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john the baptist 12


The Spirit and Power of Elijah


The Spirit of Elijah is once again hitting the Prophetic Airwaves: 

Prepare the way of the Lord; Make His paths straight. Every valley shall be filled and every mountain and hill brought low. The crooked places shall be made straight and the rough ways smooth . . .” John 3        “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers . . . ” Malachi 4

The Spirit of Elijah is upon us again and for a time such as this we need to understand what it is that the Lord is doing through the Spirit of Elijah so that we can partner up with it and not resist it. John the Baptist was sent before the first coming of Jesus in the Spirit of Elijah, but that was not the great and dreadful day of the Lord as according to Malachi. He was referring to a time prior to Jesus’ return, which is the very season that we are presently walking in.

This Elijah anointing, which is going to come upon a select company of believers, is to restore those things that have sifted through our hands and make aware of the massive present day misalignment. Not all of what we call the organized church will be restored, but only a gathering, a remnant, will walk in the fullness as to the Lords originally design.

It is an end time calling, and those chosen to walk in this anointing will come to know just how weak and incapable they really are. And this is NOT an anointing for all, as some would have us to believe. The exact number is something the Lord will mobilize. Those chosen will go through a multitude of desert experiences, uniquely designed to mold them for the calling at hand. It is an enduring process that will prepare them for the Father’s use, to be that paintbrush in the Master’s hand. A process that will take years, if not decades, where they will be emptied of self, qualifying them to paint out the masters plan instead of their own.

Those who have been called to this ministry, in most cases, will know it. For those that haven’t clued in, — Holy Spirit will definitely bring it on the radar screen as He fine-tunes their character for the season at hand. Those called . . . have a genuine concern for the bride and they absolutely despise how the religious system has messed up the bride of Christ. The holy fire that burns within them is what moves these messengers forward.

Wilderness Training

The wilderness training for John the Baptist started early. He had over two decades of preparation, and for those chosen today, they too will go through their lengthy wilderness training. This is a wilderness training that will go much deeper than the regular character refinement program that we all find ourselves going through. Because this calling, this season, is to bring the whole body into that much needed realignment. It’s a huge calling to help the Bride walk in her freedom.

The other reality, — is that the Elijah Spirit, and the religious spirit, are far from being on the same page and that automatically puts the religious leadership in direct opposition of Elijah. He was rejected back then, and will most likely be rejected today, all because he will not submit to the distorted doctrines of men. Distracted leaders are usually threatened by him, and threatened by his authority, and so he is labeled as a lone ranger.

Elijah had an intense walk with the Lord, — and to simply be hidden away in the Lord was good enough for him. The Lord became his life, and the Lord personally Fathered him. He had to be Fathered by the Lord because had those religious leaders raised him through the system; they would have molded him into their image and that was not the Lords plan.

The message coming from those who walk in the Spirit of Elijah in these last days will not always be popular. They will proclaim the critical need to realign, and to make straight those crooked paths. And the power behind their prophetic demonstrations will release a healthy and necessary fear of the Lord, which will help realign the Bride.

The Lord calls Elijah to confront the false that continually prophesy from their soul, speaking what sounds good to itching ears. These prophets were numerous back then and they are numerous now. Their prophesying actually sounds great as that commanding voice shouts them out, but the problem is that its not coming from the Holy Spirit, and therefore, like back in the day, it is once again steering people away from the Lord.  God sends the Elijah Spirit and calls them to repent from engaging with the false and the theatrics that has steered so many away from the real deal.

During the refinement program these end times messengers have had their share of square dances with both the Jezebel spirit and the Leviathan spirit. (Jezebel is out to control the people, leviathan is out to twist the momentum.) These end time messengers are very aware of the deceptions and the powerful strategies that they both carry. Many of the distracted main stream ministries are focused on carving out their own blessings, — creating a counterfeit image. The Lord plans to use his Elijah messengers to bring a transformation that will bring a people more in line with His image.

A Revelation of Jesus

True prophets should be calling us into that deep revelation of Jesus but like the prophets of Baal, many today have curbed the prophetic by telling people what they want to hear, and what it is that makes them feel good. Because of listening to the counterfeit voice, they have given themselves over to deception, and it’s amazing how many have lined up with what they believe is the real deal, — when its far from it.

The Spirit of Elijah will rest on a company of believers to preach the truth, and confront the false, — the false prophetic, the false apostolic and the false glory. The Lord will use his messengers to bring an end to this false movement and free up those that are truly His. They will be given true authority from the throne, and at the command of the Lord, they will challenge the false prophetic once again. Those prophets that are truly from the Lord, — these ones will minister in great power. The real from the false will be made clear in the days ahead. The distraction of the theatrics needs to come to an end.

Like in the times of Elijah, God’s people, who have followed these prophets, have once again turned away from Him. Instead of dwelling in that secret place and delivering the true word of the Lord, they turned their priorities to build ministries. It’s a charismatic theatrical distraction that continues to entertain the people. The Spirit of Elijah will be released to repair and rebuild the altar of the Lord. True devotion, prayer, communion, and worship must be re-established in God’s people. The Spirit of Elijah will take us to a level of devotion in Jesus that we didn’t think was possible. The fire that comes from this anointing will steer us towards that true habitation in the Lord. The Holy Spirit will also use this anointing to restore the apostolic ministry that is needed to move everything forward, — a model that was exemplified by Jesus.

John the Baptist understood that he was not Elijah, and that he was simply ministering in the anointing of Elijah by preparing the way of the Lord. Those called to minister in the Spirit of Elijah in these end times must stay very close to the Lord. They need to walk in true humility and do away with the false piety and false humility that comes with the theatrics and the entertainment of the false prophetic. Staying low and staying in our lane will keep us from pride. Most importantly, they must continually enter into the secret place as Elijah, John, and Jesus demonstrated. Abiding under the shadow of the almighty is the only sure way to stay protected from the enemy.

As mentioned in the gospel of John, the ministry of the Spirit of Elijah will also include turning the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers. They will impart an understanding of the importance of spiritual fathers and spiritual sons, which is necessary for rapid and safe spiritual advancement. Spiritual fathers and spiritual mothers need to arise and take their rightful place to create that safe place for the sons and daughters. Holy Spirit will direct our hearts to love those that He has surrounded us with; great grace will be released to empower us to do so.

As Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing, so will these messengers only be doing what they see the Father doing. Also, the Lord will only entrust this ministry to those who have learned to wait upon the Lord, — and to only be doing what they see Him doing. It is these Elijah messengers that need to pass the wait test in order to walk in this anointing. This will take years if not decades. Many are called, few are chosen, and even less are qualified.

The central message of anyone walking in the Spirit of Elijah will be Jesus. True ministry reveals the Lamb of God and draws people to Him. Like I said before, the Spirit of Elijah is upon us in a big way, and for a time such as this, we need to understand what it is that the Lord is doing so that we can partner up with Him and not resist.

So let us embrace what the Holy Spirit is doing in our midst and partake with what the Father is really doing!


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