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People! Ready Yourselves!

So there are two waves of thoughts going on out there. Either the rapture is just around the corner, or the Bride of Christ still has a bit of a season to walk out.  If there is any truth to the latter, then we need to engage in some sort of realignment, work out our salvation, and step into all that He still has for us.

Plus we truly need to function as a unit, for the season that now stands before us, has the full intention of directing us deep in the harvest field.  We cannot allow ourselves to be that dysfunctional mess like we were last season. In North America alone we lost incredible ground. We definitely need to move it up a few notches and walk in a unity where the commanded blessing has to show up in our gatherings.

Like I said, there are two waves of thought going on out there, — one group is ready for rapture while the other is equipping their tool cribs, fine tuning their skills, personally and corporately, as they prepare for the most incredible adventure ever, — which includes slaying all those giants from the past and present    But if you are one of those armchair quarterbacks awaiting to engage in your new flight plan, and it's not lining up like all those previous rapture flight plans, along with all your other plans, — well that could be problematic as you now have your parked ass sitting in a world that just got a whole lot darker.  You might wanna rethink that escape plan and maybe get your butt into an ekklesia environment, because if I am correct, we are about to walk in the greatest season ever if we ‘ready’ ourselves. 

A heads up! — we are still writing the book of acts out!  That narrative has not changed!  Some, with good intentions, have redirected many to think outside what Jesus modeled and what the apostles established in the Book of Acts.  Redirecting us OUT of the Book of Acts will turn us back into spectators once again.  Afterlife exemplitives, fueled by prophetic words, taking away the importance of today and getting us to focus on tomorrow should go back for more testing.  It's great if your looking for an audience, but to motivate a gathering and actually get boots on the ground, — well that's not gonna happen here! 

What today has for us is not about tomorrow.  But don't get me wrong, I am excited for what tomorrow has for us, eternity is going to be awesome place, — but I’m not dead and I plan to walk out my journey to the fullest.  Somehow we need to rethink what it is that we are doing.  In Matthew Chapter 6, it mentions about us not to be anxious about tomorrow and take no thought for tomorrow for sufficient is the evil on any given day, — realignment number 1.   In Hebrews Chapter 3, Holy Spirit talks about our need to hear today, because the ability to rebel and walk in unbelief is the challenge that we all have on any given day, — realignment number 2.   And the list goes on and on and on!

The big test of a gathering going into the land of promise now stands before us once again. As many never made it into the promise land back then, so will many not make it through the greater season that now stands before us. The reason why many never made it, is because they never allowed the good work of the Lord to be accomplished in them, — bringing everything to a grinding halt.  The Holy Spirit initiative for us today is that we go the distance and walk in that commanded blessing where we actually play our part and give completion to the Book of Acts.  Because according to heaven, — that book is still being written and the scribes in heaven are still penning everything out.

“Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”, was always designed to be a ‘today’ experience. My guess is the Bride needs to walk with that heavenly perspective as viewed by Father, Son, Holy Spirit, who all took part of her original design. That part on heavenly perspective combined with the manifest presence of her God needs to be established here on earth, in us, as it is in heaven.

We need to walk in that first before we start placing our main focus on the glorious afterlife that awaits us, — an afterlife for those who have made themselves ‘ready’.  Yes!  For those who have made themselves ‘ready’!  That’s what it clearly states in Revelation.  Revelation 19:7 speaks of a people who have made themselves ‘ready’ for the big celebration.  No doubt eternity is going to be a glorious time, but for us who are still alive, how about we focus on the ‘ready’ part, which has everything to do with the Lord molding us more into His likeness and us entering into all that He has for us. How about we run the good race and fight the good fight and allow the good Lord to have His way. How about we walk out the fullness of an ekklesia plan that plays a big part of our salvation plan.

If we make this front and center in the here and now, we will definitely get to where we need to be going.   And, from what I'm hearing, — that’s exactly where the angels are heading anyways! Maybe we should head there too!


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