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The Following Months are Key

We are living in a time of great change, great transition,  —  and the next few months are key for us to truly engage in that transition.  It’s similar to the Elijah / Elisha transition where it went from the what was, — to the what is!  Those who have NOT walked in the religious distortion may very well be the ones that will walk in the greater for these latter days.  Only a remnant will actually take the initiative to create that needed movement outside the box that they now find themselves standing in. Those willing to slaughter their 12 oxen and burn down their plows.

From the recent global events, we now find ourselves being removed from the box to where every man now feels his need to start up an online church. Not that there is anything wrong with online church, but the transition should of steered us from stepping outside the box into that upper room relational 2nd Chapter of Acts gathering. A place of His manifest presence where prayer, intercession, and moving forward like the original twelve are key.

All this time we have fished our way through the streams of life drinking from wells that never got us to where we truly need to be. Most should be fishers of men by now, — stepping out from a boat where they should be drinking from a place where they will never thirst again. Instead we’ve created a gap, a vacuum that the adversary is filling up with many religious commissioned distortions.

This transition that stands before us now is meant to be a glorious moment, a major transformation from water into wine. During the time of Jesus, the disciples walked closely with Him, but it wasn’t until the Marriage at Cana that their transition took on a whole new meaning, no different than the one that stands before us now. As the disciples walked into that wedding, their pathway shifted into something way more glorious as it hit on multiple levels, both personally and corporately, — and so it is for us today. They went from moving as a group, to moving in unprecedented ways that was way beyond what they could ever think or imagine.

The following months is only going to add to the global changes that we already have, which makes it even more vital for us to strengthen that personal relationship with the Lord and nail down who we really are in Him. Plus we need to hammer out what true ministry really needs to look like because up to 80% of what we did have went over the cliff. According to Jesus, it’s about preaching the good news to the poor, setting the captives free and freeing up those who are oppressed while helping those to see what it is that they really need to see.

Anything beyond that will clearly show us that we have not burned up the plow, and that the oxen are still carving a trail that we need to step away from!  It’s only when we create movement where we are meeting people face to face that the 2nd Chapter of Acts ministry really comes to life.


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