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The Prophetic Misalignment

A First Hand Testimony of one of the many misalignments that HIT CANADA during the Last Church Season, — something we all need to learn from!

Historical Account: Roughly 18 years ago there was a very strong prophetic call for the men of God to arise in Kelowna BC. At the same time there was a prophetic word about a great eagles nest here in the Northwest, an apostolic nest that God was raising up to influence many. On top of that there was another prophetic word for the unleashing of an Apostolic Centre that was to model the apostolic like the one Jesus demonstrated towards his disciples.

This was to be an apostolic nest where the Lord would train on how the five-ministries and the Kingdom of heaven need to work hand in hand. Jesus set the model on how important the Kingdom of heaven was when He introduced a whole new walk for His disciples. The five ministries functioning in an Ekklesia environment doing Kingdom building was important back then and even more vital for us in these latter days. “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done” is something that needs to be part of our daily walk. But as things started to move forward, the apostolic took on a top-heavy autocratic structure that was far from the serving model that Jesus exemplified.

This surprising new model was more of a ‘governmental hierarchy model’ similar to the ones kings use when ruling kingdoms back in 16th century vs. the ‘King of kings model’, — a King of kings model that clearly defined that to be great you need to be the greatest servant of all. What the top down system created was a huge disconnect between leadership and the people, as the focus now swung from Kingdom building to church building.

Because of the disconnect, the religious spirit was able to disguise itself as the Holy Spirit as it worked its way through the core where building governments was more important than building people. This counterfeit, who absolutely hates the Holy Spirit, had the ability to mimic the voice of the Lord dividing the people even more while modifying the foundation. This divisive religious spirit is the adversaries’ ideal weapon of choice for mass destruction towards those who are truly born again in the Spirit. It is this spirit that has handcuffed the Bride of Christ in so many ways.

But almost a year prior, and to the very month that it all went sideways, prophetic words were being released by the prophetic obscure about a misalignment, and how it all needs to come back into alignment, — but all those words fell to the wayside because of the disconnect. By the tail end of the season there was no real genuine love, no real servant hood, nor the honoring of one another or esteeming one another. It was a hierarchy system gone bad.

What followed was a massive scattering that went on for years. My own circumstances forced me to relocate at a place called ‘Eagles Landing’ in White Rock, BC, where I ended up working for the official eagle biologist here in the Pacific Northwest, — publishing books about the Northwest. The building directly behind my office was an eagle rehab centre for injured eagles. This healing sanctuary was not only perfect for eagles, it was ideal for my own healing!

Obviously God knew every detail of the season gone by as He watched over those who were scattered. Because of the huge disconnect, God allowed this divisive religious thing to have its way so that we may learn some hard lessons on how this religious spirit operates. And learn we must or we will end up taking another lap around the same mountain!

The New Season:  So here we are at the beginning of a new season. What God is about to do is a whole lot bigger than what Azusa Street ever was. The Lord has plans to rearrange the adversary’s trophy case and take back a few stolen items. So for us, we really need to kick that ‘gift of discernment’ into high gear for the new season at hand.

So the real question now is, — How thin does the herd need to be before Holy Spirit finds that true gathering that will model with him on what the new season needs to truly look like? A model that will give that Kingdom of heaven momentum where we are only doing what the Father is doing. A momentum where Holy Spirit, the Angelic, and the Gospel of the Kingdom all have their way in the harvest fields, — cause right now there’s a ton of distractive voices disguised as the Lords voice jump-starting past movements with the same type of speakers that steered the whole show off the cliff last season. Polishing up the old model is not going to get us to where we need to be going. Doing this will only add to the present day misalignment that we already have.

God is doing a new thing where the latter is greater than the former so we need to snap out of what we have entrenched ourselves with and move into the unfamiliar good ground that God powerfully has for us. We need to step into the new and allow a whole new generation to move forward. It’s the past generation that’s coming out of the mismanagement; realigning themselves to be the needed spiritual fathers and mothers for that younger generation, that arising generation who are presently searching for a safe environment. It really is the start of a new season, — and we need to be doing things a whole lot better as we truly need to start guarding those that God is entrusting us with.

So what is that going to look like for us? Well a number of years ago our Heavenly Father showed that He was NOT about to give up on the valley when it comes to a gathering that He wants to empower for the latter day harvest. A few years back, Holy Spirit comes with an extended hand and stirs up a small group of prophetic people to gather once again in Kelowna. To my surprise, — the meeting took place in a large back room at the very building where the eagle’s nest once took place. Weekly that large back room was filled with men, somewhere between 200 to 300 soaring eagles.

Obviously God was trying to realign something that we need to tap into. This was not only the same place where it all started, but it was also the same place where it all came to a disastrous end. A motley gifted bunch representing every possible ministry once gathered in this back room. It took Holy Spirit many years to get this motley crew together and then in one day, — it was totally disbanded by man. Not long after the lights came down on the newly renovated apostolic center destined to impact the globe. When the dust settled, — it was obvious the adversary won this round as the scattering hit an all time record.

As Holy Spirit works behind the scenes, years later He now brings three prophetic words to remind us of a piece of history gone sideways, — a missed base that we need to retag, and a missed hurdle that we need to go back and rejump. Three Holy Spirit inspired dreams given to three different individuals the night before. Three different people who came from three different locations all received a revelation of a great eagles nest. The dreams clearly spoke of what Gods intensions were for this city, this valley, and how that nest was uniquely designed to influence the Northwest. Three dreams from three people from three different locations who knew nothing about Kelowna’s history.

The first dream was of a great nest of colorful young fledglings. Each bird was unique in color and design. But the fledglings were starving and many have already passed away as those who oversaw the nest were caught up in their busyness. The second dream was that of a huge serpent working its way up a tree towards this nest. Once it made it to the top it violently struck the nest as it devoured all the eaglets. The third dream was the sight of a terrorist attack. This huge nest stood above all the other trees, a nest full of eaglets. Then a massive explosion like a terrorist bomb totally disintegrated the top of this massive tree wiping the nest completely off the map.

After the third dream was revealed, the gathering was amazed once the true location of the nest was identified as the very room that they were having the meeting. Obviously it was not by chance, it was highly orchestrated by heaven. Then the presence of Holy Spirit instantly landed upon the hearts of individuals throughout the group as they began to feel the heart of the Father for His nest. Weeping broke out once we understood the magnitude of the destruction that took place upon two generations on a location that was meant to be a place of refuge.

The first dream referred to a generation of powerful ministries that God had planned to raise up in that nest for these latter days. A generation the Joseph’s, Daniel’s, David’s, and many others that would be Fathers and Mothers for the next generation to follow.   The first dream also spoke on how the busyness of those who neglected the nest played a huge part in the destruction. The second dream spoke about a powerful Jezebel-Leviathan spirit that was able to work its way up the foundation without ever being detected until it struck with a devastating blow upon the eaglets, — by that time it was to late. The third dream spoke about how calculating and destructive the attack was to make sure the nest was totally annihilated to never have its place in history.

For whatever reason, those who were directing the prophetic on the day when the three dreams were revealed, decided not to share any of the dreams to the local body here in Kelowna. With an extended hand the ‘Spirit of Prophecy’ comes with a bit of a history lesson on how we need to realign ourselves, but again, like the original word many years prior, it too was filed away never to receive the attention that it so deserved. The healing that was attached to the prophetic words, — never happened.

The bizarre thing is that the summer of the one-day destruction was the very same summer of the Kelowna wildfires. First the Kelowna eagle’s nest that God was raising up in the valley was destroyed by man, then in the same summer the Kelowna Fires destroyed the valley that man was raising up.

No doubt the Lord was and is purging for the new season at hand. A season that will pour out His glory. In Matthew 3:12, it talks about a fan in the Lords hand and how He will purge His floor and gather his wheat into the granary, how he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire. The angelic are now positioning, repositioning and removing vital pieces to make room for the season at hand. This place, destined to be that place of refuge, was now going through a purging. If we don’t heed to the call I can only imagine what the continued purging might look like.

Many year’s prior, I recall how the Kelowna fire was prophetically spoken; described as a harvest fire hitting the valley, a fire that burned at the exact location as originally prophesied. Obviously God allowed it all to happen the moment He saw it all head towards the cliff. So out of the disaster He separated and gathered on many levels as He now prepares a valley to once again realign herself for these latter days. How it all pans out is based on how we respond to the call.

The original eagles nest was a picture of an Ekklesia as to the original model that Jesus exemplified. A model that He planned to establish for the Northwest. Because of the multiple dreams it’s obvious that we have entered a season where the Lord wants to re-establish nests, — powerful gatherings that’ll have an upper room feel to it. What we lost in the original eagles nest may now have the ability to go way beyond what we could ever think or imagine, — if we realign ourselves.

Where we are heading is God being glorified through us. Most of us, if not close to all of us, will in some way steal of that glory, — and we have in the past. Most of what is being glorified today is nothing close to what the Father had planned when he sent his Son. Again, we need to bring it all back into alignment. Make no mistake about it; living in a world that is drastically breaking down, home group upper room type settings will end up being the new gathering norm.

We also need to get into a greater understanding of our authority. We were always meant to walk with a level of authority, to be kings and priest with our enemies being footstools, — but in most cases, the reverse has happened here in the valley. Somehow, the priesthood according to Melchizedek that was handed down to us became elusive. We’ve been walking inside our prisons instead of walking in our authority. That is about to change for us. This priesthood, by design, was INCLUSIVE for us when it comes to being kings and priests, which is who we are meant to be today. Ruling and reigning handling the Fathers business as exemplified by Jesus. It was all part of the salvation package and it was pre-ordained back in the day. 

According to the original design we were always destined to be kings and priests for these present times. The old testament priesthood included the rest of us who are presently walking in the new testament. Jesus made a way for us to become kingly priests and that comes with authority and territory.

Jesus became the Son, begotten of the Father, so that by his shed blood, and his torn flesh, we too can now become the sons of God. Everything was done for our sake. Let me state that again! Everything was done for our sake so that we may step into all that we were initially designed for! The whole design behind salvation was not only for us to be saved but also for us to enter into the very things that God has in store for us.

Jesus became like us in the flesh so that we can be like him in Spirit. To become sons of God by adoption and to enter into our king priest priesthood, — a powerful priesthood that has destiny all over it. And there lies the battlefield that we are presently in. If the adversary can’t rule or reign in our midst, he will begin to misalign, misdirect, as he attempts to divide us and hinder us from entering into the true (massive) authority that has been given to us.

It was the distorted model of the apostolic in the last season that caused many to never walk into their callings. It was that very distortion that caused a city to never entered into its destiny, and why an apostolic center missed its opportunity to influence a nation. That’s the battle that stands before us now. A battle to enter into our destinies both personally and corporately in an ekklesia environment as Jesus exemplified. God is NOW giving us an opportunity to enter in and rule and reign as we should. What we lost can now be restored into the greatest victory ever. But we need to bring it all into alignment.

In the past 18 years many have become casualties of a spiritual war gone bad. Many have walked into a distorted gospel where there was a huge history of misleading, misguiding and misinterpreting of what it is that Jesus exemplified during his 3.5 years of ministry. In our churchianity we’ve created multiple distorted images of God through our thousands of worldwide denominations. Many have misunderstood and misrepresented how vital the Kingdom of heaven needs to be in our day-to-day lives, and many have misdirected how the apostolic truly needs to function, — a five fold of ministries meant to serve one another. We’ve all made mistakes and I understand that, but we are now at a time, and place where we need to be accountable to one another. We need to make straight our paths and bring it all back into alignment to fulfill the season that God wants to bring upon us.

God’s desire is to raise up multiple eagle nests, multiple gatherings in a home group upper room Ekklesia environment. Teams led by the Holy Spirit, walking in the true character of Jesus, all taking care of the Fathers business. So now that we know what we know, are we ready to step into the Fathers business? Are we ready to bring it all into alignment as to the Masters original plan?

I know first hand how God is able to take a bad situation and turn it into good. He is faithful to establish us here in Kelowna and the surrounding valley if we bring it all into alignment. Obviously we missed a hurdle and no doubt we forgot to touch base somewhere. Realigning it all plays a big part in us entering into the fullness of our destinies personally, and corporately here in Kelowna and throughout the valley. This will allow us access to go the distance to those amazing and unimaginable places that the good Lord always had in store for us. ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done’, will now have its way as it takes us on an incredible and powerful journey that was always meant to be.

So step out of the distraction, and the misalignment and get into that upper room setting. Don't allow chaos to enter into our house of representatives. Work as a team! Engaging with those around you is where it all begins. Get out of the busyness, get out of those personal and corporate prisons that have walled us up. Genuine love for one another is something we all need to work on, — it is a vital part of our Christian life. Let the fire of the Holy Spirit have its way as it renews, refreshes, restores and realigns us into the way that it was always meant to be. To be at that place of clarity, rest, and prayer where much of what God has for us is accessible, that place where we are all able to hear that still small voice of the Lord, the rhema directional voice of God that is so vital for us in these latter days.

So call a few people and start a gathering. Start to function as a team where everyone is inclusive and honour those around you. Invite the Holy Spirit and the Angelic and you will be amazed what the Lord will do in your midst, — absolutely amazed with the power that will land upon those meetings as it starts to effect family, friends, neighborhoods, communities and cities.

All of Heaven awaits even now!


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