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Gathering the Scattered


With up to 80% leaving the building in North America years prior to Covid, — the Exodus was huge.  One generation headed for the caves while the younger generation just left, — they were done!  For them, there was not a whole lot left to help them in a culture that was hitting them from all sides!  The exodus ended up being a massive scattering, but Gods intention was for those staggered in the desert would one day walk out ignited in the Spirit of Elijah, — some becoming spiritual fathers who will reconnect with that younger generation. Now that we have entered that whole new season, the desert firebrands are starting to appear, along with today’s version of an army that has a David's army kinda feel to it.  The scattered are now being gathered!  And this gathering will truly honor one another as they move from the wilderness into the harvest fields.

Some have jump-started the process where the legislative government part of this Ekklesia is playing a bigger part instead of honoring the one who initially introduced Ekklesia!  This jump start has steered the focus to a vertical government rather than focusing on the one who is able to define that government more on a horizontal level.  We need to be getting away from a top heavy autocratic structure to something that's functioning more on a level playing field.  20 years ago, prior to this 12 year exodus, we the church entered an amazing season that should of never ended.  The worship took us to a whole new realm, but the language in that season, though it was good, sifted through our hands as the season faded away.   I remember nestled in a local body, where in the middle of that incredible season.   Revelations of “Come Holy Spirit” and “The Fathers Heart” literally took us off the charts.  

As the train was heading towards glory I remember leaning over to the one beside me and said, “ In the last year I have not heard the word JESUS mentioned once! ”   I’ve heard everything else but somehow JESUS kinda got shuffled out the door!  Now as we are entering this new season I’m hearing all kinds of language on the five-fold ministry and the legislation within.  Jesus once again seems to be standing outside the door when it comes to all the five-fold language that is hitting the atmosphere.  As one who has seen past seasons come and go, we cannot allow ourselves to make the same mistake if we plan to go the distance!

The one that initially got us personally empowered needs to be the cornerstone of everything we do.  If we continually lift Him up, — then we are in for one heck of a season and it may very well be that everlasting season!   The very reason why this remnant has gone through their desert experiences is so that it would never forget the one who trained them in the desert!   The last thing this remnant needs are leaders who are giving language where the legislation of the coming five-fold is more important than the one who originally carried it upon his shoulders while releasing it during that initial ekklesia moment!   What we will end up with is a watered down version of a powerful language that was clearly designed to take us to the distance!   The intimate voice in the desert is the very same desert voice that will now take them through this next incredible season.   This is the language for today!   That intimate voice, breathing daily upon us, giving us incredible life.   The call now is to build a team.   To integrate and get ready for the harvest.   Esteeming one another is right up there in all that God is doing.   To honour and value all that God has deposited into each and everyone of us.   To value the functions of a government greater than esteeming the ones that God has now placed in your midst . . . will only set us up for another lap around a mountain that we need to avoid.

You see this Five-Fold is NOT something new, it’s something that was always MEANT TO BE!   And we are presently being fine tuned for a five-fold that is about to unleash itself for the greatest harvest ever!  So the best thing for us is to let wisdom have her way!