Exposing that False Kingdom


Kingdom of Heaven vs Kingdom of God

Gospel of Matthew: He answered and said to them, “Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it has not been given.

Gospel of Luke: And He said, “To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, but to the rest it is given in parables.



-Notice that in the Gospel of Luke it says “Kingdom of Heaven” but in the Gospel of Matthew it says “Kingdom of God”, — but it is really referring to the same thing.  But the problem out there, — is that a rising movement is modeling that there is a difference between the two but according to Jesus, there really is no difference – “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven.”   The differences created is that on one hand the “Kingdom of Heaven” is being referred to as that heavenly government that functions in Heaven, which is correct, — while the “Kingdom of God” is being redefined to as a governmental kingdom once modeled by the kings of old.  A Constantine type of system where church and government work together, and according to Jesus  . . . this was not the model that was released upon the early church!

The Constatine model has now evolved into a present day dominionism to help kings and priests (apostles and prophets ) rule in this present dispensation, again, an application that is nothing close to the Kingdom that Jesus released on behalf of his Father.  Because this rising movement is wanting to establish an earthly kingdom to help bumsteer the sheep, they are convinced that this top down government is the best way to demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven.  But Jesus himself demonstrated a Kingdom without any variation plus He established a whole new default as to how we need to roll.  A Kingdom that He specifically brought forward to help Ekklesia move forward.

But this top down movement will once again cause the original design of Ekklesia to slip through our hands like the last season.  This slight of hand designed by an opposing spirit would love to take us down the garden path where Ekklesia will be weakened once again, having a minimal effect within the harvest fields and also giving continuance to the body count that has piled up from the last season.


Oikos and Ekklesia

This rising movement is once again downplaying the true meaning of “Ekklesia” by sliding it under the “Oikos” banner, completely watering down the true meaning of “Ekklesia”.   When Paul used the word “Oikos”, he was referring to terms like “home”, “household”, and when you connect that with “Ekklesia”, it really means “a family, a gathering, an assembly on the move”.  This has been flipped to mean that Ekklesia is for a home group setting only but the application of Ekklesia is not for the overall big picture when it comes to the bigger gatherings.  This misinterpretation completely slams “Ekklesia” under the “Oikos”, which is a total misrepresentation of its original design.  Stripping Ekklesia of its freedoms, now as a home-group only, it is once again under that top down administration.  Instead of those weekly meetings being part of the overall theme where meetings like these play into that bigger picture, it has now gone back to the "Us and Them", where unity only comes when following that one that has a muscle grip on the podium.   A true leader should be the greatest server of all!  Right from the very beginning it was always about the true character of Ekklesia where serving and connecting with one another is first, then “Oikos”.  With Ekklesia stepping out like a well tuned 5-fold engine, Oikos automatically comes into the picture as the family now has the covering that it needs.  Ekklesia sets the stage, — Oikos reaps the benefits.


Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets

But before we go too deep, lets touch on something else that is directly connected that is also being twisted. And that is the true meaning of the “Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets”.  Its not that we disagree that the “Apostles” are sent ones . . . what we disagree is that they are instantly commissioned and knighted (figuratively speaking) as apostles and prophets.  A commissioning, that apparently downloads a complete understanding of the 5-fold ministry, along with a complete mastery on how the Kingdom of Heaven functions, — without having any prior knowledge or training of the 5-fold.  This type of release never happened in the early church.  The original disciples were trained in the 5-fold as modeled by Jesus while they journeyed with him from town to town.  During their training, Jesus called them disciples, — it was the Holy Spirit that commissioned them as apostles later on in the book of Acts.

Jesus never once called them Apostles, — for three and a half years they were known as His disciples in training.  And because the calling of the Apostle, along with the rest of the 5-fold, are Spirit filled, Spirit led, Spirit engaged ministries, it makes complete sense that as Holy Spirit did the initial releasing then, that he should still be doing the releasing now!   Molded and refined by the fires of the Holy Spirit, fueled and commissioned by the Holy Spirit, Apostles, Prophets and the rest of the 5-fold are then released, — that was the process back then, and so should it be today!   That model changed the world, why change the model?

As modeled, the original disciples learned first hand what it is to walk with a Shepherds Heart, to walk in the Prophetic, as they saw the one who is the “Spirit of Prophecy” demonstrate the true model of the Prophetic.   They saw huge demonstrations on power evangelism as he was casting out demons, raising the dead and healing the wounded and hurting.  He taught like none other that they have seen before.  There was an apostolic glue that he walked with that allowed this motley bunch to be knitted together as they travelled from place to place, a glue that they learned to pack in their tool crib.  What Jesus released was “Ekklesia”, in the 50’s and 60’s we started calling it  “The Apostolic”, and in the 70’s and 80’s we called it “The 5-Fold”.  No mater what we call it, — the ingredients to create that total package were all there as part of their training as he discipled his group of twelve for over three years.

The other distortion of those that are being commissioned this way is that they usually end up with a distorted “top down” authority where they are convinced that the kingdom of heaven established on earth . . . is a little different than the Kingdom of Heaven up there in Heaven.  Because of our human qualities, people need to be governed, and according to Constantine, in the 13th Century, both church and a revised government came up with a system to steer the people to a specific direction.  Good for law and order, not good for Holy Spirit when it comes to the Kingdom of Heaven as demonstrated by Jesus.

John the Baptist and Jesus both proclaimed that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, — as in accordance to Heaven.  Jesus clearly came to define how we need to roll as in accordance to his Fathers Kingdom . . . that the Kingdom of God, as demonstrated by the Old Testament kings, no longer applies.  Jesus came with His Fathers kingdom and he came with a whole new default on how we truly need to understand the Kingdom of Heaven as in accordance to His Father.  Salvation came with a Kingdom as defined by Jesus, and we need to make that connection.  And because that Kingdom showed up in a ways that was never displayed in times past, Jesus now backs it up by giving us a whole new prayer model for a Kingdom that now over-rules the old kingship model.  “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”  has landed with great authority.

What I have found out there, is a verbiage of  “kingdom government”  allowing these knighted apostles and prophets to walk in a government that does not line up with the early church.  And to walk in a prophetic that totally misrepresents and misinterprets the true prophetic.  It is this distortion that gives fuel to the warped interpretation of the “Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets”

This  “Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets”  needs to line up with the true representation of the characteristics of a cornerstone that Jesus modeled with the greatest love and the greatest servant-hood, where  “Perfect Love”  as mentioned by the Apostle John knits us together as a team.   The very glue that Jesus used when defining his team of twelve, where the great commandment to love allows us to serve, eliminating our need for any top down government like that of the kings of old, but to truly honor one another.  A 5-fold Apostolic movement where everybody stays in their lane, serving one another, esteeming others better than themselves.  For three and a half years Jesus expressed the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth . . . we need to stick with that model for it was that model that completely changed the world.