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Assembling the Warriors

I Will Make the Wilderness a Pool of Water  -  Prophetic Word

I Am refreshing you. I Am restoring you and bringing about fresh new insight, vision, revelation and anointing, so that when you leave this barren place, there will be an overflow of freshness from you. Waters that have never been experienced before, they will begin to flood, not only your soul, but every soul that you come in contact with. Every soul that I cause you to influence in the season during the dry time and afterwards, for it is not just about you being refreshed, delivered and set free and receiving revelation, insight, and wisdom into the season that you are in, but it is about generations of people. So I Am setting you free, I am restoring you, I am refreshing you so that you might go forth and set others free, refresh them and restore them back. 

I have never forgotten you, even in the moments that you forgot Me, I have never failed you. For I kept hovering over you waiting for the moment that you would look up once again. When you did, I took you underneath My wings, and protected you divinely.  I have hovered over you and kept you to myself while I worked supernaturally on the inside of you, preparing you, bringing you up to that maturity level so that I may deposit into you something beyond your ability,  it is my grace, my might,  my strength,  my wisdom,  and my knowledge,  causing you to walk in a supernatural high place,  to see much farther and clearer.

Because you became hungry in those dry places, because you became hungry for more of me, I heard your cry, and now a fresh new well has been dug for you. Deep fountains are rushing up on the inside of you, and it shall begin to forge, not only in your life, a fresh new place, a deposit of the gold that is inside of you. Fire applied to your faith has burnt away all of the impurities to show forth the gold that has been there all the while. Every individual life that you shall touch, communities, and nations shall be affected by this fresh new well that I have dug on the inside of you!

The Hour Has Come  -  Prophetic Word

Know that you have waited for this time, and that this time has been waiting for you. For those who have prayed for this hour . . . the hour has come. It has come for glory, for beauty, for holiness, for righteousness and for the redemption of a people who are moving forth in this hour. For my light and my glory is coming upon them, leading them into new places. Everything that reflects that light will move according to the light. The light will lead many into greater light. For in this gathering of light, my glory will shine in the hearts of my people. This time will mark the season of people joining in unity and purpose. In unity, the blessing will touch many, causing others to join together as a people of purpose and a people of power. They will be a force to reckon with as the kingdom advances, for I am bringing forth this time a kingdom refreshing and all shall marvel at the Light of its Glory.

Do not shrink back but embrace the moment, for this greater glory will become a place of peace, a refuge from the storms of life. Many will begin to see themselves as Kingdom Royalty for I have called them to be a priesthood that will celebrate this time of overcoming, for they will stand before me in my presence as the Kingdom advances. There is a determination to hold on and not give up, for major advancing will now lead to major victories. Beachheads are being established and major ground is being taken in the realm of the Spirit. There is a stirring and a gathering. They shall gather from the right and the left, from the mountain tops and from depths of the valley. As they gather they shall sing, for the Joy of the Lord will echo as the trump of the Lord blows over the regions. This is the time that wisdom will blaze a trail conquering and overcoming the ills of the day, for there is an uncovering of that which is hidden, releasing key strategies that will transform the status quo and deal with various strongholds of religious systems.

Time is now converging with the fulfillment concerning a people's destiny, for this is a Hadassah moment, an appointed time of favor to reign upon my people, and victory shall prevail. There is a mighty release of the priestly anointing as it ushers in a worship that is coupled with the breaker anointing. I will lead the procession breaking down every struggle and hindrance that has tried to keep my people from walking in freedom. Issues that have tormented will be removed; deliverance will come for those who longed to be changed as they are touched in My Glory."

A synergy and a sound is coming together. It will create sound waves; even heighten frequencies, which will travel throughout the nations. This army will move with great determination. They will not fear nor be afraid because of the greater cause and the greater purpose is in view. This army is being preparing now. The enemy shall see them from a distance and fear will come upon them, for this is a gathering of joining hearts who have prayed to see this day, those who have cried out to me between the porch and the altar. So wait upon My Glory for it will move through waves in great power.

You are being raised up in a moment of time when there is great acceleration. Those who have tarried for the vision are about to see it come forth. Run with the vision that I have given you and do not fear for I have set things in order to strengthen what I am establishing now. Do not be surprised at the increased momentum that is taking place now. You will find yourself running to catch up with tasks that must be completed in order to further implement the vision set before you. Many will run to keep the vision in motion. I am setting things in order. Know I am moving by my power, in my own time and it has caught the enemy off guard. Everything that has been established through prayer and supplication is being birthed and set in place. Everything has a place and that which is out of place will be moved by my very hand. Don't be troubled by what you cannot see. Do not allow fear to overcome you because I will bring forth my will and purposes. I have determined the outcome and I will not be denied. My people will rejoice in the victories that will come as a result. This moment has come so that I might bring forth freedom to a people preserved. I am returning my people back to their original intent. There is a great restoration that is coming concerning those that have been chosen for a time such as this, for I have not forgotten them. I have preserved and protected them. They will walk according to their original purpose and fulfill their true destiny. You will begin to see what I placed in them before the foundation of the world. The enemy's plan to destroy and pollute the destiny of a people, will come to naught. Like in the days of Haman, his plan will not prosper nor will it be accomplished.

Hadassah comes from hadas which means myrtle tree. It is liken to a good tree with a pleasant fragrance. Also means righteousness. Esther-comes from hester which means hiddenness, Godliness. I believe the duality of both are significant. 



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