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It's Time

Heaven has Clearly Shown that to have Lost Something Here on Earth will always Show Up as some type of Gain in the Kingdom of Heaven

All things are really somewhat of a process for your potential growth.  So don’t immerse yourself in what is happening around you, but stand in that part of the Kingdom that heaven has surrounded you with.  Make your abode in Jesus and never leave.  You’ve heard about it, you’ve talked about it, now is the time to enter in and make that stand.  As you do, you will be shrouded with a peace that’ll surpass all understanding.

In your stand, you will obtain a confidence within that you cannot explain, and without any explanation, you will simply accept that new confidence.  You will have what you didn’t have before!  Your security is no longer in yourself, for Jesus himself will be showing you and demonstrating to you, that you were sent here for such a time as this.  Don’t ever say “ I’m done Lord !” For if that be true . . . you would not have been born during this time!  You were specifically sent for this time and that is something that needs to be embraced.

So now the question really is  ' Who Are You? '  Some need to look in the mirror and ask that very question!   ' Lord, Who am I ?  —  Who Am I Really ? '   It may be time to look back and see what has been done, and look at how the lord has delivered you.  Plus it’s time to look at the many good seeds that you have sown, those many seeds that you have sown throughout your life.

You were Sent Here to make a Big Difference, not a Small Difference 

He sent you here to represent the Kingdom that he has surrounded you with.  He sent you here not to join in with the violence, but to stand above all that is violent.  He sent you here while everybody else is making noise.  You have been sent here to stand and shine your light, which is really who you are meant to be.  He sent you here and he has qualified you for this time.

What is forming in you, — is a little more than what you ever thought!  When you find yourself in that time of trouble, and you will because that time of trouble is here, you will see that he is the one who has been keeping you.  He has actually saved your life more than you could ever count.  Plus he has saved you from the many things that you have not known about.  When your life was heading over the cliff, — suddenly the direction was changed!  You never knew of that change, but he stepped in and changed it up for you.

Then there’s the reaping for what you have sown, — for when you are the lords you cannot help but sow into the gospel! You cannot help but to give of yourself to someone else!   At times you have not only given of your last, but you have given of your best! Most don’t . . . but you have!  Those that know him as their healer, have because they have been healed.  Those that know him as their deliverer do because they have been set free.  Some have come to know him as their advocate because of the surrounding guilt.

He has continually showed us of his characteristics and has demonstrated to us the amazing love that he has for us.  And in the midst of his demonstrations we have learned that it really has nothing to do with us, but that it all has to do with him. He loves us!  That is why he has called us to salvation.  He has conveyed that he has already walked this whole process out!  He has already walked it to the end!  It’s all been declared and in that declaration you have been clearly defined.  So if our steps have been ordered, then it’s time for us to trust in him and press into the direction that he has for us.

Our insecurities make us feel like we are still in the desert; those that have murmured have found themselves lost in the desert.  Those murmuring were too familiar in their ways.  They had a different way about them, and so all those chosen for the exodus, all those who were circumcised, all those branded ones who were different, all died in the desert! Manna for the sheep was not good enough!  They wanted meat! Like today, the marketing of the meat has spun out of control.  The wanting of apostolic control with all its meat has become part of the great falling away of today!

But for us, God is taking us to a place where we will enjoy the manna once again.  He has constantly given us water from places where we have not been watered before.  We have received the word from places where we should not have ever received the word.  But we did! Is that not water out of a rock?  We were supposed to be taken out, but somehow our paths were made straight! Is that not the red sea parting of our time?

Your Past was suppose to Destroy You!  How did the Lord ever Deliver You from Your impossible Past? — but He Did! 

You truly are on an exodus and you are on your way.  You are being fed manna, and you have water!  Some of you felt a huge loss in strength, and that you’ve been walking around in circles, — but you have not, for you have been growing every step of the way!  You are on your way! 2022 is your year!  So strengthen one another and be attentive to those that are on the left of you, and those that are on the right who are walking in the same direction as you are, for you are all going somewhere.  He has never forsaken you nor abandoned you, — nor will He!  Keep moving forward but stay in that place of rest!

He is the one leading His remnant to the land that has been promised, — the very land that has been prophesied both personally and corporately.  You are in the exodus! You are precious and He is the Good Shepherd that watches over you!  Never lose your faith and strengthen one another during these converging times.  Stay close to His campfire and plead for your brothers and sisters and do not give them up.  Don’t become part of the violence, nor take part of the offenses.

Remember all opposition comes to you right before you make it. What you’re going through is not a test to see what you know, it’s all about what direction will you go as the word of the lord comes upon you.  You have come a long ways and you are about to enter into some amazing times!

You belong to the Lord, you are His! Your prayers do not go unanswered.  If you belong to Him, then your prayers are heard!  You are under his portal and he is keeping you all the way!  He has kept you and the proof . . . is that you are seeking him more today than you ever have in the past.  You have been kept, you have been growing, and you have been nurtured.  It is his intent that he not lose any of you!  He has come and he will come again to collect you, for you are His.

So keep walking; others are walking in the same direction. Look to the left and to the right.  Look, — for you are all on your way. You are in this world for a purpose!  Your life is full of meaning! You are a testament! Your destination is true! Your cause is real! Keep going!

Continue to pray for those who are walking in the same direction as you.  Tell them about the manna that’s provided to you every day.  Tell them about the water that came from those amazing places that should not have been.  Encourage them, and if they stumble, quickly pick them up, dust them off and press forward. You are family and you are not alone.

Again, Jesus has demonstrated to you, and is showing you even today, that you were sent here for a time such as this!  So take that stand and may your life continue to be an ongoing testament to the many. Enjoy your freedom as you enter into all those places that He has for you!   And may those that you daily surround yourself with, — may they also follow the Lamb of God!


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