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Bringing It Into Alignment           

We have entered a whole new season. How we function is something that will have a whole different feel to it.  What we are doing now and what we did last season — is not going to cut it when you think about where the Lord is leading us.   

We need to be moving more inline on how the Lord is wanting to flow through us.  We really need to change it up and start doing things more to his liking — and for all of us to be more inclusive with what the Lord has entrusted us with.  Unless we come more into an alignment of a working and functioning team — how is he able to entrust us with a powerful gospel that is needed to move his Kingdom forward, in the dynamics that it needs to be.  The things that heaven is about to engage us with is way beyond what we can think or imagine.  And really — moving in those levels can only happen if we can be a trusted people.  Trusted with a powerful gospel that moves mountains, trusted with the people that he surrounds us with. 

As I tapped deeper into the revelation of Ekklesia, as modeled by Jesus, I saw a young group of twelve through a completely different lens.  I saw how the original twelve functioned — not only as a group but also individually as they found themselves knitted together for a greater purpose.  I saw a gathering as it was meant to be, energized and flexible, continually on the move, ready to believe, to obey, to give, to serve, and if need be — ready to lay their lives down for what they believed!

The Early Ekklesia

Lets take a quick look at this bunch that Jesus weaved together:  I look at John as this peace love Woodstock type guy, Mathew this government rat, a taxman despised by his own . . . Peter was like this Popeye, William Wallace type leader and fisherman . . . Simon the middle east extremist ready to take out the romans in his neighbourhood . . . Luke was probably the only professional one of the bunch, and I can only imagine the fun he had . . . Thomas who had a hard time figuring stuff out . . . and the list goes on . . . but somehow the Ekklesia process that Jesus laid out in their was able to glue them together . . . and it was that very model that change the world.

This was a young, and in most cases a happy, transparent and courageous bunch of men and women, who were winning a world for Jesus through simplicity, and single heartedness.  I was moved to see a gathering as it was always meant to be, — energized and flexible, ready to believe, to obey, to give, to suffer, and if need be ready to lay their life down for what they believed!

The Holy Spirit found what He was seeking for, — a fellowship of men and women so united in love and faith that He could work in them, and through them with a minimum of hindrances, being of one mind, one heart, united and moving in one accord.  It was not easy to become one but this was now a team, a group uniquely designed to take on the harvest field!   I realized that what they had . . . we were missing!  With one Spirit led activity after another, these were the ones that Jesus spoke of when He referred to a wind that blows and where it comes and where it goes is all part of a life that is born in the Spirit.  These ones accepted Jesus and were  ' Followers of the way '  enjoying the deepest possible fellowship ever while the Kingdom of heaven landed all around them!  I cannot help but look at the spiritual power that burned within this young group, expressed not only by healing the body, but also by the many signs and wonders that followed.  They were not only friends of God, but all of heaven knew their names!  I could only imagine the volume of books that could have been written!

Todays Distortion of the Kingdom of Heaven

The other distortion that I discovered was how the different ministries out there were defining the Kingdom of Heaven.  They were defining a Kingdom that looked very similar to the ones kings used when ruling the land, a top down administration that was a whole lot different than how John the Baptist and Jesus was expressing it back in the day.  As I researched Ekklesia, well that automatically led me to a Kingdom of Heaven understanding as to its original intent.  The two really are one. Prior to Jesus showing up, John the Baptist was shouting,  ' The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand '  Then Jesus shows up and says that the Kingdom has come.  Then he demonstrates with power of that landed Kingdom!

What I realized is that there really is a whole lot more to Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven connection as defined in Ekklesia.   As Jesus demonstrates the Kingdom for over 3 years, he clearly was defining something that we need to pay close attention too . . . and that maybe the Kingdom that he was demonstrating . . . needs to be a very real part of our daily life . . . as it was his.  From the day of our salvation . . . his intention was that we too demonstrate that heavenly Kingdom as according to the model he exemplified.  He came to show us what it is that we need to be doing.  When you think about where it is that we are going . . . the dynamics of the Kingdom in the realm of Ekklesia, needs to be a very real part of our lives if we plan to go the distance.  He was clearly wanting us to partner up with this Kingdom and demonstrate it as he demonstrated it.

Obviously his Fathers Kingdom is way beyond what we could ever think or imagine . . . and so he is asking us to walk in that child like faith to believe that he really is the real deal, and that his Fathers Kingdom is the real deal.  What we are doing now is not going to cut it when you think about where the Lord is leading us.  To process the harvest fields so that no person is left behind is a big reason why we need to realign ourselves with the original Ekklesia model.

Ekklesia and the Kingdom of Heaven go Hand in Hand

What happened during Ekklesia back then is about to happen once again but with greater intensity.  Ekklesia and the Kingdom of Heaven go hand in hand and we need to bring it into proper alignment.  So what would that look like? Well some of my research led me back to the 72 that Jesus sent out.  His instructions were to heal the sick and tell them about the Kingdom.  Well this bunch came back with some amazing reports but at this point Jesus has not been crucified yet, and fire of the Holy Spirit has not landed cause Pentecost was still a ways away, Matter of fact Jesus, he hasn’t even talked about his departure and neither has he gotten into any of the details about laying his life down.  Yet signs, wonders, healing, and deliverances, were taking place, — somehow the gospel of the Kingdom had the ability to stand on its own.  It is this part of the gospel of the Kingdom that needs to be very real part of our gospel message in our lives today as we walk out Ekklesia.  This is our new habitation and this is how you need to roll.       

In the original manuscripts the word “Ekklesia”, was never meant to be something static. It was always meant to be very fluid. The bride was never meant to be static . . . she was designed to move forward in her freedom.  Ekklesia was originally designed to be a gathering, a movement, with Kingdom authority, setting the captives free! It was all about moving forward with the Father’s business!  And that was key, Ekklesia was taking care of the Fathers business.  Your Kingdom Come! Your Will Be Done!  Ekklesia was to be that team designed to storm the harvest field.

The most recent exodus made me realize that church was once again in transition. And from where I was standing . . . God was once again playing a huge part in this massive transition . . . because what was meant to be a vehicle designed to shepherd the people has somehow disconnected itself from its original design.  I saw many whom I have honoured, Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers, — picking up the pieces of a church model that was collapsing all around them.  As I watched these events unfold, I realized that the five-fold ministry model consisting of Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers was not the culprit of a movement that headed over the cliff. Could it be that the ministry of the five-fold was misunderstood?  Maybe! Was it mishandled?  That could very well be!

Ekklesia, Something New or Something Lost

Trying to figure it out caused me to take a deeper look at the overall umbrella, — that church covering that was meant to be a covering for the five-fold ministry. What caused the DNA of that covering to crumble so badly?  Well one of the many things discovered was that we had it backwards!  The five-fold was to be the covering for the church, the Ekklesia, not the other way!  So if it all started with Jesus releasing Ekklesia, then maybe we’ve gone full circle and we are about to enter into the Ekklesia model once again during these latter days!

The whole Ekklesia thing is starting to look more like a lost language, — a lost concept, designed for some kind of movement!  So if Jesus was the original template for the fivefold ministry, and if He truly landed with his Father’s Kingdom, and both the fivefold ministry model and the Kingdom of Heaven have a zero history when it comes to bloopers, then my conclusion is that the church walked out of a recent season with a model that was never designed to give us the success that we needed to make it through these last days!

If that be true, then what does the Ekklesia model need to look like for a gathering that is now heading into the last days?  This is important to know because we all fit in the mix somewhere, and it seems that the functionality of it all is in our willingness to interconnect!  Holy Spirit is here to direct us into the fullness of Ekklesia, but it is amazing how we have messed up with the Holy Spirit but that is a whole other video that’s coming down the pipe.

Make Straight Your Paths

As the Spirit of Elijah has come prior to the first arrival of Jesus, and because we’ve lost more battles than we’ve won, the Spirit of Elijah will proclaim once again to make straight the paths prior to Jesus’s second coming.  The manifestations of that . . . and there are many . . . is that in our own circles we will see sons and daughters turn towards their moms and dads.  Moms and Dads turning towards their sons and daughters . . . I mean that’s where it really needs to start.  And we are seeing a fuller model of the true spirit of Jesus coming forward as it starts to manifest the great commandment first instead of the great commission.  A commissioning, where in the last season, has stepped on so many people. In other words we will begin to see the manger experiences of small beginnings unfold in our midst, those hidden pockets of people where humility and the willing to serve becomes priority, pockets of people moving with the angelic as the Kingdom of Heaven starts landing all around . . . because of the unity that now resides in those camps.

It really is a different season, nothing like the one we just came out of. But the real kicker . . . for all of this to truly unfold . . . with the power intended . . . is that we need to get into alignment.  To realign into the Jesus model that has somehow sifted through our hands. The adversary is working overtime to try and distort this very message.  If we don’t let go of what we are so familiar with . . . history will be repeated.



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