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2021 Prophetic Article



2021 Prophecy: The Times Are A Changing


For the past years in Canada in 2020 it was all about transition, alignment, and exposing much of what was distorted.  Being totally set free to walk into all that we were always meant to be for us to access in 2021.

As the voice of the Lord in us becomes more defined and bolder, a revelation of walking in the greater will be released as we enter into a whole new spiritual dynamic. For those that have allowed themselves to be trained and led by the Holy Spirit will be the very ones that will now find themselves walking in some level of the Lion of Judah, Issachar, Zebulun Anointing’s. 

Walking in that lion like nature of God, with no fear, being observant while moving forward, having a deeper revelation of who Jesus Christ really is, will now become a present reality for those who are being led by the Spirit. Those who who are about to enter into these anointing’s will not be limited to one, — many will walk in all three. These ones will be well equipped to carry out their assignments.

The years of Holy Spirit training will now allow these ones to capture the land of promise, — to walk into those very things that have been prophesied over them.  These ones will be walking in a true form of leadership as exemplified by Jesus, — a level playing field form of leadership where they too will exemplify what was demonstrated in the Gospels and in the Book of Acts. The days of being the big dog are over, the days of inclusiveness has begun.

Those who have engaged with the Holy Spirit allowing the alignment to take place, will now become Arrows in the Lords Quiver. They will become Spearheads and Battering Rams for the Lord, — Signet Rings that will now stamp out the Fathers Business.  2021 is all about lions being releases with a Voice, a roar that has been boldly Prepared for a Time Such as This.  In 2021, we have entered a season where Judah and the cloud move as one!

2020 was a set time of intense Holy Spirit training. 2021 will be a year of entering into all that took part during that training.  Many, during THEIR season of training have pushed aside the Holy Spirit through religious entitlements, selfish ambition, and self-promotion, — seeking their own glory while totally entrenched in their own ways. A busyness that is cloaked in religious duties while proclaiming and protesting what they believe is the Fathers business.

As the Holy Spirit is being pushed aside by their blinded busyness, —  the SEASON that the Lord has for those doing the pushing, is also being pushed aside.  Strong-arming the Lord and NOT allowing prayer to be that place of habitation and communication is the very reason why many are now finding themselves at the wrong place, being led by the wrong influences.

The last number of years God has given us an amazing grace period to set our house in order, to get our relationships back on track.  Our relationship with the Lord, our relationships with our sons daughters, our moms and dads, wives and husbands, neighbors and friends.  A grace period that allowed us to get our finances going in the right direction, and to prepare for the sudden realities that this world might throw at us. It was a grace period of taking care of those loose ends that we have hanging out there. Loose ends that could very well bite back and effect the ground that we are meant to walk on.

Last season the chisel was truly hitting those rocky parts in our lives as Holy Spirit was attempting to carve out that true character that is needed in these last days, along with a Voice that truly is Speaking the Fathers Business.  The Spirit of Elijah has been attempting to bring it all in alignment for a number of years. Why? Because according to heaven, it is vital that we walk in the freedoms that 2021 has for us, — that we not only become empowered but that we also walk in true character and become that voice that is not all over the map. But not everyone recognized the good work of the Lord that was in their midst, and for that reason many will not walk in the fullness that the Lord has for them.

What we always thought was governmental is nothing compared to the governmental anointing that is about to fall upon those that are truly sold out for Jesus.  The true voices of God that need to rise up have been silenced by the many strong voices that have manhandled the atmosphere and created a huge misdirect. But that silencing is about to come to an end and the misdirect is about to be exposed even more.

2020 was a realignment time where we were being molded to become that bridal voice that we were always meant to be, — an inclusive voice.  2021 is a time where we are all called to be that voice! Those that fought for that place of rest, those that have rested at the feet of Jesus denying their need to get all busy and become that power ministry. It is these ones that are about to embark in the Lion of Judah, Spirit of Elijah anointing that will steer everything back to what our heavenly Fathers originally intentions were for us. 

Their devotion for the Fathers business now burns deep within them and they will only speak when He speaks and move when He moves. These ones during 2020 have learned to decreased so that Jesus can now increase as they wait upon the Lord.  Living water and revelation will flow out from them as they submit to the direction of the Holy Spirit. 

Lord of the Sabbath now dwells in their midst as they honor the Son of God for He has become their source of life. They will testify of him. They have become living epistles and a living temple for the Holy Spirit as they distribute the bread from heaven. With Jesus in them, the Father is now being glorified as His business is being taken care of.

It was always about Holy Spirit directing us to our heavenly Fathers business and no doubt the Spirit of Elijah has been busy trying to bring it all into alignment.  And for those voices that have prepared themselves for a time such as this, they will now become a voice for the Fathers business, a powerful voice that will have the backing of heaven as The Breath of the Lord is all over it.

The impact of that breath is going to release something that will have the same results as when God breathed upon that sand giving Adam life, it will be as powerful as when He breathed upon the valley of dry bones when raising that army.  That powerful breath is about to breathe upon a remnant of people who are about to step out into a powerful 2021 season. This life giving breath will blow upon the embers of those that have been defined For a Time Such as This. He is about to reignite and release a fiery manifestation of Jesus, — the likes that we have not seen for a while.  As Jesus breathed upon the original apostolic model, releasing them into the fire of the Holy Spirit, so is the Lord personally going to breathe upon those that are truly His as He brings it all into alignment.

Those led by Holy Spirit have all been defined in a completeness and in an alignment of what it is to be truly one and to be truly unified!  No different when Jesus prayed for His disciples to be one (John 17:6-26).   For the remnant that is presently being mobilized, 2021/5781 is the year of entering into that oneness. The refining fires that have come upon them in the past many years was to define that oneness.  A oneness where unity has the power to pull down that commanded blessing from heaven, where that very call for unity is followed by signs, wonders, healing and deliverances.  But because of the strange fires that have hit on many levels, only a remnant will actually walk in that oneness. Many are totally unaware that Elijah has come.

In 2021, Matthew 10 is about to kick back into gear where we walk away from that institutional gospel into a more applicable, boots to the ground type of gospel. The very gospel that Jesus expressed is about to be unleashed once again in 2021.


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