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Since the Feast of Trumpets a New Season Has Come !

The new season opened up with a bang and there is a remnant who are presently receiving a Holy Spirit upgrade to walk deeper in the things of God.  This group is constantly having dreams, visions as they now walk deeper into the new unfamiliar realities of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.  Holy Spirit is presently steering them towards a destiny that was always meant to be.  He is defining the way for them as He is confirming their anointings, callings, and giving clarity as to their direction. 

But on the flip side, — the opposite is happening.  Those entrenched, having selective hearing, are disqualifying themselves as the new season moves forward.  Those with selective hearing are heading into a whole new season of complications as they continue to mishandle the Holy Spirit and usurp authority.  Their stubbornness of heart has entrenched them in a belief system that has clearly been defined by their selective hearing.

They are blindly holding onto something that is not quite on the up and up to what God has intended for them.  Mixing the waters, they continue to blindly build their personal ministries and carry on with something that is out of alignment on how the Kingdom of Heaven is wanting to land before them. Walking in the compromise is the very reason why the judgments of God have entered into some of their camps.  God has been realigning and cleaning shop as He tries to dial those with selective hearing into that much needed realignment and refinement.  As the judgments of God pursued the entrenched, — the interpretations that came out of those 'extreme life attention getting experiences' was spun into a form of personal and corporate persecution, only to add to the distortion even more.

Our spiritual realities need to line up with the Kingdom of Heaven realities, — but the many different interpretations of the  'Kingdom of Heaven Playing Field'  has become a major problem today, creating all kinds of misunderstandings.  Entrenched, many missed out on the realignment last season as they stubbornly press into the misalignment through their misguided interpretations.  Instead of allowing themselves to be led into the much-needed correction, — they have become even more entrenched.  Like it mentions in the 'Book of Matthew', — many will not make the connection as they stand before the Lord trying to convince Him that they did all these things in His Name!

It's those knee jerk reactions that have continually defaulted them into that misalignment as they constantly disqualify those that God has directed to them.  The selective hearing process sent them down the path to those that are like-minded only, — adding to the ongoing distortion of identity.  These misinterpretations have exalted many to be that pastor, or to be that prophet, or to be that apostle, as their misjudgments and mismanagements move them forward without having the ability to connect the spiritual dots that is needed for the season at hand.


A New Season Emerges !

Having now left the starting gate for the new season I see those strange fires emerging once again by the entrenched and by those who have selective hearing.  This new season is a whole new battlefield and it’s only the Holy Spirit that'll keep us ahead of the warfare.

The good news is that a remnant is up and running enjoying the new season along with those who have embraced transition.  These are the ones that have been transparent and accountable, allowing the refinement of true character to have its way during the last season.  These are the ones that have aligned themselves to embrace their true identity.  Like in the days of Moses they have moved on with the camp and with the presence of God. It is these very ones that have crossed over.

The glory of God, the power of God and the authority over the enemies of God will be upon these vessels who have prepared themselves for such a time as this.  God is on the move and so are they!  The true essence of Ekklesia has now become a major part of their journey as they press into the new season and enter into the greater!  They realize it's no longer about them, — it's about Jesus in them!


Misaligned or Aligned, the Season moves on, With or Without !


But again, there are many out there, like bumper cars on the loose, still trying to figured out the one vital part that is needed to move forward.  And that would be the part where you need to be honest with yourselves! 

Being honest with yourself is what will help get you out of the fog and from all that you have entrenched yourself with.  Being honest with yourself is huge when entering into that true identity where you are able to leave the counterfeit, the false, and from any leaning towers that you are building.  Selective hearing has steered many into that distorted identity. 

Entrenched, many have been cocooned into the misalignment, blindly building something that is not in alignment with the Fathers business.  It may look like the real deal, and you may be all excited about it, — but it’s far from it.  

It's time to get back on track.  The days of Holy Spirit taking those warning shots across the bow are coming to an end.  It's time to wakeup.


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