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False Realities

1) Misdirecting the Masses

This onslaught of disinformation, designed to deceive and minimize, was masterminded and executed to misdirect the masses into a false reality.  And in the case of the born again believer, it would be to minimize them from “The Ministry of the Kingdom of Heaven” and “The Ministry of Jesus” and direct them AWAY from “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”.

Disinformation comes with its controls as it intentionally misdirects.  True information comes with a sense of release where it has us moving into something that comes with a bit of a flow, — guiding us to where we need to be.  The evil intent behind disinformation is not only to scatter and create division, — but to also derail many who are called to walk in the anointing that has been given to them for these last days.  Jesus made the Kingdom of Heaven a priority as He placed it on the top of His list of things to do.  But the spirit behind disinformation, intends to reposition any Kingdom interest we may have to the bottom of the list, if not completely off the list.

2) Fabricated Battles

The saturated levels of disinformation created a false covering, designed to blind us from all that is true.  Manipulating us, misleading us, towards a fabricated battle that we could never win.  Now, — fully expressing ourselves with what we think is righteous indignation, we march forward only to add to the ongoing nightmare.  This modification of data made us totally oblivious to what is truly happening all around us as we justified the false realities as our new norm.

Holy Spirit is trying to direct us where being Kingdom minded becomes our new norm.  The adversary, with the unleashing of disinformation, is attempting to steer us into a global worldview norm.  Two completely different governments, — one is Kingdom, the other is worldly.  His deceptiveness has cunningly positioned this global norm throughout our science, our media, our religion, our governments, and through our academics. This disinformation has entrenched itself so deep in our foundation that it has become a whole new way of living, — a whole new form of normality on how we process information.

This new standard has not only blurred the lines of our understanding, but it has also blurred Gods original intentions for us as a people.  Upon creation, our DNA was earmarked by heaven to fully engage in certain realities that is above and beyond our imagination.  But disinformation has steered many away from those spiritual adventures that come with signs, wonders, miracles, and the angelic, while the gifts of the Holy Spirit get pushed to the back burner.

We have been normalized in a covering that exclude the fullness of Jesus and the authority that comes with it.  What we have are global puppet masters who continue to control the masses where it has us representing the false as the new global standard, steering us away from what we can be, should be, and from where we need to be.

3) The Weaponization of Info

This weaponization of information has rendered many powerlessly as they now wobble in their spiritual beliefs, and in their spiritual understandings.  Much of our religious expression has been distorted where our misinterpretation, and the application of those misinterpretations, produced a leadership where they are now standing on the wrong side of the battlefield, — waving flags and banners that are unrecognizable even to heaven.  And this is exactly what the adversary wants.

Much of our expression is not even close to what God originally intended for us when it comes to us expressing “The Gospel of Jesus” and “The Gospel of the Kingdom”.  It's the disinformation that has misguided us to where we compromise on a gospel that was designed to be a game changer, — a global game changer!  Again, this is exactly where the adversary wants us.


Disinformation dispels, disregards, and destroys, when we embrace it as plumb line revelation.  This multi layer of disinformation has destroyed many families.  It has fractured The Bride of Christ causing a divisiveness that for many is irreparable.  It has eliminated us from where we need to be as we gravitate to all the false narratives as something that is divinely orchestrated.

Disinformation has partnered up with stress, fear, and anxiety, having the full intention of tearing down what God is building.  It is this fabrication of distorted facts that brings disharmony and discord, — where disunity tears apart any unity.  The adversary knows that without unity, there is no real blessing coming our way.  Here is what Matthew clearly says about unity, — "Therefore when you bring your gift before the presence of the Lord and remember that a brother has something against you because of your actions, leave there your gift before the Lord, and go reconcile with your brother first and then come back and offer your gift unto the Lord."  It's amazing how we distort this passage and use it as an escape clause.  Then we wonder why our meetings continually hit a ceiling.

4) Inflaming the False

The spirit behind the disinformation intends to create absolute havoc as it inflames the false, creating false authorities.  Which is the reason why we need to understand the facts on how God is wanting us to understand the facts.  Without it, a serious break down shows up in our spiritual intelligence when comes to operating in “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done”.  Misdirected and entrenched in the disinformation, we now get busy in a busyness that has very little to do with the Fathers business.

This global covering of disinformation attacks the robe of righteousness where we compromise and engage with something that is NOT right.  To the point where we justify our unright actions, while pressing into this whole new platform of understanding, — or should I say misunderstanding.

The puppet masters behind it all have fueled this thing with a leviathan presence, twisting the very foundation that we stand on, as it corrupts our belief system into a false religious normality.  What we thought was going to be a safeguard for our many circles, ended up being a form of destruction that continues to fracture and divide us on multi levels.

Instead of expanding the Kingdom, we now find ourselves protesting for our religious rights as we now bang on doors that have very little to do with the Father's business, — while our prophetic circles are starting to sound more like the nightly news.  If the adversary CAN’T get us to walk deep in his disinformation, he’ll get us to compromise, where in our lukewarmness, we contend amongst ourselves with all the talking points that come from all that is disinformed.  Where the fogginess that persistently lands upon our minds becomes an acceptable compromise as we blindly agree with the disinformation as our new way of life!

5) Waking Up from the Nightmare

What Jesus prioritized is not even close to being prioritized, as the main focus never became the main focus, both personally and corporately.  We head off to our places of worship while families and neighborhoods are completely falling apart, while tent cities expand at an alarming rate.  We worship, we prophesy, but nobody is really putting any boots to the ground.  The Holy Spirit conviction to doing what is right has been displaced because of the de-normalization.


What was once abnormal and appalling has become a new norm as we accept the fractured life as a way of living.  Critical thinking has somehow been replaced by an emotional biased way of thinking, cultured by the new global norm.  Critical thinking comes with critical evidence that is confirmed with additional evidence.  Disinformation comes with tainted evidence that is manipulated to help fuel the global agenda. 

Because of the mishandling of information, the very plumb line of what we believe to be true, now hangs over our leaning towers as we build upon the matrix of the on going illusion, — disrupting us, and derailing us, of what it is that we need to be doing right.  And for those who do find themselves waking up, — it ends up being a bit of a shocker as the depth of the deception becomes a whole new reality. 

There's the waking up from the nightmare, and then there's the waking up unto doing what is right!




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