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What does living under the LION'S ROAR look like?

 I kept getting visions of a lion, and that it needed to roar. After seeing it for a few times I realized that the lion represented a group of people that need to begin roaring, to walk in the authority that has been given to them. At times the lion would appear when I’d look into the mirror, and that was freaky! My last lion vision had me, with a distant lion, walking the desert floor, when suddenly the desert started to pool up. I started to fear for my life as the lion was getting closer and closer. As the desert floor continued to flow with water, this lion became a huge Bengal tiger, and as he laid his head upon my shoulder, I realized we were connected. According to heaven, the Bengal tiger represents Special Ops and heaven was telling me it has an assignment for me! Not only me, but that heavenly assignments are being released throughout the land. 

The one thing I do know, is that I have been hiding from a hunting party that is out there hunting down the very lions that God is trying to stir up. I have felt the hunt as it brushed upon me many times. But if this is the season of the Lion of Judah . . . and if the Spirit of Elijah is truly upon me . . . then I need to get out there and start roaring and unleashing that part of the kingdom that God has entrusted me with. Our destinies have connected. Somehow the Spirit of Elijah, the Lion of Judah and this dusted up cave dweller have intertwined. And if that be true then now is the time to step up to the plate, now is the time to start moving with Godly intent! God is on the move and I need to be moving with him!

 Then to my surprise a prophetic word came across my desk. This prophetic word confirmed so much! It started out with a vision of a vast desert, a very large desert. Off in the distance walked a lion. It was walking at a slow pace, occasionally turning its head to the side as it viewed the enormous wasteland. The vision progressed until the lion became very close. Fear gripped me. Suddenly the lion stopped and laid down upon the desert floor. As it did so, vegetation began to grow underneath it and a palm tree sprang up. The coolness was inviting. I began to feel comfortable with the lion. It seemed like an eternity sitting with him.

Suddenly without warning, the lion stood up. There was strength in its stance. His eyes were very focused as he looked back on the wasteland that he just traveled. He moved his head in a majestic bow and as he raised it, a clear and thunderous roar came forth. It shook the atmosphere and loosed a wind over the desert. He began to walk with determination as he roared from side to side. The land shook and a huge forest sprang out from behind him. As he walked across the desert, foliage sprang up behind him turning the desert into a vast garden of vegetation and trees. I walked behind him delighting in the coolness of the forest and the vast vegetation but ever mindful of the roar. Sometimes I could see the lion, sometimes I couldn’t, but I could always hear the roar and it would cause me to enter into the different realms that were before me. For in the wake of the roar, there was always life. 

So often, when we enter a new season, we look forward to the new things God is doing. But as we enter this new season, in the roar of the lion, the Elijah spirit is also rising up to restore all those things that have been lost. God as creator, created us from the beginning with gifts and callings that are irrevocable. When the lion roars, dead bones come back to life. Not only are we to move forward, but we are to regard our past. God is not about to let those things of the past go to waste for he is the great economist. He will cause all things to work together for good. Our past must be regarded under a new atmosphere of living under the Lion’s roar as we step forward into the future.


So what does Living Under the Roar of the Lion look like?   Here are Some Thoughts on what it should look like!

When living under the lion’s roar.  My life becomes His life in me.  My ministry becomes His ministry. Friendship with God becomes a sonship with a heavenly Dad.  The good things in our lives, and ministries that have been entrusted to us, will now give way to the God thing.  Even a fruitful ministry will enter into a newer season.  Barren ministries that have been tried and tested in the wilderness will now receive new favor, new strategy, and new steps.  His presence in us turns from visitation to habitation.  We now face our fears that have held us back with new faith.  That which we thought was lost, has been found.  Dead and forgotten vision will suddenly spring forth into life.  Lost dreams will suddenly come back into remembrance.  New strategies and anointing s will come upon us to retrieve those that have been forgotten.  The problems and difficulties that we have faced will now turn into opportunities. His Word will now transform our thinking, and the grip of rejection, depression, and even presumption will now be exposed and broken off our lives.  Repentance will not be just words but life changing as we walk deeper into our callings. Insecurities will vanish as we line up with our irrevocable callings that have been waiting for a time such as this.  As we line up and agree with our God given callings, our giftings will make a way for us.  In the spirit, people around you will sense the Lion’s roar upon you and favor is released.  That which was once rejected is now received. Inward thoughts suddenly shift outward as we see things from God’s eyes and not through our own.  The hope that was bound by despair is renewed and released into reality.  Past failures become stepping stones of wisdom rather than hindrances for the future.  Weariness turns to renewed vision and zeal.  The desert of our lives now turns into destiny and becomes fruitful.  The majesty of God’s goodness, his everlasting love, and purposeful creation will release his economy as we move forward. His creative force will breathe a new life in us as we choose to live in the Lion’s roar.  The desert of the past is going to spring forth new fruit as he clothes us with new garments.  The accuser’s attacks can no longer bear fruit.  He is dressing us for this new season that will yield greater fruit.  Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world.  His faithfulness is forever.  This new season will bring forth the amazing economy of God.  He who created us has never forgotten what he created us for. His promises are sure.  That which you thought was lost will be found and used for his great economy.  There is purpose, and may the Lion's roar arise and spring forth the new!  A season of a awakening is upon us.  The desert will now blossom like a rose!

Joel 3:16, Hosea 11:10 - The Lord will roar and thunder; the earth and the heavens will tremble. But the Lord will be a refuge and a stronghold to those that are his. He will roar like a lion and when He roars, his sons, with astonishment, shall come from the west.



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