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Some Have Entered a Full Circle Year

A remnant is being brought back to their spiritual beginnings. Obedience and faithfulness have brought them back to a place of origin, a place of beginning, a place of being. Their spiritual journey has brought them full circle into a place of actually becoming one with the bridegroom. The whole process has qualified them to receive the rewards from this arduous journey, and it will now allow them a new freedom from those things that they are about to leave behind. This remnant is about to embark on a new spiritual journey and you may very well be part of this full circle!

If you are a part of this remnant, then you are about to enter into a new phase of existence. But there are things that you need to wrap up before you can forge ahead. Make the best of your time and deal with the issues at hand for it could very well hinder your future. Discernment, wisdom, and guidance will give you all that is necessary to clear the way. The anointing for this season will enable you to complete the circle and live in the intended victory.

We are entering into a season of the Lords presence a season of intense light. Even though darkness has increased, the glory of the Lord shall rest upon those who are his. They shall shine forth and be filled with joy. The Purpose of this Light is to enable us to see more clearly, to know God’s presence, and to reveal our destiny. If God is providing a light for us in this season, then we must walk in that light if we are to receive his blessings for the season. This new season is bringing a new anointing that will create the next phase of existence. This anointing will change the spiritual atmosphere that we live in. Doubt and fear will not be able to hinder the new level of faith that this anointing will bring.

This season will bring opportunities of spiritually growth. The Lord will lead us and guide us through these tumultuous times. It will be more important than ever that we stay connected to God and develop a vital relationship with Him instead of continuing with those external religious exercises. We must stay present with God so that we can hear, see, and know how to function in the Spirit. It is time to break away from everything that may keep us from the optimal spiritual freedom the Kingdom of God has for us. We must let go of the past before we can truly move forward with the freedom at hand.

In this new season we will see an out-pouring of wisdom and enlargement. They will work together, a powerful force to be reckoned with, and individually they will carry a very unique answer that will impact the body of Christ in various ways. There will be a rising up of strong prophetic voices in this hour. Many are all coming out of that narrow place into a place of enlargement and their words will jolt the seemingly lifeless body of Christ. These words will pump life into those who are battle weary, those who have not given up. His breath will cause a power surge, for we are at a time of acceleration; there is much to be done. There will be a coming spiritual tsunami and it will cause the refreshing that is needed.

There will be movement as the wisdom of God moves across the land. Wisdom will rise to a fever pitch because the timing of God is upon us. His redemptive purposes will be revealed, and the destiny of his people will come forth. With fresh awakenings the people will hear the Lord of symphony move with the stroke of his hand. All will step into their place as the conductor orchestrates the coming season. We are in a time of an amazing alignment. He is preparing us, re-calibrating us, and promoted us so that we can move into all that has been prophesied.

There will be a kingdom convergence, a joining of gifting’s, callings, and anointings that the Lord will gather in this hour for optimum results. It will be about kingdom minded people joining together to bring about radical change. We will see a cross-pollination of people, a group of kingdom people who will be fearless and focused on getting the job done. There will be a blending of God's people as they unify to do greater works. There will be those who will be carriers of the coming glory as the realm of that glory brings togetherness. The bowls of the prayers of the saints will be tipped over taking others into greater realms of prayer movements. Prophetic voices, priestly sounds of worship, and apostolic words of sound doctrine will purge and purify those coming out of the many deceptions, bringing them into great deliverance.

There will be a restoration, a return to the place of original intent and a return back to ground that needs to be taken in the realm of the Spirit. A return back to those things that I have called my people to accomplish. The manifold wisdom of God will build and govern where the old left off and principles of righteousness will further unite those ready to walk out his reign and rule. People will be changing locations and even changing occupations to better fine tune their assignments in the fulfillment of their destinies. Alignment will be key now. First aligning themselves with God and then their purposes, Christ’s love is the bond that unifies it all together.



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