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Thinking like Holy Spirit

Having Intelligence

Having a form of intelligence while walking in the misalignment only weaponizes an individual for the misuse of spiritual gifts, directing them into all kinds of corruption as they mislead those around them into the compromise.  The very reason why we need to put on the mind of Christ. For without it, — we will default into a blinded busyness that has very little to do with the Fathers business.

Determined, — many now think that their form of godliness is the real deal, when the intelligence they walk in is mostly intellectual fat.  Thinking they have matured, they are far from it.  So the question isn’t, — are you walking in the Holy Spirit because many today actually believe they are, as they sit in their towers.  The real question is, — how much room have you actually given the Holy Spirit?  How much head space have you surrendered for the Holy Spirit to restore and realign so that He can release you into who you where always meant to be?  God is a God that restores, — steering us into a more complete identity.  Holy Spirit is trying to get us to embrace that true undefiled identity!  Soaking in the Spiritual realms of Worship and the Prophetic is one thing, laying aside what Holy Spirit is asking you to surrender, — well that’s a whole different ball game!

Busyness of Mind

Most of what we did last season never got us to where we needed to be.  Our present day busyness only adds to the on going compromise.  Many are still missing the mark as they continue to view things through a corrupt lens.  We need to set our minds upon what it is that Holy Spirit is doing in our midst, — personally first, and then corporately.  Last season there wasn’t a hammer big enough to fix stupid.  Somehow we need to walk away from the stupidity and allow Holy Spirit to realign us and define us so that we can clearly see what it is that He is doing.

The very voice that we thought we tapped into ended up being the very voice that we walked away from because many are the counterfeit voices of the Holy Spirit.  Holy Spirit is always thinking about the Kingdom of heaven and so should we.  Stepping out prior to any Holy Spirit intel will only add to the compromise and to the on going programming.  Its only after we receive whatever it is that the Holy Spirit has for us, — that we should step out and perform.  Holy Spirit gives us something, and then we become something, as we enter into something that has everything to do with the Fathers business.  Instead of searching for victory, the victory now becomes ours as we are being led to the victory.

Our born again boots to the ground experience all started out by us allowing the Holy Spirit to be a big part of our lives.  Born again, Holy Spirit occupied our very being as He released us into a whole new spiritual world called the Kingdom, — the Fathers Kingdom.  Born again, we now see through a completely different lens.  Holy Spirit is always thinking about taking our present situation into the very future that He has for us.  As we live in a world of forced behaviors, Holy Spirit is trying to steer us into a behavior that will release the Kingdom of heaven here on earth.  Holy Spirit is trying to direct us into a future that was always meant to be.

So the other question is, — does Holy Spirit habitate, or have we restricted Him down to visiting hours only?  Chiseling Holy Spirit down to visiting hours only, — puts us in a place where we are constantly searching for victories.  Many have been humiliated and traumatized for not understanding how the battlefield actually functions, nor have they tapped into how God actually sees them.  Entrenched, they are listening to talking heads who are blurring the lines with talking points designed to entangle the masses with all kinds of distractions.

The On Going Chess Game

Instead of allowing the surrender process to have its way, it has become a constant Chess Game for the Holy Spirit as He tries to reposition them so that they can head to where it is that they need to be heading.  Holy Spirit, if allowed, shapes the way we need to be thinking and determines how we need to think it out.  He sees things a whole lot better than we ever can, on a level that He wants us to engage in.

We need the intel of the Holy Spirit to land upon our minds so that we can start to live and strategize more like Him.  In doing that, He can then weaponize us for the Fathers business.  So the last question is, — how bad does it have to be before we realize that how we think, needs to come more into alignment with how the Holy Spirit thinks?

As it says in Proverbs 23:7 — “As a Man Thinks, — So He Is! ”


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