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The Butterflies are coming!

What was promised could very well end up being a double portion for all that have continued to believe and not faint! A double anointing, a double return, a double reversal of all the circumstances that were sent for destruction! A shifting and a realigning in lives that have not given up, so don’t be giving up, don’t be quitting, and don’t be rattled of the surrounding circumstances.

“I am not yet finished, but what I promised you, I will do. This year you shall look with hope and expectation, so do not hold your head down as if I have forgotten my word and my promises to you. Whatever the enemy has caused to look big in your eyes, I Am turning it around right now! There is a reversal for your good, I Am turning it around right now. If you hold on to those promises along with those true prophetic words that have been spoken over you, and keep your eyes upon me, I will bring you into that place of perfect peace. What is missing and what is broken shall be restored.

All of those things shall turn for your time of jubilee, your time of restoration, a return to good from all that has gone bad, a reversal, and you shall rejoice in me like never before. This year is not over, and no matter what they are saying, no matter what is going on, no matter what it looks like, I am not through. This year is not over! For even the circumstances and situations in your nation I have my hand upon them, because you have sought my face and cried out for this nation, I will not abandon your prayer but I will turn it around for your good because you have asked. I will do supernatural things in your life and in your finances and in your heart and in your body.

Do not quit, stay with a believing heart, and you will be awed by my goodness and greatness toward my own! So no matter what is going on in your world, take this to heart, I watch over my word to perform it in your life. I am your Safe Haven, I am your God, I am your Deliverer, I am your Father, and I will bring you into that place that I have promised you for I delight to do the impossible so that you may know that I am God of the impossible, and I will do it just for you I have not forgotten you!”

 Isaiah 26:3   You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he commits himself to You, leans on You, and hopes confidently in You.


The Season of the BUTTERFLY

Twenty years ago, John Paul Jackson was sharing about a coming season of the cocoon, a butterfly, a place that would eventually take us beyond our imagination! A shift, a metamorphosis, that’s been activated for some time now! A hidden transformation that will one day release the butterflies of God!

In this transmigration, many in this massive group have gone through a broken road experience. Separated; they have all entered into that isolated spot, that hidden place as described by John Paul Jackson. That very place ordained by God. That place called the cocoon!

This season of metamorphosis, for some, may have been a five year, ten year, or even a twenty year period. But now the season is coming to an end! As we entered into the metamorphosis at different times, we now get to come out together, for we have all been designed for a time such as this!

Just when you thought you were dead in the water, where it looked like it was all going to dry up . . . a breakthrough! The rose is about to blossom in the desert! God is on the move once again and he has not forgotten us! The final metamorphosis where boys are changed into David’s men and girls into Deborah’s Army. Where we have crawled around in all fours being consumed by the desert, we now get to mount up as wings of an eagle! The desert rose is about to bloom!

For we have entered a season that has been prophesied for many years, powerful sons and powerful daughters shall now appear! It is these cocooned ones that will walk with the glory of God; it is these cocooned ones that will dynamically introduce a stunning Bride before a fallen world. This is that prophesied time!

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