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The Orphan Spirit

A Few Thoughts on Father God.

We cannot be a manifested son or daughter until we have actually engaged with our heavenly Father on a Father/son or on a Father/daughter level.  You need to have that fatherly relationship with your heavenly Father. 

Knowing Him on a Fatherly level is huge when pressing into the family business.

Also, to walk in the true character of Jesus, means that we also need to walk in that sonship as demonstrated by Jesus To be only doing what his Father was doing, — nothing more, nothing less.

In the Beginning.

Can you imagine what it would be like for Father to be creating Adam?

When Adams eyes opened for the first time, he was looking into the very face of Him who represents absolute love.  Imagine looking into that perfect undiluted love of Father.  That love of the Father impacting the spirit of Adam the moment he opened his eyes.

And when Father created Eve, we see the whole relational thing being developing, — we see the beginnings of ‘family’.      

We read about them walking in the garden with their creator.  Every day walking in the garden with their God growing in an unhindered expression in that Fatherly relationship.  Growing up with a Dad who had huge plans for His son and daughter.

Then the Adversary Shows Up.

With the adversary sticking his head in the garden, it’s obvious he had plans to take the family of God into a whole different direction.  That rebellious one who was kicked out of Heaven and stripped from his position, now decides to orphan everyone else.

Determined to put a Stake in the Heart of God.

Determined, — he now strategically goes after the family.  He set the bait in the garden, deception struck and the family is now separated, legally separated, not only from God, but also from God’s original intentions for the family.  Everybody was orphaned out.

This deception not only broke the heart of the Father, but also Adam and Eve as they wept before the Lord endlessly.  This very deception created a disobedience and a separation on Adam and Eve’s part that would absolutely derail the Father’s plans, — it was a shock to everyone.

The days of walking in the garden with their God have come to an end.  The chances of that showing up down the road for anyone else was slim to none, everything changed, — and I mean everything!

The devastating affects of taking the bait changed both heaven and earth.  According to heaven and how they roll, — the verdict is now a part of our history.

The garment of light that completely surrounded Adam and Eve instantly faded as they now found themselves completely naked, shadowed by shame, as the glorious light from the Father of lights has now departed.

The animal skins needed to cover their obvious nakedness was now brought to the table.  The damage was done, the sacrifice was made, and innocent blood was shed.  And the orphan spirit was birthed.  The ongoing domino effect of disobedience now plows forward as it carves deeper into everyone’s lives.

It was a rude awakening as spirit filled beings found themselves without the indwelling habitation of God’s Spirit.  The light that was once upon them is gone, — only to now live in the shadows of the once was, along with a whole new environment that looks nothing like the original garden.

So they left the Garden, driven out, as everything disintegrated around them.

Physically driven out, — they were made to leave, having never been rejected in the past, they now experienced rejection on a massive level for the first time as shock and fear overwhelmed them.  Filled with insecurity, what they had, all disappeared.  Plus to exist, they now needed to work the ground.

Orphan ways and the orphan spirit was now a very present reality.  What was freely given in the garden was no longer free.  They now needed to work the ground for it to be fruitful.

When they walked out, in a sense, everyone of us also walked out of the Garden with them, because the orphaned heart in them was passed down to every generation that was born after them.  It was at that point the orphan spirit entered the human race.

They went from having an identity that was totally filled with the Spirit of God, — to having absolutely no identity that was now missing the Spirit of God and the Glory of God.  That is why Jesus said that we must be born again in the Spirit!  That part of who we are disappeared in the garden.


An Orphan or a Son?

Adam was Created in the Image of God..

When God created man, He made him in His likeness.  He created them male and female and blessed them, that was their image, — that was their identity!

After the garden incident, Adam had a son in his own likeness, in his own image, and he named him Seth.  The children of Adam were not, in a sense, born in the image of God anymore.  They were born in the image of Adam.

That altered state now entered into the heart of Adam, and was passed onto every generation throughout history including all the present generations of today.  The spiritual DNA that came with the creation of Adam and Eve was altered at the garden.  It was now missing that illuminated Spirit of God which carried the heart of God.  That all faded away. Again, — that’s the very reason why we need to be born again.

Sons and Daughters.

We have been adopted as Sons and Daughters into a powerful family.  We were never meant to be orphaned out, nor were we ever to be isolated.  The isolation that we walk in today, whatever form that looks like, steers us back into orphans as we search for an identity that gives us value and a feeling of worthiness.

For most of us, we need to walk away from what we have become and make room for what the Lord is truly wanting us to be.  Jesus said to His men:  “ Come follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”  Jesus said to Matthew to leave his tax enterprise behind and come follow him!          

We were created to be Sons and Daughters, — that’s it!  Sons and Daughters of a powerful family that carries a powerful message!

We struggle for some of the most bizarre reasons with how much God really loves us.  We fall into those feelings of worthlessness and rejection.  We struggle to comprehend the process that we find ourselves going through because we’ve unintentionally disconnected ourselves.  Most of all, — we’ve become unaware of the multi-levels of warfare against us that has been strategically designed to turn us back into orphans.

In our isolated environment, our insecurities now move us forward.  Next thing we know, — strongholds slide in distorting our walk, displacing us from the freedoms that were always meant to be.  At this point the adversary has won the battle as we now walk powerless in a distorted gospel.

 .  .  .  But Today We Plan to Pull the Curtain Back.


The Art of War.

The adversary has been pulling strings behind the curtain for over 2000 years creating a delusion, with multiple distractions, to entrap us in the great deception where he orphans us, giving the orphan spirit one heck of a ride as he totally deceives us from knowing the truth of the Father’s love, and the truth of His unconditional acceptance that He has for us.

Our heavenly Father loves us, and the plans that He has for us are good.  But it is amazing how many have a difficult time connecting with God as  “Father”  finding it easier to only connect with the gospels where Jesus is Savior, — totally missing out on the love of the Father, where the very reason for sending His Son was because of a Father’s great love towards His Sons and Daughters.

Somehow God the Father is seen as something of a more distant impersonal being, but this view totally robs us of receiving the fullness of the Father’s love, along with the impact of being that adopted Son and Daughter whom He absolutely loves and cherishes.

When one gets a revelation of how powerful those adoption papers are, — the orphan spirit does not have a chance!

Jesus told His followers  “ I will not leave you as orphans.”  When someone feels neglected, they feel the obscurity and the surrounding darkness.  Jesus realized the tendency His disciples had in walking into that whole mindset.  That is why He sent the Holy Spirit.

John 14:16-17   “ I will ask the Father, and He will give you another comforter to help you and be with you forever.”

The Holy Spirit is a gift given to all believers to understand the family dynamics as in accordance to the Father’s love.  Holy Spirit steers us away from the orphan spirit.  But that is easy to miss if you are not walking in the Spirit.  It’s important that we train ourselves up to walk in the Spirit, — to hear that still small voice of the Lord.

God Is Looking For Sons and Daughters.

Romans 8:14-15     “ Because those who are led by the Spirit of God, — are sons of God.  For you did not receive a Spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of Sonship” (Spirit of Adoption).

God the Father is looking for Sons and Daughters.  This is what the whole issue of the Father’s love is all about.

Father is revealing Himself as a Dad who embraces His Sons and Daughters, — and we, who are his Sons and Daughters, need to embrace him as our loving Dad.

The two things go hand in hand.  They are synonymous.  You cannot separate one from the other.  He embraces with unconditional love and we need to do the same!

He doesn’t want to just touch us with the Father’s love, He wants to change our hearts so that we would have the heart of a Son, the heart of a Daughter.  Being born again in the Spirit establishes all that.

Those who are led by the Spirit of God are Sons and Daughters of God.  Why?  Because the Father made sure you received the Spirit of Sonship (Adoption) through your born again experience.


Some Things are True about an Orphan that is Not True about a Son.

An Orphan has No Name, No Identity.

Inside the Garden, Adam and Eve knew they were God’s children.  Now standing outside the garden, all they really know is that they need to work hard to stay alive.  One grandson becomes a gardener while the other becomes a carpenter.

A Father gives us a name that has eternity and identity all over it, but an orphan has no name, no identity except for the one that he now finds himself attached to.

So for the sake of identity, we try to do something with our hands that will give us an identity.  We attach ourselves to something we create. That’s our new identity, — I am a doctor, I am the owner of a football team. I am a biologist.

An orphan has no real identity and so he or she fills it with a name and a title, — and what it is he or she does.

An orphan feels that the only thing they gain in this world will only come by the work of their own hands.


The Father Wants His Children Back.

-When Adam walked out of the garden, — Father lost His Family.

John 14:18    “ I will not leave you as orphans! ”

I see you going off into an orphan’s life, but I will not leave you as orphans.  I am making you leave now, — but I will come to you.

This is the Fathers Love for Us.

This is the Father’s great love for us, — that we be engrafted back into the family.  He has been watching down the centuries, watching all the human suffering, and His arms of love have been extended all this time.  The Father’s heart is that no one is left behind.

The orphan spirit has not only been tough on us, but it has been tough on Father too as He watched 2000 years of warfare coming against the Sonship that He released through His Son.

He has been looking at the pain of our orphaned life, and the loneliness that seems to follow.  Loneliness is the product of an orphaned life and that loneliness has been weaponized against us.

God was there, the moment you were born.  And that is something we need to come to grips with.

His plan for you was that the moment you open your eyes, — you would see the eyes of a loving Father.  That plan has not changed.  It was planned for Adam, — and it’s His plan for you and me.

He wants to breathe into us and see us come alive once again!  He is our heavenly Father, He is alive and doing extremely well.  He is wanting to see us come alive and do extremely well.

He wants to be a Father to us. He is a Father in action with the full backing of a powerful kingdom.  A kingdom that is second to none.  He wants to be a very part of our lives, which is the reason why He sent Jesus, which is the reason why He sent the Comforter.

The adoption papers have been signed by the blood of the Lamb!

It is a done deal!  We just need to get on with the program!


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