak where he pulled the strings and we all pounded sand.  This spectatorship, and kingdom top down dominionism, created impossible odds for  “ Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done! ”  to be a successful habitation for the average believer.  And that whole distorted administration has once again anted-up, for we are not the only ones aware of the prophetic words being spoken for the new season at hand.  The adversary himself has tapped in and has huge plans to expand his trophy case.


For us it really comes down to whom can the Lord empower?  Who can He find that is trustworthy?  Who is faithful?  Who is truly walking in genuine love?  Because the exploitation of the gospel and the governing of it, was, and still is, way out of control. It really is time to power up  “ Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done! ”  with “ The Way, the Truth, and the Life ”.  But that whole model is still looking for a place to land, cause no one is really out there washing feet. Control issues are still huge and most are still bolting for the podium.  Thinning the herd down where a remnant can walk mightily with dunamis power may very well be the only option when releasing an Ekklesia model where serving one another is on the top of the list.

The lines have been so blurred where many have been forced into spectatorship.  For me, I’m tired of the hamster wheel, the one man shows with all its selfies, — including the pounding of sand. It was never about being a front man for a ministry like a front man for a rock band.  Those that are manhandling the podium are the same ones manhandling the home front, — producing the same controlling fruit.  We really need to change it up.

When it comes to self-governance we need to think about that upper room environment and make serious room for the Holy Spirit.  Two thousand years ago, what started small, ended up huge, as it changed the world. We need to reposition ourselves back to what was exemplified if we plan to go deep in this new season.  What is vital in this Ekklesia model is that it needs those desert warriors / desert firebrands that have not only walked out the one desert experience, but have walked out both desert experiences.  The newly upgraded counterfeits are itching to manhandle those that God is presently gathering and steer them into a leadership that works for them.  But the desert warriors that God is now bringing to the forefront will have the ability to put all that distraction and misalignment into check.

1st Desert Experience

What I have personally found out about those desert experiences, those desert storms, is that they were vital when shaping the true voice of the Lord in me.  If that voice in me is to lead, and play its part in self-governance, then the molding process for true leadership will automatically take me into the desert, — that’s a given! 

I realized that as I went from one desert experience to the next, there are no short cuts.  In my first experience, I found that the revelatory things I shared had a way of stirring up the atmosphere.  Speaking what was on the heart of the Lord led me to a place of rejection, isolation and solitude.  This became my place of personal humiliation.  My place of major scrubbing, sculpturing and polishing as I learned the importance of interpretation, application and the presentation of heavenly revelation and what the written word is actually saying, — and that was not a quick process because the molding process was to take me way beyond the academics into the rhema of God.

It was at this place that I heard a lot about myself that was hard to hear.  I found out later that this was an important part of the process designed to carve out a character that would help me later endure almost anything.  Eventually it became a quiet place of communion where I found an invitation to come apart, — apart from my fears, my phobias, and any false identities that I found myself walking in including any Ishmael's that may have carved their way in.  And apart from a world that would want to lead me away from all that heaven has destined for me.  This desert place also presented an opportunity to rest in that place of intimacy with the one who rules heaven, — if I would allow it.

2nd Desert Experience

This whole experience was a long grinding process but after enduring ALL of it, — I was tossed into my next desert experience.  A place of personal suffering causing me to have compassion for others that I never really had before.  A place where I’ve learned to go the extra mile for others, a place where I realized I need others around me for heaven's purposes and not just for my own.  A place of servant hood and genuine love along with a glimpse of what true governance is all about.

It was at these times of great need that I found others who had overwhelming needs supplying mine.  As they helped me, the good Lord helped them.  During those tough times it was humbling to receive but as heaven came through for them in healing and deliverance, they realized that the Kingdom of heaven that surrounds me is very real, and so they began to look towards the God of that heaven.  Not long after, — the Kingdom of heaven started to invade their lives as a personal God was now inviting them into His family, into that gathering place, into an Ekklesia that is filled with the Kingdom and surrounded by the angelic.  I found that during those desert times that a person who resides in that quiet place alone with his God is going to have the heart of his God in whatever message he decides to share, plus he will walk in a governance that completely lines up with what the Lord had original intended for all of us.

Change It Up

Right now I see leaders from the last season who have NOT COMPLETED THE TRANSITION.  Only to polish up what they had last season, steering many away from the level playing field that Holy Spirit is truly wanting to ignite.  It’s all relational.   Many I know are great on the phone, many are real good with the new form of on-line church, and many are amazing when it comes to multi-media, but get a dozen or more in a room functioning as one, well that’s a whole different ball game.  The only possible way to keep it on a level playing field is if we are all willing to serve one another and step away from the controls.  Jesus only came with one government, and that was the government of the Kingdom of heaven, also known as the Kingdom of God.  It is this Kingdom, with its dynamics, that we need to prioritize.




Self-Governance Level Playing Field

And self-governance on a level playing field is not as challenging as some would have us believe.  Sure it needs to have that go-to-person, but that go-to-person needs to be the biggest servant of all.  Sure it’s going to have its challenges, but like NASCAR racing, bumping is legal and we just need to get over it and let the good race have its way.  The days of herding are over; it’s time to change it up and embrace the Lords campfire and allow ourselves to enter into that upper room environment.  It’s when we gather for all the right reasons that Holy Spirit can release those needed shifts that we so desperately need in our lives and in our gatherings. Again, we need to be Spirit led!  As we commit to being in one accord, honoring one another, serving one another, while walking with a genuine love, showing true concern for one another, that the things of the Spirit can be released on a whole new level.  Levels that we never knew existed.

It’s at this very place where the commanded blessing comes upon us and restoration begins to have its way, which is the very reason why Jesus cameWith that, comes the angelic who are anxious to pony up with those who are aligning themselves with unity, releasing divine appointments as the dynamics of the Kingdom of heaven start to fall upon us with signs wonders and miracles.  The whole idea is to go from a place of visitation, to a place where we just habitate in the presence of God as He moves us down the harvest field.  As that upper room environment carves out an Ekklesia model similar to the one that Jesus exemplified, it too will have the ability to creatively change that part of the world that we find ourselves in.  It will change us as a people, and it will change our community, as we know it.  Plus it will create all kinds of attention as the Kingdom of heaven starts to land all around with overcoming power.

Self-Governance Book of Acts

Twice I walked in an environment that had the ‘Book of Acts’ feel to it.  Where self-governance unfolded as originally intended, where everything was operational, — ministries and giftings.  It was the natural and supernatural working together. Hearts fully engaged with the Fathers business. Men, Women, Holy Spirit, and Angels, all working as one!  That first experience was in a small gathering of 30 that grew to 300 in 3 months.  The second one was a home group of 12 that turned into 120.  On both occasions the Kingdom of heaven played a huge part as the demonstrations went off the chart as we found ourselves continually moving into the unknown.

As these two groups headed for destiny, prayer was huge, — we’d pray for whatever the need was.  After work we’d hangout either at the local park or at someone’s home praying and listening to the latest tunes, — having powerful times of fellowship as Holy Spirit landed all around us.  On the weekend we’d spark up the neighborhood barbeque.  We’d buy groceries for the single moms. We were giving away vehicles and we’d help families with overdue bills and those who were late on their rent.  A few of us volunteered at the maximum and minimum-security jails.  We truly did watch out for each other, and when families were on the move, the boys were there, — pickup trucks and all.  We ended up being a tight bunch; baptizing each other and connecting with those young and old letting them know that we are one big family.  Divine appointments were on going along with continual healing, — even the family pets were getting healed.  In one meeting cloves of fire hovered over us as the angelic surrounded us.  These were amazing times.

Then came the discipline!  Somehow we were out of sync with mainstream, and on both occasions, leadership, the very ones we looked up to, stepped in taking us out of the ‘Book of Acts’ environment, realigning us into something that had more of an academic feel to it.  Well, — we all learned some hard lessons as we sat in those back pews.  You wanna be a spectator, — well the chances of walking in the ‘Book of Acts’ are slim and none.  We heard great speeches and the entertainment was off the charts, but it was a gospel environment with minimal results as we now found ourselves being schooled by the religious.

Boots to the Ground

In this new season, the last thing the adversary wants is to see anybody putting serious boots to the ground, cause when those boots start making their way into the harvest field, — it’ll be stepping all over his precious kingdom.  This adversary is exceptional at his job.  He does his job well.  He’s had an 80% success rate last season so he doesn’t really need to change it up a whole lot. He’ll just pad it up knowing that we are ALL entering into a whole new playing field.  It’s us that need to change it up!  With the new season at hand, this adversary plans to play the same old hand but with the latest sleight-of-hand movements to redirect us like last season.  He knows that most of us are playing checkers on a very strategic chessboard.  We truly need to get our head in the game and take it to the next level, — and allow Holy Spirit to have His way.  We truly need to be Spirit led this season.

Getting in an Ekklesia upper room environment is where we need to take it.  It is this application of self-governances where the Kingdom of heaven inhabits and where Holy Spirit dwells.  It is this place that will take us to where the Lord is leading us.  It is this model that will empower us to take care of the Fathers business.  For me, I see the importance of getting back to what was once exemplified.  If we go back to that model, — we will walk in the greater as prophesied by Jesus himself !


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