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ManifestPresence 2022


Inhabiting The Upper Room

The Manifest Presence of God

The Intel coming out of the last season may be the very information needed to help us dwell permanently in that place called the manifest presence of God, — as to Gods original design.

Last year was a continual realignment time where we started becoming that Bridal Voice that we were always meant to be, — Jesus in me, our Heavenly Father being glorified!  This year is a critical time of transition for all of us.  Many will not complete the transition because of the relentless distractions.  And many, who walk in the old wine skin, will just end up polishing what they have.  But for those who have stepped up to the plate, those who have pressed forward, those who are truly voicing the Fathers business, — the “Commanded Blessing’ (Psalm 133) and the “Fruits of the Spirit” (Galatians 5:22-23) will follow as they now head for the greater as described in John 14:12-14

For those who have presently taken on the challenge of transition, — there awaits for them a treasure chest full of wisdom and understanding.  Treasures that will help them move forward in their callings and destinies.  This is the season to tap into those treasures that have come our way through personal trials, testing’s and tribulations.  A season where we need to allow Holy Spirit to bring it all into alignment and acknowledge the good work that He is doing in our midst.  It is a time to surrender into that permanent dwelling place of His manifest presence and allow the fine-tuning of the realignment to have its way. Its only when entering into that manifest presence that we will walk with a voice that is more in line with the Fathers business.


A Voice having a Presence

The Arising Remnant

Last season, the true voice of the Lord was obstructed on so many levels.  The adversary’s ongoing successes have all been based on his ability to fill the global airwaves with his many counterfeit voices, both on the bridal level and on the bridegroom level.

But last year that silencing for a group that God is gathering is about to come to an end, — and the adversaries trophy case is about to get rearranged.  The missing Voice of the Bride is about to rise up with a Lion of Judah roar by those who have sat around the lord’s campfire, by those who have become familiar with His voice, and by those who have walked away from the strange fires that have captivated so many.

This time, that Bridal Voice will carry the Manifest Presence of God, the voice of the Bridegroom, along with truckloads of His great love, including the weight of His glory as it alters the landscape all around us, — a needed sign that we have actually partnered up with the Fathers business.  What has been scattered, God is now gathering.

This remnant Bride is presently being gathered from those outside the box, and those inside the box.  It is a collection of those that have realigned themselves with the true heart of the Father, the true character of the Son, and those that are now in sync with Holy Spirit.  As this arising remnant Bride steps forward into the light, her gatherings will have an amazing beauty in unity and harmony as she is filled with a power that moves the whole body as one, where no one is left behind as the whole team moves forward.

God has manifested Himself in the flesh, — Jesus, Son of God, has now become the ‘Manifested Glory of God’ and the ‘Power of God’.  That manifested presence of God that once resided in the Holy of Holies, has now become the manifested presence of God for us today!

Those who have engaged with the manifest presence as a place of habitation have recognized that many of our past activities, ( thou birthed with good intentions ) have missed the mark as the ‘Commanded Blessing’ never really landed.  Nor was the needed ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ there to help move the whole thing forward.  Displaced, — many ended up with a business model of a gathering that was never meant to be, while a great many others just walked away.

To truly take care of the Fathers business and not get caught up with the cleverly organized distractions, we need to tap into the Fathers presence, that manifest presence that has the glory of God all over it.  The very weight of that glory creating the needed oil that will allow us to burn brightly as we walk in the truth, the light, — and in a way where the surprises of tomorrow come with Godly amazement.  Make no mistake about it; this new season is all about our need to step away from the dysfunction, distraction and the deception, and engage with the manifest presence, — to tap into all the wisdom and understanding that awaits us.

Jesus has been working with the Holy Spirit to prepare His remnant Bride to arise and walk in the greater.  Not all will engage in the greater but He is preparing a group who have tasted the powers of the age to come.  God is gathering and He plans to empower a people who will walk in the greater, but He’s not about to send a movement into the greater where identities and characters are all over the map.

So the question is, — are we trustworthy enough to handle that 44 magnum in the Spirit?  Are we at the right place at the right time?  These are important questions!  Trustworthiness, timing, and location all play a key part when walking in the greater season.  If we walk in the misalignment, the greater as mentioned in John 14:12 has the potential of being an even greater mess.  2 Thessalonians 2:3 talks about a great deception during these latter days.  It’s vital that we come into alignment and not be part of that great falling away.

As power tends to corrupt, absolute power has a tendency to corrupt absolutely, especially if there’s a misalignment in the characters of those who are spearheading the way.  The potential to shoot-up the camp is huge. We need to allow Holy Spirit to realign us to what really is first-things-first.  With that alignment, — the greater can now go the distance as that greater character now lines up with the greatest love of all.

Maybe our intent should be to start asking Holy Spirit all the right questions.  Maybe we should be asking questions that have a present tense dialog attached to it instead of those ongoing questions that constantly take us into the past.  I’m sure any Holy Spirit responses coming out of those present tense questions will have a manifest presence all over it, — giving us clarity of mind and heart, sending us in a direction that will help us move forward.

As we align ourselves with the manifest presence, we will begin to engage with those unfamiliar good things that God has in store for us.  As every cell and molecule is filled with His presence, our personal relationship with God is strengthened as it steers us more into what the corporate needs to look like.  So like the original twelve, we too become a gathering on the move no different than they were.  Being creative, — we now get to express the creativeness of our God through the Holy Spirit as we powerfully transition over from the familiar to the unfamiliar where we are actually taking care of the Fathers business.

My hope is that we align ourselves with the good work that God is doing in our midst and embrace the treasures that He has for us.  That we truly do play our part in a powerful season that now sits before us.


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