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How Beautiful the Mess We Are

Usually, in serious transitional times, we find ourselves hauling all kinds of goodies for the trip! And hopefully, most of those goodies are of good quality! Our journey with the Lord has allowed us to accumulate some amazing treasure, and not because we’re treasure hunters . . . No! It’s because God has, and continues to deposit good into our lives no matter what, and a lot of the times we’re not aware of all those heavenly deposits. And so those treasured unawares get tossed in with the bad ones that we are so aware of.

No matter where we are in this transitional time (which may at times have that mighty displacement feel to it) God has deposited some very unique and interesting goodies during our journey up to this point!  According to heaven . . . these goodies are known as heavenly investments. It’s always amazing how during times of tension, we can lose sight of those investments that heaven has freely deposited in us. For all the wrong reasons we’ve become blinded of the Lords good investments! Stress and anxiety has a way of doing that to us and so it mysteriously steers us into those personal blind spots. And what we end up seeing is really a distortion of the real deal. When in reality, God has deposited some serious treasure into our lives to help us look beyond the blind spots and the so-called mess that stands before us.

It’s time to dig into the goody bag! What we perceive as a messy situation, God sees it as “How beautiful the mess we are”. The years of refining have sown amazing treasure into the very fabric of our being! How we have easily slid away from the power behind those treasures. What we’ve perceived as a warped narrative is really a sweet melody according to heaven. God has done a very unique and creative work in our personal lives, and in many cases, it’s still a work in progress . . . but good has been deposited. God sees that good and knows that we now have the potential to make good. To heaven, it’s a melody, and if we allow that good thing to rise up, it’s amazing how we can then see things as they really are. As our perspective changes, heaven rejoices as it encourages us to press forward.

So if you find yourself in a present season of transition, now is the time to become as creative as our God, and activate the goodness that dwells within. When you find yourself in this present season of what you perceive to be a mess, God really sees it as a season of deployment. It’s time to release the golden treasures within! How beautiful the mess we are! It’s time to be creative and get passionate about the things that you have a passion for and share of your good treasure. If you allow that to happen, then the very thing that you have passion for will become a wellspring.

This is a time where our God is dragging us out of the familiar and sending us out to the unfamiliar good things that he has in store for us. Going from the comfortable to the uncomfortable! He is trying to connect all that good treasure that he has deposited in us during the past many years, and deploy us according to heaven. The moment we see with his perspective, then this present season becomes a deployment into your next great adventure!

This stepping out, while evolving into this heavenly identity, is by no means an easy task. While we’re moving forward, we’re leaving something behind. Some things are tough to give up, but give them up you must. Having gone through my share of upheavals and starring at the front door of the unfamiliar has had its challenges. Matter a fact, I find myself at the front door of the unfamiliar once again!

For those that have just dialed in on the process, now would be a good time to figure out what all those past refining fires have personally refined in your life. It’s time to define the workings of that refining process, because that refined treasure that resides in you has a name. Once you’ve figured out its name, and activate it, it will give amazing kingdom movement in such a creative way. That creative movement will add to the bigger picture of a movement that God has already initiated. It really is time to step forward, grab your identity, and run with the passion that the Lord has given you. It’s time to dig in and be released! It’s time to put your boots to the ground!

Phillippians 1:6  Being persuaded of this very thing, that the One having begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus.



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