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A Season Revealed To A Season Defined

This season, — a movement of Kingdom minded believers will be transported from the calling of God into the sending of God. This is a time where true prophetic perspective will line us up for the next season at hand, and with that, a knowledge of all that is available from the hand of God . . . for we are being released!

When God starts to unveil a plan, there are always two types of timing that help walk out the plan, — a Chronos timing followed by a Kairos timing. Chronos referring to an unfolding event, Kairos directing us into an appointed time. With every Chronos timeframe there is a Kairos fulfillment. As we start to understand the Chronos appointed time, the purposes discovered within Chronos then initiates us to step into the Kairos timing. We are going from a season revealed to a season defined.

Jesus himself went from a Chronos crowd event into a group of 12 Kairos movement. Jesus fed 5000 and that number was reduced down to 12 when he stated “eat my flesh and drink my blood”. A season being revealed to a season defined. A crowd going after the loaves and fishes was dwindled down to 12 as they are now saturated in the love of Jesus for that great commission.

We are moving from a multitude mentality to a movement mentality. The voice of God is shifting from a calling invitation to a sending command, from dwelling in that secret hidden place to now being activated outside that secret place, a place that includes His insignia ring.

We are moving out from the dysfunctional and plugging into something more functional, from walking under the prophetic blanket to walking into a place of prophetic intelligence.

This is a season of authorization, — a season for us to rise up for a time such as this. It is a time of rising up so that we may put our foot upon the neck of our adversary as we step into that needed breakthrough, a breakthrough that is followed by a destiny, a destiny that is determined to bloom before us. The now intention for the Kingdom of God is to see us, the bride of Christ, to arise!

We are moving out from a long season of partnering up with the prophetic into a season of where kings and priests will now walk with an amazing level of prophetic intel. Jesus being the center of that prophetic Kingdom intelligence! This is the season where we will fully understand the dynamics of our priesthood, and a time of embracing that anointed opportunity where we will affect all those around us. A river is about to flow steadily from out of our bellies.

It is said that He has made us kings and priests unto God! We are kings and priests, and you are a king and a priest! Our God wants us to know that ruling and reigning begins now! Now is the time! This is your now season. You are a principality and are a power. Satan’s illegitimate hold on the thrones of spiritual authority are now being vacated. Those false authorities that are presently in the way of what God is about to establish will be removed. Those false authorities that are directly in the way of where He is sending you will be eradicated! We are now being called up to arise and step into our place.

We are in transition from growing in the things of God to walking in the things of God, from wandering in the wilderness to stepping up to the plate and taking stolen land back! You are a part of an Ekklesia, and God has posted you on your station of service among the candlestick’s of His Bride. To have an ascension mentality that will forever change the way you think, live and interact with all those around you. Don’t ever forget your brothers and sisters that he has surrounded you with. Guard them for the days of selling them out are over! Guard your ways!

Jesus is about to walk in our midst in a whole new dimension. He is calling us who have opted out of the dysfunctional structures to come into an accountability with a collective connection of other believers. A remnant who all know that something new is under the Son. He is calling living stones to build together with other living stones. A remnant of living stones who will once again be on the move like the original 12, for he is establishing an Ekklesia as its original design with its originally intent !

You have been born for such a time as this!


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