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The Forces that Oppose Ekklesia

What I saw in a vision was one of the many opposing forces that will come against this season of the unleashed Ekklesia. Matter of fact these forces are already pounding at the front door!

What I saw were two dogs coming against this present movement. The first dog was a friendly, which is like friendly fire. This dog was a picture of Gods special forces going rouge! Special ops once trained by the lord, now twisting Godly Intel and using it against their own, applying it directly against the 5-fold that God plans to unleash. This dog, having the leviathan art of twisting Godly intel, has the ability to deceive many, as it prowls around licking eyelids closed. Once it has blinded their opponents through rouge intel, it will then start to build alliances as it heads towards the steering wheel. The target for this dog . . . to redirect any serious movements that God is about to unleash. Redirect those movements through the power of the false prophetic, while at the same time slipping itself into some form of leadership.

In many cases, these religious rouge leaders have convinced themselves that they are now walking in the order of the kingdom. Like the order of Saul, they are convinced that they are the real deal. Even the very presence of God that is upon them is a counterfeit. While they self proclaim to be prophets in one hand, they are not shy to pump out just as many apostles with the other! Convinced they are building the kingdom of God, they focus on building their alliances. As these friendlies make their way into the camp, their sole plan is to redirect the seasons and the times that God has for us. Once out of sync, the religeous spirit takes over. For most of us . . . we'd never notice the shift till the whole shabang starts freefalling over the cliff. By that time their job is done!

This model, cloaked as the real deal, is actually a powerful form of witchcraft. They come as special ops, veterans trained by the Lord, walking in humility, honor and forgiveness. But it’s all a counterfeit! It’s a humility that’s false, and all they really honor is themselves. And the forgiveness they walk in . . . is all packaged in manipulation. It is this present form of forgiveness that is being used to draw people into the middle. Once in the middle, they completely drag them over while manipulating their heart and mind, all executed through the false prophetic.

Where the Intel on these special ops have gone rouge, is that they use their kingdom training, and their prophetic language, to position themselves somewhere in the loop of all the excitement. First they stir up the pot, and then they come in as the ones with all the answers, all packaged in a false humility wrapped in a warped form of forgiveness, while seeking honor. That whole process is a dog and pony show being used to divide and conquer!

Their plan is to eventually get to the top of the food chain . . . or as close as they can, allowing them to have some level of influence over any movement. But the real demonic plot behind it all . . . is that these rouges are being used as pawns to pollute the waters that God is breaking forth. To take those fresh springs of the Lord and mix it with their dirty water.

We need to guard the wells! These false prophetic rouges, walk in a high level form of witchcraft, giving them the ability to walk in the heart of both camps. You rarely see a satanist walk in the heart of both camps. . . but these rouges will not hesitate! Somewhere in the the personal character refinement process . . . these rouges have decided to jump ship!

God wants to create a movement where the whole team goes down the field together . . . a unified 5-fold remnant moving as one. These rouge ops are being used to manipulate movement back into an autocratic system, all for the sake of control. Like I said, this force is subtle, and it packs a powerful form of witchcraft, and the devious plot behind it all is to redirect any movement that God is releasing by polluting the waters. To redirect is to minimize the serious power that God intends to unleash. We need to stand with great discernment and guard the wells! We need to be guarding the wells that God has for us!

But wait! If you plan to confront this thing head on, this thing will most likely dig into your past and pull out all the historical garbage that it can on you! If this special force is not able to redirect you, then it will go after your character and do a smear campaign with all the trash it can find on you. When you are at this stage, it’s now looking for a square dance. And when you decide to take on the square dance . . . there’s a real good chance you'll lose the battle.

The best way to deal with this beast is to go straight into worship first, and then go into intercession. To overcome this form of witchcraft, it really comes down to what you DON’T say! So wait upon the Lord!  After worship and intercession, you will receive intel on how God is wanting you to deal with this spirit. Remember, you will receive Holy Spirit Intel, and many angels are ready for activation.

So once you get that Holy Spirit Intel . . . SPEAK IT OUT! And don’t forget to release those angels! And when your all done, there's a chance that you might have a few spiritual dog dodos hanging around - so don’t forget those cleansing prayers! That is a must!

Acts 20:29   I know that after I leave, savage wolves (dogs of war) will come in among you and will not spare the flock.   ( For I know this, that after my departure; shall grievous wolves enter in among you; false teachers, comparable to wolves, crafty and cunning, greedy, covetous, very grievous and troublesome, enter in as unawares into gatherings, and setting up themselves as preachers, prophets and apostles, without being called or sent by God: not sparing the flock; fleecing it instead of feeding it, and under religious pretenses, devouring and draining men and women; having little compassion upon their souls, poisoning them with prophetic errors and heresies, subverting the faith, bringing ruin and destruction.)



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